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Letter was right on

Sybille Jones' walk-in-my-moccasins philosophy of Social Security (Watch them fix it, Aug. 1) was golden. I damn sure agree with her. ' Don Basey, Eagle Point

Some don't know the law

Apparently some on the Medford City Council don't know the city's own sign laws. Why else would Sal Esquivel put one of his business signs in the public right of way?

I'm sure he won't be cited, though. ' M. Conens, Medford

Water system needed

Your article in the July 31 Tribune stated, no electricity means no water pumps and no water.

I know it's a long way off, but a water system in Shady Cove would provide water even during a power outage. Gravity flow from elevated storage tanks not to mention backup generators keeps the taps open.

Too bad we don't have a water system. ' Mike Curtis, Shady Cove

Remarks need correction

RVCOG Director Mike Cavallaro's remarks in the July 29 Tribune need correction. He states, people who purchased farm property did so knowing the land was zoned for agricultural use and should not complain.

Many of us purchased property before the rezoning of the late 1960s and suffered severe economic loss when much land was arbitrarily zoned for exclusive farm use. This taking has never been redressed. I do think we have grounds for complaint. ' Neal Hurley, Medford

Israel has forfeited right

The state of Israel has become a danger to the rest of the world as evidenced by the continuing horrors in the West Bank, aka Palestine. Tuesday's attack by the Israeli air force demonstrates a cold, calculating murderous intent and total disregard for human life.

Israel has forfeited its right to exist by its use of a one-ton bomb in a residential area, tageting an apartment building!. The United States should cut off all aid to Israel, condemn the attack in the strongest possible terms and attempt to work for peace instead of war in our middle eastern client state.

Shame on George Bush, who pronounced the attack heavy handed! Heavy handed? How about bloody, murderous and genocidal? Bush shares the blame equally for his tacit and open approval of ever bloodier Israeli policy toward the Palestinians.

I can hear the apologists now: How about the Palestinians? Didn't they attack Israel? Aren't we giving them tit for tat? An eye for an eye?

The answers are all yes, but Israel, emboldened by U.S. support, has sunk to an abysmal new low, showing its spiritual bankruptcy now.

Only by immediately overthrowing (literally) the government of Ariel Sharon and making peace (not overtures, peace) can Israelis ever hope to re-enter the world of civilized beings. Only then will we in the West have a chance to reign in terrorism, Zionist and otherwise. ' Terry Doyle, Ashland

One nation under greed

Bill Moyers, of Public Broadcasting Service television fame, once said words to this effect: Congress passes laws to satisfy their constituencies but doesn't enforce them to satisfy the special interests.

So Congress is going to enact legislation to clamp down on executive greed, are they? Who's kidding who? Does the dog bite the hand that feeds it the goodies it loves, even if the hand belongs to a robber baron?

One nation under God, indeed! This is one nation under Greed. And it has become glaringly obvious due to recent events that the more one acquires, the greater their greed becomes.

Greed is a condition that we all suffer from to some extent, but it is not a condition that we acquired from God. Show me a nation that realizes it needs God's help to overcome its greed and I'll show you one nation under God. ' Hartley Anderson, Medford