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Rudy B. Miner

The White Converse All Star High-Tops Are Still At Last

Rudy started wearing the "Chuck Taylors" in 1948. He was still wearing them for basketball and tennis when he passed away from leukemia March 3, 2016 in Ashland.

Rudy played basketball on a state tournament team in high school, was named to the Inter-Service All Star team during Army service on Okinawa, played in senior tournaments for the Multnomah Athletic Club and East Bank Saloon teams, and in his seventies was playing in a YMCA open-age league. He was also a fixture on the tennis courts at the Ashland Tennis Club, where his old-fashioned shoes were a source of great amusement.

Rudy was born in the Ozark foothills of Missouri. During the Depression, the Miner family did the “Grapes of Wrath” trek, piling the family of six (plus the dog, Brownie) into a 1928 Dodge and headed west to follow the crops. They picked potatoes in Idaho; apples and berries in Washington; and pears, hops, and cranberries in Oregon. During World War II, they settled in the Vancouver area. Rudy graduated from Battle Ground High School, Clark College, and Lewis & Clark College, majoring in journalism.

During a long career in the communications field, Rudy was an Army Public Information Specialist, Associate Editor of the Northwest Insurance News, Director of Sales Promotion at Pacific Life in Los Angeles, and Vice President and Secretary of Standard Insurance Company in Portland.

Rudy was President of the Life Advertisers Association and the Portland CLU Chapter, Chairman of the Oregon Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association, and Vice President of the Oregon Symphony. He was also a director or trustee of Oregon Associated Industries Foundation, Business/Youth Exchange, Junior Achievement, Heart Association, Rose Festival, and the Washington Life & Health Guaranty Association.

After returning from Army service during the Korean conflict, Rudy married Sandra Bowman in Vancouver in 1954. Sandy shared his love of travel and together they roamed the world, searching for adventure, trekking in Nepal, following the Silk Road through western China into northern Pakistan, scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef, saving the turtles in Costa Rica, running with the bulls in Spain, etc. Upon retiring, they spent a year in Europe before moving to Ashland in 1994. Sandy passed away in 2002.

Rudy is survived by sons, David and Terry; grandchildren, S. James Hays, Ariel Hays, Chloe Hansen, and Holly Smith; great-grandchildren, Tyler and Nyomi Hays; brother, Ray and sister, Annabelle Auld. He was predeceased by daughter, Laurel Hansen; son, Patrick; and wife, Sandy. Rudy is also survived by a well-worn pair of white Converse All Star high-tops.

(Note: Rudy wrote this himself some time ago and had not updated it recently. As his family, we thought it captured his life and spirit well, and didn’t make any changes. –The Family of Rudy Miner)

Rudy B. Miner