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Run for the border

Re: JACNET officer opens fire on Chinese food box.

For those who have had training to deal with weapons, we know that you never draw your weapon unless to meet life-threatening situations: knife, gun, grenade, bomb, etc. But, gun for food box? Give us a break, investigators. Good ol' boy investigates good ol' boy, and outcome is sure. Let the fearless off the hook.

This is same type of investigation conclusion used at the break-in of my home while I was in the hospital, flat on my back, helpless. Over &

36;20,000 of goods taken, but since the thief had nothing for the county to add to their coffer, the investigation was dropped. I'm out of luck, the thief goes free, and the county doesn't lose a nickel babysitting the thief in jail, because the thief has no money or property for the county bail, thus, charges are made if the county profits.

Investigations of this caliber make me wary of county justice.

Guess what, neighbors, they're getting away with it, and it's going to get worse. How much justice can we afford when there is none?

I'm going to have to lump it, but I fear for the next child that throws food at an over-zealous officer. Can you imagine, instead of rice, a seven-layer burrito? God forbid! Run for the border! ' E.J. Valley, Jacksonville

Administration follows a pattern

Is there a pattern here? Late last year we learned that the White House knew of Enron's criminal behavior, which would end up devastating thousands of people, and did nothing. The administration's argument was that they didn't step in to bail out Enron when asked to, so their hands are clean.

Now we learn that Bush had knowledge that the U.S. was to be the target of a bin Laden attack of some sort that include hijacked airliners. But we were caught surprised and unprepared.

Added to those incidents we have learned that Enron, and possibly other energy companies, manipulated electricity supplies and delivery to jack up prices. Thousands of people were impacted with astronomical electricity bills and businesses closed their doors and people lost their jobs. Bush, however, declined to intervene when asked by California, Oregon and Washington governors.

The pattern that appears to me is that the Bush administration has been so consumed with rewarding its large campaign contributors (e.g. energy and resource extraction corporations) and pursuing its agenda (e.g. denying a woman's right to choose, large tax cuts for the wealthy and drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve, and now a war with Iraq) that it has ignored its responsibilities to the American people even those who didn't vote for G.W. ' Bruce Evans, Ashland

Article in poor taste

I feel Ms. Lemon's article on the matter of the officer who shot a man who threw Chinese food at him was in very poor taste. You made this officer, a man who is sworn to protect you, sound like a fool.

Look at the facts: This officer was approached by an angry man; if he was not he would not have approached this officer. Besides of the fact that he had Chinese food the officer had no idea what else that man had, perhaps stuck in the back of his pants or in the hands of the other men there.

What is it you want? Our police to be afraid to fire at someone because of some cheap text that could come out in the paper by someone who has no idea at all what it is like to be a cop? Perhaps you want cops who just sit idly by and think something is going to happen but not act on it because, well, it's probably nothing and I should not do anything about it?

Personally I give that cop a big thumbs up, and thank him for trying to keep our streets and city safe. The only thing I see this officer did wrong was flipping off the men, but I don't think there is one person in this town who has not done the same, myself included.

Give this man a break and let him go on to protect you. ' Donna Lindsay, Medford

We don't believe it

For those of us who know Capt. Gary Repp, we won't believe it. We know Gary as a funny clown type who has a serious side as well. Each year we spend two straight weeks with him, night and day. We all get frustrated, tired, homesick and moody, and on occasion, we lose our tempers and patience.

Never would I believe that he could do such a thing! He is an excellent leader who is very enjoyable to be around, and is not as temperamental as he is being accused of being.

He was not a wannabe cop, he was a state trooper. He also helped me out of an abusive relationship which lasted five years. I dealt with it safely and appropriately, using his advice.

Even a conviction will not convince those of us who really know him, only a confession, which I believe will never happen! ' Melissa A. Candy, Medford

What a blessing it would be

What a blessing it would be if this beautiful, remote, valuable-for-diversity few thousand acres could receive a real protection from our own predatory species. ' Harriet Rex Smith, Ashland

Another excuse

If ATV off-road users abuse an area, the government uses it as another excuse to close the area to hunters, campers, etc. Never mind they are closing public land.

So, if a drunk driver wrecks his car, why don't we shut down all the streets? Maybe if the police stopped shooting mentally ill people, they could arrest criminals who could be punished for their transgressions, rather than punishing the innocent. ' Kathy Pabst, Medford

More praise for police

I just would like to say I believe that Lieutenant Anderson did just what any good police officer would do in the same circumstances.

Let's see more praise for our wonderful policemen and less for the criminals. ' Carol La Rue, Medford

Petra did a cool thing

That was a cool thing to do, Petra. And I am glad you were rewarded, in more ways then one. Bless your honest heart. ' Norma Lagomarsino, Medford

Ashland writer should be happy

This is a response to the Ashland writer who was saddened but not surprised by the Bush administration's unsigning of the treaty which establishes the International Criminal Court.

