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Richard Wesley Day

Richard Wesley Day was born October 7, 1937 in North Hollywood, Calif. and passed away at the age of 77, January 10, 2015 in Medford, Ore.

Richard spent his early childhood years in Sun Valley, Calif. until the age of six at which time his family decided to move back east to Sarasota, Fla. to be near his mother's relatives. The family lived there until their farm was completely destroyed and all was lost in a hurricane when he was nine years old. He often told the story of waking the morning after the hurricane to a farm of devastation and flood water. The family was unable to recover from this and made the decision to move back to California.

In 1956 Richard met the love of his life Lorraine Asavis and they were married in November of 1957. They spent the first 22 years of their life together in San Fernando, Calif. Richard worked in electrical sign & lighting fabrication and electrical advertising and held a second and third job on the side in addition as he was always working towards a better future for his family. In 1979 Richard; Lorraine; Mother-in-Law; Josephine; and Daughter, Gina moved to Southern Oregon and never looked back! Richard and Lorraine settled in Central Point and have lived in the same location since moving here.

During his life in Oregon he was the President of Day Displays, Inc. a point-of-purchase display manufacturing company. He also worked for Southern Oregon Heating and Air Conditioning as an assistant to the Owner. At the end of his working career he worked for a short time as a goods demonstrator at Costco and often said he really enjoyed that job because it allowed him the opportunity to get out and talk to a lot of people.

Over his lifetime Richard enjoyed several hobbies. In his younger years he experienced Deer hunting trips to the High Sierras and Northern California, Elk hunting trips to Colorado and North East Oregon and Wild Boar hunting trips to Northern California. He made several trips to a family ranch in Arizona where hunting of Dove and Quail was a way to put food on the table for dinner. He was raised on Fishing as another way to provide dinner and many trips were made to the High Sierras for Trout and to the Rogue River for Steelhead and Salmon and to the High Mountain Lakes for whatever they might produce. He was also an accomplished artist and was taught the fine art of pencil drawing by the Master Theodore Lukits who felt Richard had a rare ability to understand perspective drawing, definition and shading. Woodworking was a favorite hobby and several pieces of his artistry grace his Daughter Gina's home. His most favorite pastime of all was to sit and read a good book. His favorite author was Louis L'Amour.

For those who knew him well it is said Richard was one of the kindest and most generous persons they knew. He was always willing to lend a hand, provide information and give of his heart.

He was a story-teller and a poet.

He loved life and the outdoors.

He loved his family and friends.

He was an honest man.

He had a strong faith in God.

Richard is survived by his loving wife, Lorraine; daughter, Gina Lin Ragsdale and spouse, John; daughter, Sherri Windle and spouse, Jack; and adopted daughters of the heart, Kim Roby and Brenda Kahut.

Memorial service will be held at 1:00 p.m. Saturday , January 17, 2015 at Rogue Valley Funeral Alternatives. A remembrance page is available at www.dignitymemorial.com for those who would like to visit.

Richard Wesley Day