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Letters to the editor

Where is the outrage?

The San Francisco Chronicle published a report from the New York Times on Aug. 20 titled US begins logistical buildup near Iraq. I was under the impression that only Congress had the power to declare war per our Constitution.

The Bush administration is engaging in another stealth operation without support from Congress, allies or the American public. Where is the outrage, or dissent from our citizens and Congress? ' Ruth Carson, Medford

We are annoyed

To all critical thinkers and fault-finders:

Those of you who think you know everything are annoying to those of us who do. ' Ed Wrona, Ashland

Taxpayers will foot the bill

What's wrong with this picture? The Republicans threw a party. Sent out the invitations. Provided the entertainment of a political campaign. And now the left out citizens of Southern Oregon are being asked to pay for their gala? ' Monica M. Trocker, Medford

Questioning foreign policy

To avoid being labeled a traitor for criticizing our president, let me present my credentials. Four of my brothers fought in World War II; I fought in the Korean police action and my youngest son is an Air Force officer currently stationed in Afghanistan. I think I have earned the right to question Bush's foreign policy.

Cuba: Bush refuses to remove the embargo trade with Cuba. This policy was initiated by President Eisenhower. It was supposed to topple Castro.

Ten presidents ' Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton and now Bush Jr. ' have come and gone. After 43 years, Castro is still in power.

That policy ain't working! Who gets hurt? Oregon farmers, among others. They used to sell &

36;30 million worth of lentils to Cuba every year. Now Cuba buys those lentils from Canada.

Israel: Bush refuses to deal with PLO Chairman Arafat. Who else is there? The PLO selected Arafat.

Besides, what if the situation was reversed? The American people would be outraged if Arafat refused to negotiate with Bush. If talking to Arafat saves the life of a Palestinian child or an Israeli soldier, it is worth it.

Iraq: Bush keeps threatening to declare war on Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein. Those belligerent statements cost us invaluable allies in the Muslim world. Besides we still have not finished the job in Afghanistan. Let's clean up that cesspool before we get bogged down in another Mideast war. ' Jeff Cheek, Medford

Bush Inc. comes to town

Bush Inc. came to town on Thursday, and as expected, talked only to Republicans. The invited corporate audience heard the news they'd come to hear, that the public forests are going to be handed back to the corporations.

Meanwhile, hundreds of uninvited peaceful protesters defending public property were refused entry to public property, the fairgrounds, by a small army of police, backed by a menacing, black-clad SWAT team.

A snapshot of this corporate administration. ' Isaac Walker, Ashland

Invasion by reactionaries

A rumor about Oregonians is that they are anti-Californian. What could be worse than being invaded by Californians?

Invasion by reactionary ones like the Aug. 21 refugee from Gray Davis' Liberal Kingdom who complained about the liberal press here. She must be standing right out of bounds to see Gray Davis as liberal and Clarence Page as socialist. It would be refreshing to have an actual socialist columnist in our paper to improve our perspective. ' Doug Huston, Medford

Vote Democratic this fall

Bush must think the Democrats have an excellent candidate for the Senate in Bill Bradbury, because he used the taxpayers' money to raise another million for Smith.

We can change that by voting a Democratic ticket this fall. Time for a change in big money electing shills for the select few. ' Don J. Schnitzer, Medford

Juvenile and unsophisticated

The character of the Mail Tribune's front page and its headline after the president's visit to the Rogue Valley was both juvenile and unsophisticated. I thought the editor of the Mail Tribune would not be as in awe (i.e., all atwitter) as were the naive commoners.

But I guess I should not be surprised. Sensationalism is what sells the most newspapers, right? ' Fred Fleetwood, Trail

Editorial commended

Commendations to you for publishing that even-handed editorial on the Palestine/Israel tragedy, Sharon's Disaster (July 29). It is rare to see such an opinion in the media, one that avoids demonizing either side in conflict while raising issues that should lead Americans to ask more, and more probing, questions about what has been going on there for decades. ' Gerald Cavanaugh, Ashland