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Letters to the editor

Generators deliver water

It would be reassuring to believe that a municipal water system can solve the problem of water flow to households in Shady Cove during a power outage. We may only have three days, if extra water isn't in demand. Many of us have generators to keep our well water flowing using minimal power. A generator is also promised to our community center for a crisis. ' Dee Hawkins, Shady Cove

Who's ethically challenged?

Give me a break. Cal Thomas has the chutzpa to question Al Gore's ethics. But hypocrisy isn't new to conservative Republicans. Currently, the SEC is investigating Halliburton under Cheney's reign. And, our paragon of virtue, the appointed president, has the gall to lecture corporate executives to avoid the same excesses that he was guilty of at Harken Energy. Now let's attack Iraq. ' Ruth Carson, Medford

Seek an evaluation

A suggestion to Commissioner Ric Holt is to seek out an addictions evaluation from a qualified addictions specialist as soon as possible to help yourself and the public set a course of direction. A second suggestion is to leave your lawyer at home when you get the evaluation. Good luck. ' Chuck Brook, Medford

Iraq poses little threat

Former United Nations weapons inspector Scott Ritter has pointed out that, because of U.N.-enforced, post-Gulf War dismantling, Iraq doesn't have nuclear capability, could only possess completely degraded attack gases and therefore hardly represents threat enough to warrant our attack.

This war planning is pure Bush BS, good for him and backers in the military industrial complex and horrible for our country and its world reputation. ' Lee Morris, Medford

Candidate questioned

Is the salary that Dr. Gilmour is willing to accept all that impressed the letter writer of July 21?

What was his vision? Refer to November 1998 Tribune statement that Basically the goal was to take over city government. Are Gilmour's intentions to take over county government?

Pushing his own agenda? What about changing to night meetings so he can be physician during the day and serve as commissioner at night? To excel at either of these jobs requires dedication and full-time devotion.

If taking a lower salary is the only thing that impressed the writer, he'd better be more informed on all candidates.

The three commissioners are well acquainted with the county area and concentrate full time on the problems facing its people. We need commissioners that are steadfast and knowledgeable of the county's concerns. ' Carol Fischer, Central Point

Wildlife articles praised

I wish to commend the Mail Tribune for the outstanding coverage offers on wildlife in Southern Oregon, especially with respect to birds. In particular, I have admired the excellent articles by Bill Varble and Dick Cronberg. Their writing has been both interesting and accurate, and I believe will have a strong positive effect on public support for wildlife conservation. ' John Kemper, Medford