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Letters to the editor

Bush or Trajan?

I was amused by the political cartoon in the MT this morning (Aug. 7) showing our president as a Roman emperor. It brings to mind a comment by Gibbon in his Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire about the emperor whose reign marked the beginning of the decline: Trajan was ambitious of fame; ... the thirst of military glory will ever be the vice of the most exalted characters.

I humbly suggest that maybe Mr. Bush is our Trajan, and that we are not headed down the best path to world peace or national glory. ' Richard M. Straw, Talent

Sign RVTD petitions

The board of directors, aka board of destructors, Eva Avery, Carol Bennett, Stan Druben, Kay Harrison, Susan McKenzie and Mary Wooding, say they want to save the taxpayers money, so may I suggest they all resign and slip quietly away in the dark of night?

I have attended their meetings and have never seen such an unprofessional display by adults in my life. They have no concept on procedures.

They state they want to go in a new direction but will not say where or who will lead us. Is it the one who is an ex-employee, the one who did not get the general manager position? Who?

The next board meeting will be Aug. 28 at 1699 Holmes, Ashland. Please attend, observe, and sign the petition.

They accuse Sherrin Coleman of special projects, i.e. seniors, disabled, students, employees at Bear Creek and citizens of Ashland. Under Sherrin Coleman the ridership has reached almost — million, we have fixed routes, we have the Senior Shopper Shuttle, and employees' morale is great.

Ed Chapman, a member of 21 years' experience, says she is the best manager we have had. Is this not what we want from the general manager of our transportation?

It is time to support your advocate for transportation, whether you ride the bus now or not, someday you may need it. You may call 482-2148 for information on where to go to sign the petition. ' Jeanne Dority-Private, Medford

Storytelling a big loss

It has recently come to my attention that, with the school budget cuts, Jackson County schools will be losing one of the jewels of our children's education and the enchanting godmother who affected so many of our children's lives.

Barbara Griffin's

storytelling program, culminating in the Southern Oregon Student Storytelling Festival, has long been an unforgettable inspiration to so many of our school children and will be sorely missed. Since this unique program is not state or federally mandated, her position with Jackson Education Service District has been discontinued.

This wonderful program has so positively affected our school children, inspiring them to read, to love school, and to give them the self-confidence to succeed in future endeavors. This storytelling program has made Southern Oregon's schools unique.

Perhaps the city, the many charitable trusts and the United Way could find a way to save this inspirational program which has helped so many young students develop into confident young adults. ' Peter F. Noyes, Medford

Marijuana is beneficial

If it's your thing to take some hops, and let it rot into a poison, and then drink it to get intoxicated, then you are sponsored by your government as an American. Although alcohol kills thousands of people each year, it must be the American way.

Marijuana, on the other hand, that all-natural, God-given herb, which comes from a seed, is considered a dangerous narcotic by the feds. Marijuana has never killed anyone. Take some shots and get crazy drunk, but don't toke and relax in a peaceful state of mind.

Maybe if marijuana caused you to vomit and die then they would legalize it. Someone should look into that.

Otherwise, taxing legal marijuana would amount to more than enough money to cover all these budget shortfalls, and besides that, it's wrong for this Christian government to prohibit the life of god's most beneficial herb. ' Keitley Jacobberger, Medford