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Some facts about mining

Letters to the editor

In response to the May 28 editorial, Some facts about recreational mining:

Just filing a claim does not allow wholesale destruction. A plan of operation and reclamation must be filed and approved, as well as obtaining a turbidity permit.

Dredging seasons are set to minimize risk to spawning and young fish as well as eggs. Dredging creates pools for young fish to hide, as well as loosening gravels cemented in sediments allowing fish to make redds. ' Phil Roberts, Medford

Don't bypass anesthesiologist

General anesthesia is defined as the production by chemical means of a state of sleep wherein the patient loses consciousness, is rendered incapable of responding to verbal commands and may well lose protective airway responses. While it may be comforting to use the term 'light sleep,' what is being produced by the use of intravenous propofol is in actual fact a state of general anesthesia.

In order to become a physician anesthesiologist, a specialist in properly and safely managing the patient under general anesthesia, one must complete a three- to five-year residency beyond medical school. In bypassing the one person who is fully trained to manage the patient under general anesthesia, a surgeon may well be placing patients at risk by attempting to both monitor the patient under anesthesia while at the same time carrying out a thorough and competent surgical procedure. A nurse trained to monitor blood pressure and pulse is not capable of operating independently and his/her actions are the sole responsibility of the surgeon who induced general anesthesia.

The anecdotal reporting of cases does nothing more than attest to the fact that the human body is capable of sustaining a great deal of abuse, even well-intentioned medical abuse.

As a retired anesthesiologist who taught the art and science of anesthesiology for nearly 30 years, I would prefer to have my surgeon devote his full concentration to my surgery while my anesthesiologist devotes his full concentration to managing my anesthetic. ' Dr. Gaither B. Everett, Medford

Explorers need help

Explorer Post 131 and Mercy Flights Inc. needs help with a very special project.

Mercy Flights Inc. is donating two ambulances to an organization called Paramedics for Children (PFC). PFC brings medical equipment and supplies, provides direct medical care and teaches basic EMT skills to local residents that can assist their neighbors in times of crisis. PFC is currently working in Honduras.

Explorer Post 131 has contacted several other Explorer posts across the country and has joined them together to arrange transportation to North Carolina, where the ambulances will be reconditioned and sent to Honduras.

Explorer Post 131 needs help filling the ambulances with tax-deductible donations of toys and school supplies. Monetary donations are also appreciated. The toys that are most requested are: soccer balls, baseballs, dolls, Frisbees, yo-yos, toy cars, action figures, jump ropes, tea sets, baby toys. Large toys or toys that need batteries or electricity are not accepted.

Explorer Post 131 is leaving for the first leg of the trip on June 7. We ask that any donations are brought to Mercy Flights' office at 3650 Biddle Road No. 14 by June 3. Arrangements for pickup of donations can also be made.

For more information on the PFC project or the Explorer program, contact Chris Galligan, Explorer Post 131 coordinator, at 779-1019. ' Chris Galligan, Talent

Tax would trim teen smoking

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) just released a letter stating that every pack of cigarettes sold in the U.S. costs the economy &

36;7. — think that this represents an unfair financial burden on nonsmokers.

One of the best solutions I can think of is to discourage teenagers from starting. A new and proportionate tax would have a significant effect on preventing kids from becoming addicted to tobacco.

The United States Department of Health and Human Services has reported that our children start as adolescents at an average age of 14&

189; and are addicted before they are even 16 years old.

Adults do not start smoking. Smoking is a teenage addiction that adult smokers have been unable to quit. A tobacco tax increase as small as 50 cents per pack would prove that Oregonians care more about their children than about tobacco industry special interest groups. ' Jed A. Henderson, Ashland