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Letters to the editor

Public discussion needed

The Rogue Valley Transportation District Board of Directors has been making major decisions affecting the future of the district without public discussion. When and where were these decisions made? How many board members were involved in them? What were the reasons for recent actions?

We are the public. We are the voters and taxpayers. We're all asking. We're all listening. Talk to us. ' Ed Chapman, RVTD board member, Ashland

Paper loses credibility

So the Medford Mail Tribune editors allowed reporter JoNel Aleccia to describe the Constitution Party as anti-government? And they are allegedly anti-government because they want parental consent before minor children receive contraceptive medical care? You people just lost every last shred of credibility you ever hoped you had. ' Carl F. Worden, Eagle Point

Dog wasn't a stray

This is what happened to me when my dog was picked up by Jackson County Animal Control:

Animal Control set fines that made it almost impossible to pick him up anyway and then they put him to sleep without even calling me. If that is really legal, then as soon as your dog leaves your yard, he is no longer yours and you have no rights concerning him.

He had never been picked up before, not ever! They knew full well he wasn't a stray. ' Vanessa Lane, Medford

Firefighters say thanks

The Oregon Department of Forestry extends our sincerest appreciation to the communities of Jackson and Josephine counties for their patience, understanding, donations of goods and services, and exemplary fire prevention efforts during this difficult and often frightening fire season.

There is good amidst the bad. Since the July 13 lightning episode that set our corner of Oregon on fire, the department's Southwest Oregon District has been faced with only 14 human-caused fires. During the same period last year, our district's firefighters responded to an average of three human-caused fires per day. If this trend continues, 2002 may be the most successful fire-prevention year in our district's history, a record our public could take credit for, and be proud of.

It's hard to find words to adequately thank the community for the overwhelming outpouring of support for our firefighters. Far too numerous to list independently, local residents, the news media, businesses and organizations have donated everything from lip balm to new underclothing, ice cream, even cards with stamped envelopes for firefighters to write their loved ones.

Fire season is far from over, but the unshakable strength of our communities will see us through these difficult times. We are proud to serve you. For all of this we extend our heartfelt appreciation. ' Dennis Turco, Oregon Department of Forestry, Central Point

Vote will cost

In response to Support water district (July 17): This district, if formed, will have the spending power of city hall. This five-member

board will have a mandate to spend Shady Cove citizen dollars. Will it be for the welfare of Shady Cove's seniors?

As with the sewer bonding, we Shady Cove citizens now have debts of over &

36;3 million in sewer bonds. This without the citizens having had a vote.

General obligation bonds require a vote, an obligation against property. Bonds to be paid back with user fees should be (ORS recommended to be) voted on by the taxpayers but a citizen petition is usually forced by city governments for a citizen vote. Do we really believe that it will be different with a water district that is rushing headlong to merge with the city government?

The writer's reference to Show Low in the recent Arizona blaze is a mistake. Checking several news sources will point out that a strategically placed firebreak saved Show Low, Ariz.

A good question to research now is how many of the decimated towns in the tragic Colorado and Arizona fires had fire

hydrants? ' Helen Larsen, Shady Cove