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Letters to the editor

Arrogant Al Gore

A writer from Ashland asked the following question: What do we say about a man who talks humility and acts with arrogance? Answer: We say he was named Al Gore and he lost the election to President George W. Bush.

False answer! I can't remember Al Gore talking humility. I do remember arrogant Al Gore exaggerating his self worth in an overbearing manner during his losing bid for the White House. ' Bill Hartley, Medford

Veto absolutely right

Gov. Kitzhaber's veto is absolutely right. Educating children is among the most important things society does, and Oregonians need a stable revenue source for schools. What looks disastrous at the moment ' more terrible cutbacks in school programs ' is an opportunity for legislators to stop playing with numbers and demonstrate some leadership. An increased income tax is a good option. A permanent sales tax is another. Let's show our students how important education is to us. ' Alison Rilling, Ruch

Legislators for life?

According to Sunday's editorial, elected state legislators should be retained for life! It's the paper's opinion that any newly elected person would lack the knowledge and knowhow those that have been in office for 20 or so years possess.

They overlook the fact that tenured legislators are responsible for the present shortfall in the budget! It's not the new legislators that failed to provide new directions when prior conditions demanded belt tightening. ' Charles D. Tisler. Central Point

Bravo, Festa Italiana

As residents of Jacksonville we would like to say thank you to those who organized the first Festa Italiana! The Festa Italiana Committee, Britt Festivals, Katherine Moore, Alba Sister City Association, city of Jacksonville, Italian visitors, merchants and fellow residents are all to be congratulated.

Again, it is amazing what can be done with an idea to create such an enjoyable event so close to home. If you missed it this year, we hope you will join us next year. ' Bob and BJ Reed, Jacksonville

One more chance, legislators

Legislators have had a regular session and three special sessions to provide adequate school funding. As the Aug. 9 Mail Tribune editorial stated: it was Republican legislators who refused to consider any meaningful revenue changes, instead opting for a smoke-and-mirrors funding scheme that is dubious at best and grossly negligent at worst.

The local legislators have one more chance to behave responsibly. Failing that, turn them out! ' Bill Layton, White City

Why is our money wasted?

Recently, the Rogue Valley Transportation District board paid over &

36;70,000 to a consulting firm for a study that provided the same information and reached the same conclusions that had already been presented to the board by RVTD staff. Then they rejected that study because it disagreed with their personal opinions.

Why is our tax money being wasted on personal agendas? We're all listening. Talk to us. ' Ed Chapman, RVTD board member, Ashland

People support ski expansion

Mr. Navickas misspoke at Tuesday's Ashland City Council meeting when he claimed the people of Ashland don't support the Ski Ashland expansion. The meager turnout of only 30 protesters from four proactive environmental groups speaks for itself.

An overwhelming majority of Ashland/valley residents who bought the mountain 10 years ago still supports the improvements and environmental responsibility of the Ski Ashland management. Let someone know! Visit ' write now. Don't let the minority rule! ' Steve Pierce, Ashland

Kitzhaber vetoes refreshing

How refreshing it is to observe a politician stand up and do what he knows is correct and absolutely necessary. History will show that Gov. Kitzhaber's decision to veto the borrowed budget legislation was the commencement of a whole new look at what learning is all about and maybe even what living is all about.

The sooner the schools close the better for the kids. (Disclosure: I have two boys 11 and 13.) ' George McCartin, Jacksonville