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Letters, Sept. 28

Do we love dogs more?

Consider the following scenario.

You hear that dogs in your neighborhood are getting sick and dying at an abnormally high rate. You are concerned about Fido, your faithful companion, and call your vet.

He says yes, there is a new virus attacking dogs, but the good news is that just recently we have developed a vaccine which largely prevents dogs from dying. You reply, when and where can I get the vaccine? You trust your vet and don’t consult social media about the vaccine’s safety.

Question: Do we love our dogs more than our neighbors?

Chris Hill



There are apparently 70 million unvaccinated citizens remaining in the U.S. It is obvious to most Americans that this COVID-19 virus is a virus of the unvaccinated.

We are not far away from 1 million fatalities by the midterm elections in Nov 2022. So far, 95% of deaths have happened to unvaccinated people. We know that Democrats, independents and Republicans are refusing vaccinations, but it is not surprising that more Republicans than Democrats are refusing vaccines with the Bible Belt and Southern states leading the way, down the wrong path,

Democrats don’t wish Republicans to die. They just want them to get their vaccine shots. If they don’t, well then, goodbye Floridians, goodbye Oregonians, goodbye Republicans.

Dan Heath