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Mail Tribune 100, March 31, 1921

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

March 31, 1921


District Attorney to Query W. H. Johnson Regarding C. H. Owens, the Master Mind in Bank Case — Search Thus Far Fruitless.

The indictment against C. H. Owens, alleged to be the “master mind” of the bank failure still stands, but the county authorities have not the slightest idea where he is. He is charged with having an overdraft of $21,000, but this amount has been trebled by further investigations into the bank affairs. Owens is alleged to have interested W. H. Johnson, ex-cashier of the bank in a Nevada land promotion scheme, and to have bilked him systematically. It is said that Johnson sent Owens $750 weekly for several months, the checks being cashed by Portland hotels. As soon as Johnson recovers from his attack of the flu he will be questioned on this point by the district attorney.

A review of the legal action in the circuit court relative to the failure of the Bank of Jacksonville, at the term concluded Wednesday in the hearing of two criminal actions, and three civil actions, is as follows:

Mrs. Myrtle Blakeley, former county treasurer, tried for malfeasance in office, jury disagreed, will be retried on same charge at the May term of court.

Ben M. Collins of Grants Pass, charged with aiding and abetting a cashier to defraud a bank, acquitted.

Indictments, based largely on overdrafts, against J. E. Bartlett, E. E. Quigley and S. T. Johnston, dismissed on grounds in insufficiency of cause for action.

Criminal indictments against Chester C. Kubli and R. D. Hines, reverted to May session of grand jury for new indictments.

In the civil actions instituted by the state bank board with Attorney George M. Roberts in charge, judgments were obtained as follows:

Against Chester C. Kubli, for $42,202.72, a jury returned a verdict for the full amount.

Against J. E. Bartlett for $3,808.35, a jury returned a verdict of $2,543.14.

Against A. W. Walker for $40,389.95, a jury returned a verdict for $9,948.50.

Suits aforementioned were based on promissory notes and overdrafts on the defunct Bank of Jacksonville.

The total amount of the awards were $54,695.36, and the total amount asked in the complaints was $86,402.92.

The judgment against A. W. Walker is protected by a $16,000 lien and against Kubli bu a lien on real property in the Applegate part of an estate. In the Bartlett verdict, there is no protecting collateral.

Civil suits are pending against Ben M. Collins of Grants Pass for $1,950 alleged to be due on overdrafts, and S. T. Johnson of Thompson Creek, on an alleged overdraft of $3,750. Other civil actions will be instituted, unless promises to remit are fulfilled, Attorney Roberts said this morning.

— Alissa Corman; acorman@rosebudmedia.com