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Online letters

Rushing toward socialism

Does it concern you that we are rushing toward becoming a socialist nation? Have we not seen what happens to to these countries, such as nationalization of private property?

You would no longer own your home. You could also lose other investments you have made.

The borders are open and people are rushing in. This is also a concern, especially since we have massive amounts of tents in many of our cities.

Since Trump left office, we have allowed around 100,000 people to enter our country. They have not been vetted, we have no idea who most of them are and we have not prepared to have that many enter our country at one time. What about housing for these people, health care, food, education, and the list goes on. We need to take care of our own people first!

Gordon DeVos



I’ve always known I’m a descendant of immigrants. Just looking at me, the most likely guess would be from western Europe. But I’ve never been asked where I came from. Neither has anyone ever suggested I should go back to my country of origin. Why not? Because I “belong” here? Unlike fellow citizens that don’t exactly look like me? Can we not truly acknowledge the promise of America and stop seeing the visible characteristics that separate us and focus on the commonality that should unite us? Seems to me that the only ones who truly “belong” here are the native Americans and even they immigrated, just from a much earlier time. So maybe it’s time all of us “white folk” headed back to wherever we came from: Europe, Scandinavia, the UK, you name it. If we can’t accept fellow immigrants from other countries, cultures, and ethnicities, maybe we don’t belong here either.

Stan Loer

Grants Pass

Do the math

Does anyone remember early in George W. Bush’s first term in 2001 his first act was to withdraw all funding to any foreign organization that provided abortion services or counseling to women? I.e., no birth control of any kind.

Do you think that the 16,500 migrant children being held at the border today could be a product of that decision? Do you think that the thousands of children in Syria and Darfur dying of hunger could be a product of that decision?

I certainly do. Do the math. Actions have consequences!

C.J. Jamison

Central Point

Time to end the filibuster

This is a moment that calls for bold action to create fundamental changes in governance and in policy.

The Biden administration and Congress must act decisively within the next few weeks to pass the “For the People Act” to expand voting rights nationwide and overturn GOP state laws that severely limit voters’ access to ballots, then work on climate change legislation and to restore and reform our healthcare system and fully fund our regulatory agencies.

To quote from the December issue of Jim Hightower’s The Hightower Lowdown: “Push hard and fast! Progressives can’t settle for just sweeping out, disinfecting and patching up our national house after Trump’s four-year plunderfest. We must demand a fundamental, comprehensive, structural rebuild including policies for health care, immigration, environment, racial justice, labor law and infrastructure.”

It will require Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to exert the leadership to end the Senate’s filibuster rule that has bottled up most meaningful reform legislation for decades. It only takes a majority vote, but he must bring it to the floor of the Senate and get the support of every single Democratic senator.

Please call Sens. Wyden and Merkley. Tell them to work with Schumer to end the filibuster rule.

Allen Hallmark