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Randy Steven Breedlove

It is with great sorrow that we announce the passing of Randy Steven Breedlove, beloved husband, father, and friend. His battle with cancer was short and ferocious. He passed away May 17, 2016. His exit from this world and the release of his pain was quiet and peaceful and he was held and comforted by his closest family members at the moment of his passing.

Randy was born February 6, 1958 to Barney and Frances Breedlove in Bandon, Ore.

He was a highly skilled journeyman millwright and welder, a hunter, trapper, and fisherman. But mostly he was a friend.

Randy was the friend you called brother. He was the person you shared your happiest moments with and the person who held you and wept during your most painful moments. He was your strength when you were too weak to stand.

Randy was the friend you called father. He was the man you did not understand until you had children. He was the man who refused to let you fail. The man who was always there with a hand stretched to pull you back up when you fell. He was the man who taught you to respect your wife above all else.

Randy was the friend you called husband; the man who fought for you and won your heart. He was the man who would never let your children go without. He was the man who did not fear death because he knew the depths of your strength.

He was preceded in death by his father, Barney Savell Breedlove; his mother, Frances Juanita Breedlove; and his dear sister, Barbara Jo Foster.

Randy is survived by his best friend and beloved wife of 39 years, Gail Marie Breedlove; his sons Christopher Michael Breedlove, Robert Steven Breedlove, and James Barney Breedlove; his daughters-in-law Courtney Christine Breedlove, BriAnne Rachelle Breedlove, and Amy Lauren Ahola; his beautiful grandsons, Conner Lynel Alan Taylor and Campbell Steven Breedlove; his siblings, Peggy Dean Stone, Fredrick Ronald Breedlove, Patricia Eileen McNew, Barney Michael Breedlove, Rebecca Sue Arthun, Gregory Allen Breedlove, and their spouses and children.

Randy is also survived by our loved ones at Cascade Wood Products and Northwest Community Credit Union whose compassion and dedication transcend friendship.

A celebration of life will be held at 1:30 Sunday, May 22, 2016 at 19601 Highway 62 in Shady Cove, OR.

In lieu of flowers, do what Randy would have done. Hug your friends and tell them that you love them, give a gift to a child, or simply tell your wife that you love her with all your heart.

Randy Steven Breedlove