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We need Amber plan

The rescue of the two teenage girls in California demonstrates that the Amber plan does work for the safety of our children. Since the plan first was used in various regions of the country, 21 nonfamily-abducted children have been saved.

We encourage the media and law enforcement to support implementation of this plan here in Oregon. Information on the Amber plan can be found at .

One child missing is one too many. ' Tom and Vicki Kelly, The Tommy Foundation, Phoenix

What next, Lenn?

I am curious to know, after Sen. Lenn Hannon votes to override, what do he and his party propose next? Fiscal issues in this state are not new, and the governor's stand has not created a crisis, which in fact has been around for some time.

Aside from education, the state of PERS seems about as unhealthy as the state of the state, and has been so for many years. Since the Legislature will not decide, and the electorate will not be given a chance to, I wonder who is left to figure this out?

Maybe, as an underdeveloped state, the feds will bail us out? Oh, how silly of me, I keep forgetting that the most important thing to our elected representatives is that they remain just that ' elected!

When you send out your campaign literature I suggest you include another credit card. It is, after all, if you ask the Legislature, the Oregonian way. ' Edward Colbert, Ashland

Don't override vetoes

I believe that the Legislature should not try to override the governor's veto of the education bills as it would be the height of fiscal irresponsibility to borrow from future budgets to pad this one. Do people really believe that there is a limitless supply of money out there to be borrowed at will? If you borrow against next year's budget, then where is the money going to be for next year's operations?

What the governor is trying to prevent is the mindset that the post-dated check stores rely on to keep in business. What most people don't think about the first time that they go into one of those places is that when the loan comes due and the bills need paid, the money is gone and the cycle just goes on.

What is really needed is for folks to realize that if you want to spend more money for schools you are going to either have to increase the taxes or cut the budget somewhere else to find the money. There is no such thing as a free lunch. ' Howard C. Jones, Medford

Don't endanger children

I read with alarm of the proposal known as the Family Integrity Initiative. When will these people realize that access to birth control controls teen pregnancy? Access to public health services keeps down incidence of venereal disease. To deny young people these services without parental consent is, for many, denial of services, period.

In my view, government doesn't supersede the parent's role, it provides a way for young people to get help that may not be available from their parents. Keep control over your children's lives, if you can, but don't endanger other people's children. ' Ellen Gardner, Talent