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Support young artists

On May 17 I was lucky enough to see Fiddler on the Roof at the Ginger Rogers Theater, performed by students in the Eagle Institute of Performing Arts.

Jonah Kopp as Tevye was amazing. The rest of the cast and crew did an outstanding job as well. The plays these students work so hard on are definitely a must-see performance.

Thank you to the anonymous donor who paid the fee that is required to perform at the Ginger Rogers. With a full house they barely break even.

We're always asked to give back to the community and help our schools. Maybe it would be a nice gesture if, in the future, this fee was waived.

Money these students make can always be used for future costumes, set decorations, the cost of printing tickets, etc. Please help give a little back to our kids. ' Sue Kneedler, White City

Cemetery theft was heartless

On Sept. 9, we had a very sad loss to our family when my 10-month-old niece passed away. On Nov. 2, I bought a very nice angel statue that was sitting on his knees and praying to place on her grave. It was for her first birthday.

My sister visits the cemetery weekly and sometime in the last week someone has stolen the angel off her daughter's grave. It is really sad that we live in a society where parents don't teach their children not to steal.

When children come home with things such as a statue of an angel, why aren't they asking their kids where it came from? I just want the person who took the angel to know that you took it off of a baby's grave, and that angel meant far more to us than it could ever mean to you. ' Nickle Mackey, White City

Administration needs to open up

We pay our taxes, obey the law, vote, and make sacrifices for America. But questioning our government is called wrong or unpatriotic.

There is evidence that, back in 1995, our government knew about terrorists' plans to crash airplanes into buildings. A rescue attempt stopped one attack aimed for the Eiffel Tower. Our government should have been able to figure something might be tried in this country.

Some terrorists' acts have been prevented since Sept. 11. Did our intelligence improve overnight? Or were people who are supposed to be vigilant suddenly woken up?

This would not be the first time an administration lied to the public to get into a war. Remember the Gulf of Tonkin incident that led to Vietnam? The debate continues, 50 years later, over whether the attack on Pearl Harbor was really a surprise.

We know Republicans and Democrats are both heavily lobbied by the defense industry. We know this country has a great appetite for oil. And we have a president who did not have a majority of support going into office.

Now, we're spending more money on defense. We've got a stronger presence in the eastern Asian countries we will need to control to keep oil flowing. And the president has a high approval rating.

If any administration has nothing to hide, then how come getting the truth is so tough? This administration needs to be open about what it knew pre-Sept. 11, and not try to hide things like it has in the past. ' M. Conens, Medford

Drop the Buddy system

In the Sunday, May 19 Life section there was an article called Spot-Less. Gee, you should have called the article Buddy! Talk about the over-use of a name!

Mark Freeman not only let us know the most common name but he beat us to death with it in the article! I thought I was watching This Old House Classics ' Bob! (Last time a name was so over-used).

OK, now why in the world didn't Mark get a little creative and use some of the Buddy space and let the readers know a few of the less common names? The only one I saw was Leeim! I would have enjoyed seeing some of the creative names.

Of all the dogs I have owned, Tamiko has to be my favorite (in name). And my dog Rex, which I sometimes refer to as Buddy, will most likely never hear me say that name again. ' Mike Westfall. Eagle Point

Tri-tip expertise lost

There is a reason why tri-tip was considered fit for dog food 10-15 years ago. When cooked like a flank steak (like the recipes in the May 22 A la carte section) it is dry, tough and flavorless.

Around 1990 a restaurant in Santa Maria, Calif., experimented and found a way to make tri-tip delicious: leave the fat layer on until cooking is complete, marinate, and slow barbecue (1&

189; to 2 hours). As the cut migrated out of the area, it seems the recipe didn't, which is a shame because properly cooked it is juicy, tender and flavorful. ' Michelle Stockton, Central Point