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Eagle Point needs a park

Several of us wanted to make our thoughts known about parks in Eagle Point and see what others think.

We do not have a large park in Eagle Point. The council of Eagle Point has opted to have roads put in rather than take care of parks for families.

We need a large park with a nice large pond for fishing and a place to play football and shade for picnics, a place to walk our dogs, a path to run on. Eagle Point has water, so why don't they use it?

We would like the City Council to work on a plan for a big park. It could be right off Reese Creek or off Highway 62 next to the old house. They have parks that are so small that once another family comes it's no fun. It's too many people in one small space.

With all the people moving into this little town, they have not thought of this. There should be a park for every 1,000 people that move into Eagle Point.

There is room at Dodge Bridge for a nice park. We have the room now but may not have it in years to come. ' R.K. Young, Eagle Point

Credit where credit is due

I was surprised, a little flattered, and somewhat embarrassed by my selection as the 2002 National Kidney Foundation Physician of the Year for Oregon and Washington. I neither sought the award nor supplied the information for your July 23 article.

The article implies that I was responsible for the establishment of dialysis and chronic kidney disease care in Southern Oregon. In fact, that honor belongs to Roger Hutchings, M.D., who established a dialysis center in 1976, the first in Southern Oregon. It was my honor to join him in practice in 1977 and to share in the excellent tradition of medical care he provided until his retirement in 1987.

I have been fortunate to have practiced alongside many excellent physicians in the Rogue Valley over the last 25 years, including several who in my estimation have contributed more than I to the high standard of care available to the people of this community. ' Bruce Van Zee, M.D., Medford