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Letters to the editor

Where is the outrage?

The Bush administration is engaging in another stealth operation without support from Congress, allies or the American public. Where is the outrage, or dissent from our citizens and Congress? ' Ruth Carson, Medford

Where's my invitation?

Where's my invitation to George Bush's media show? He's a public employee, flying on a publicly owned plane to comment on public policy. Why the exclusive guest list?

I suppose the general public includes too many riffraff, myself included. Or maybe I didn't contribute enough to get him elected.

Guess I'd better pony up &

36;1,000 to have dinner with him and Gordon Smith so maybe next time I'll get an invite. ' Steve Cole, Ashland

Not buying war rationale

I hope someone will ask our president who he thinks will support an unprovoked attack on Iraq.

As near as I can tell we are planning to attack Iraq because we think they might do something bad in the future. I don't think the people of this country will buy it. I'm not buying it. ' Larry Laitner, Ashland

Is this consensus building?

How concerned should we be, when a rare presidential visit allows no public access without a GOP invitation?

Does the president represent all the people? How can we show our support or disapproval?

Security issues? The pope addressed 2 million people in Poland, but he is a man of the cloth with a Pope Mobile. It appears that President Bush is a man of the chosen few by the GOP. Is this really consensus building? ' Marie Morehead, Talent

Protect wild fish

Let me get this straight. Mike Evenson, and the ODFW, do not want to put into effect the no kill regulation for wild spring chinook.

That regulation was to take effect next spring on the Rogue River, in order to protect the decimated stocks of wild fish. The rational for this is to provide more fish for anglers, because of the loss of hatchery fry three years ago due to a malfunction of the electricity in the hatchery.

So, in order to sell licenses, the ODFW wants to mitigate the loss of hatchery fry with the harvest of wild fish. Does this make sense? (I believe that fry from the Elk River hatchery were used to mitigate, to some extent, the loss of fry at Cole Rivers.)

Once a genetic strain of wild fish is extinct, it cannot be replaced, certainly not by man. The revenue generated by licenses is not an acceptable trade-off for the extinction of a species.

As far as Mr. Grieves' remarks, it's like letting the fox loose in the chicken coop. Killing fish is how he makes a living. Perhaps he will have to educate his clients as far as catch and release of wild fish. There certainly are enough hatchery fish for his clients to catch, and we've had years before with low runs of spring chinook.

Limit your kill, don't kill your limit. '

Yale Sacks, Central Point

West side needs attention

Hooray, Hooray, to Associate City Planner Bianca Petrou and all council members. It's just about time the west side of Medford has been given much- much-needed attention.

There are many who take pride in their homes, thank you. These are others who don't or abandon the home, leaving it to much-needed attention. And the graffiti ' wow!

It took me three months to get the property next door to me to get three-foot-high lawn mowed and truckloads of garbage, refrigerator and debris removed. Finally, to my rescue comes Lindsay Berryman, our beautiful mayor, and my thanks to her.

Keep looking at the west side ' we're important to Medford. ' Jean Albertson, Medford

Consider the source

You will receive the voters' pamphlet for the Sept. 17 special election soon. When you read the arguments for and against Measure 20, to raise the cigarette tax 60cents a pack, please consider the source.

Some of the arguments against will be from Citizens for a Sound Economy. According to the Washington Post, CSE recently received more than a million dollars from Philip Morris and there is documentation of other grants and funding through the 1990s. CSE is currently involved in opposing cigarette taxes in at least five states and has chapters in many others.

On the other hand, arguments in favor of Measure 20 will come from physicians, nurses, children's advocates and others. They will remind you that the single most effective way to stop kids from smoking is to raise the price. I strongly encourage you to read the arguments carefully, remember to vote, and please, consider the source. ' Kaaren Borsting, Ashland