In 1998, the Clinton administration refused to sign the ICC treaty because it could not obtain minimum safeguards to prevent this court from being used as a political tool against the United States. On Dec. 31, 2000, President Clinton endorsed this treaty. His endorsement meant that the United States accepted the principle of centralized, global law enforcement, as superior to the principles of law enforcement contained in the U.S. Constitution.

The International Criminal Court will have the capacity to indict individuals. Legal safeguards American citizens enjoy such as the prohibition against double jeopardy, the right to trial by an impartial jury and the right of the accused to confront the witnesses against them would be suspended if the American citizens were brought before this court.

President Bush could not reverse the Marc Rich pardon. However, he was able to rightfully reverse President Clinton's endorsement because the International Criminal Court sets a foundation for a world government.

The Ashland writer needs to understand that the American people govern themselves, and they have the right to be tried in accordance with the law enacted by their elected representatives and to be judged by their peers and none other. The American taxpayers should not help finance an international justice system that does not protect human rights. The Ashland writer should be happy. ' Bill Hartley, Medford

Don't pick on smokers and drinkers

I guess everyone agrees that Oregon schools and emergency services need money. If my stats are right, the average smoker in Oregon is in his or her 40s, drinkers in bars are late 30s, and those who do both are the age of baby boomers. Now, let me see, we just opened Oregon's liquor stores on Sunday, to get extra income to the state's coffers. I don't go to bars, nor smoke, however, how much further are we to fine these people for drinking and or smoking? Is it their job to support schools?

This segment of people has already been harangued and taxed to the point where their rights are being taken from them in the form of prohibition. How about a schools tax, one that only goes to schools, tax out-of-state buyers of cars and wood. How about taxing anything that is sold in Oregon that isn't made here?

But to close bars or make cigarettes cost 10 bucks a pack isn't the answer. The answer is to make sure that the guy that gets the money spends it on what it's meant for, and those that are parents of school kids bear more cost than those that don't. That's the ticket I'd vote for. ' Mike Hinkes, Medford

We are the governed, not the enslaved

Cheney's response concerning the growing dissent and demand for accountability of this administration for the public trust was a barely veiled threat! What do you have in mind, co-chairman? Calling in some wet ops? A few anthrax letters? Opening the door and letting a terrorist dog slip in?

Excuse me, Mr. vice-president, but not only is being told to smile, nod yes and keep waving the flag or you'll swoop in like an avenging nun to rap us across our collective knuckles a contradiction to true patriotism and a free republic, it is woefully inadequate and obscene to those whose very future you mortgage. You need to bear in remembrance, sir, that we are the governed, not the enslaved. ' Ryk Tompkins, Central Point

Something is backward here

I am writing in response to the article entitled Child finds a bag of money and gives it back. We can all take a lesson from the little girl who found the &

36;13,000 in a Foodland shopping cart and returned it to its owner. She did the right thing, yes, and that's something to be proud of.

But isn't it sad that in this day and age, a person gets a &

36;200 reward and an article in the newspaper just for doing the right thing? It seems that human decency is now considered superhero material. Something is definitely backwards here. ' Amanda Cole, 15, Medford

Legal system threatened

President Bush nominated his first judicial nominees to the federal bench a year ago this week. Eleven qualified, experienced and principled individuals were sent to the U.S. Senate for consideration. As of today, eight of the 11 original nominees have not been given the courtesy of a hearing before Sen. Patrick Leahy and the Senate Judiciary Committee.

America's court system is facing a vacancy crisis, and it is time for the Senate to hold prompt hearings and votes on all of the president's judicial nominees. The president has nominated a total of 100 individuals to serve as judges. The Senate has confirmed only about half of the president's nominees, and only nine of the president's 30 Circuit Court nominees.

Without action, America's justice system will continue being delayed in absolving the innocent and punishing the guilty. Sens. Tom Daschle and Leahy have failed the American justice system.

Each of the president's nominees has received a well-qualified or qualified rating from the American Bar Association, but Sen. Daschle and Sen. Leahy continue to obstruct and stonewall the president's judicial nominees. Sen. Daschle and Sen. Leahy should put America's legal system ahead of partisan politics. ' Erik R. Johnson, Grants Pass

Improve Table Rock Road

What is the matter with Jackson County? Roads are being built in White City east of Crater Lake Highway for residential homes that haven't even been built yet, but the heavily traveled, congested, hazardous Table Rock Road remains a two-lane death trap.

The county has permitted large trucking concerns, sanitation facilities and numerous business concerns to come in, overburdening the road, which dates back to the days of Camp White. As I write, traffic is being detoured past my home because of another tragic accident. Mercy Flights helicopter answered the call, landing on the road; paramedics had to peel back the roof of one vehicle to extract the passengers. I hope they survive. ' Kenneth Brown, Central Point