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Mary Beth Jackson Lovett

Mary Beth Jackson Lovett, 56, passed away Wednesday, February 21, 2018 in Ashland, Oregon. Her sudden passing has left a deep hole in the lives of her family, close friends, spiritual community, and all who loved her.

She cherished and was devoted to her life here in Ashland as a resident at the Paramatman Dharma Retreat Center for almost 10 years, studying meditation and yoga and selfless service. She will be sadly missed by so many including her spiritual minister, Swami Paramananda Saraswati; Ammaji; as well as her very close friends in her spiritual community, Uma Dupree; Tina Amador; and her childhood friend from Alabama, Amy Ballard. She touched so many hearts and souls she worked alongside of as well as the people she met in her daily activities. She always had a joyous, bright smile for everyone she knew and her enormous heart cared for everyone, human and animal. And none of us will ever forget her wonderful hearty and infectious laugh!

Mary Beth was so talented at everything she did in her life, and had an exceptional work ethic that inspired all those around her. She was a wonderful spiritual healer and an amazing cook for many, many hundreds of people over the years during meditation and yoga retreats. She will be especially remembered for her legendary chai tea everyone yearned for it the minute they smelled it.

She is survived by her most beloved Uncle Bob, living in Alabama; as well as her step-mom, Carol Jackson; and her God son, Zin Onyx.

We love you Mary Beth. Thank you for walking this way with us, we are so blessed to have walked beside you. We will miss you dearly until we meet again.