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Not for entertainment

What is it about fires that makes some people regard it as amusement? They bring their cars, chairs, six packs, and cigarettes to sit and watch a tragedy.

Hasn't this country had enough pain yet? Why do they park their cars in front of the very pond the firefighters are using to fill their tankers? Over the years thousands of trees are burned along with the loss of animals, and people. Please stay home and see it on the news for everyone's safety.

We owe many thanks to the firefighters and sheriff's department for being patient with very rude people every day. More often, and sooner, the sheriff's department should cut off access to the area in danger, limiting access it to only property owners. Then their homes aren't looted and the firemen can do their jobs. ' Judith E. Pool, Medford

Thanks to firefighters

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all the firefighters and support personnel who helped save our ranch from the Wall Creek fire: Chuck Miller, Greg Alexander and all the ODF employees, John Bergin, John Dinwiddie and all the BLM employees, Brunco Meier and his crew from Rough and Ready and all the private contractors and government employee whose names we didn't catch.

You folks all did a great job in the face of extreme terrain and challenging wind conditions. Also, a big pat on the back to Tim Gonzales and his crews on the Neil Rock Fire who protected our property in the Sams Valley area.

Mere words can not adequately convey our gratitude. Thanks so much for the hard work and dedication. ' Eric Weiss and Beth Wilcox, North Star Ranch, Shady Cove

Wake up and drive

What are we doing besides driving our cars?

Drinking coffee, talking on the phone, smoking, drinking a soft drink. Combing hair, putting on makeup, fastening a seat belt while driving the car. Reading a map, eating food. Letting a pet roam in a vehicle, dog or cat?

Children are allowed not to be seated in a vehicle.

There are five fatalities in one vehicle, due to something that was happening besides driving the vehicle. There are many more accidents and statistics due to actions not involved with driving a car.

It is time we all wake up and drive the car that is on the road. ' Esther Petersen, Medford

Let board do its job

When I voted for the RVTD board members it was simple: Choose a group of impartial, informed people to oversee the bus company. This included hiring and firing the key people.

Now when they are doing their elected job, they are targeted for recall. The general manager should move on graciously; there are probably very valid reasons the board decided to move in a different direction. How does a board member who missed meetings get off the hook for not knowing what the board's reasoning behind its decisions are!

Isn't it odd that the general manager left instructions for the employees in case of her absence? The new general manager would expect to be making those decisions. Not all the employees signed the request to keep the general manager ' could there be good reasons they would like a new boss? The other employees might only have signed to protect their jobs.

Don't get suckered into a recall that would be costly to all taxpayers. We chose these board members to do exactly what they are doing. Let them get on with looking for and hiring a new general manager. Do not fall for the scare tactics.

Most of the programs are subsidized by grants that must be filed for a year or more in advance. A position previously held by Ms. Coleman was to file for these grants. She was very good at that job; maybe she can go back to it. She does seem more interested in the elder care and disabled patrons than in the general public. ' L.S. Doty, White City