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Letters to the editor

Clarify, please

County commissioner candidate Dr. Gilmour is a practicing medical doctor. Statements were made during the primary election campaign that Dr. Gilmour intends to continue being a practicing doctor (seeing medical patients) if he is elected as a county commissioner in November.

These statements may be in error. Can Dr. Gilmour please clarify what he plans to do concerning his medical practice if elected? A county commissioner's job is, at minimum, a 40 hour-per-week job with meetings at any time, early mornings, days and evenings.

A county commissioner's job is a paid, full-time government job; the salary is paid from collected taxes. A legal conflict would probably exist if any person intends to moonlight (work for himself) while being employed by the government in a full-time position (job) during normal working hours for that position. ' Charles Olsen, Central Point

Put citizens first

The first duty of any state is its loyalty to its citizens. This loyalty is manifested by the state's obligation to protect, provide and assure its citizens they are secure in their homes and jobs.

The first duty of any citizen is loyalty and support of the state. Particularly in a democracy where most loyalty and support goes to a political party.

When one or the other fails, both the state and its citizens fail. This is manifest in most African and South American, along with Central American states.

We in the United States are being taxed to aid and abet the rulers of these failed states to reap the profits of such aid. This should not be allowed! We should put our citizens first!

We should not have to provide troops to protect European states, nor Korea, nor Japan. We as our state should come first, protect us, not them!

Ducit amor patriae. Love of country draws me.

By the way, regarding Ellen Goodman's philippic July 25: Why should the American taxpayer have to pay for family planning in other states? That should be the responsibility of individual states, not the American taxpayer. That she is allowed to rant, rave and unravel in print is somewhat of a travesty on the integrity of the Fourth Estate. ' James Robinson, Grants Pass

Thoughts on forests

Regarding the forest situation, No. 1, we need roads as a first line of defense in fighting fires. We see equipment parked along highways and roads several miles from the fires. Who wants to walk to a fire without a quick exit if the wind changes?

No. 2, we need roads for persons to enjoy viewing our pristine forests.

No. 3, about 80 to 90 percent of the trees that have been cut are still standing in the form of houses.

No. 4, the Forest Service is in charge of all timber sales; have a forester to supervise the cutting of logs and care for the land. We cannot blame the mills and loggers for how the land is left.

No. 5, I firmly believe that the farmers and ranchers are much better stewards of the land than all these foresters with their college degrees. ' Willie H. Fischer, Central Point

Ticket unwelcome

It is interesting to me that Medford has spent millions to revitalize the downtown area and to attract business.

I parked on Main Street to do business, which took me about 10 minutes. I left to pick up my granddaughter and returned one hour and 20 minutes later, parking again on Main, but in a different space.

When I returned after approximately 20 minutes of shopping ' i.e., spending money in downtown Medford ' I was greeted by a warning ticket that I couldn't park in the same vicinity in a given amount of time. What goes, Medford?

Well, I can shop and park at Wal-Mart, Costco, Sears, etc. all day and not receive a ticket. Guess where I'll take my business! ' Charlene Brussat, Jacksonville

Stop repeating myths

I wish that people would quit repeating myths such as the writer of Watch them fix it (Aug. 1). The writer has a right to her own opinion but not to her own facts.

The truth is that congressmen are covered by the same retirement system that other federal employees are under. As an example, Sen. Bill Bradley, with 18 years of service, will begin receiving an annuity of &

36;61,000 in 2003 when he becomes 60 years old, which is about 45 percent of the average of his highest three years of salary.

They also contribute a higher percentage into the system (around 7.5 percent). They also pay into Social Security. ' Bob Clark, Ashland

Letter not factual

The letter to the editor titled Israel doesn't want peace was not entirely factual.

First of all, why should Israel give back the West Bank and Gaza when it was given to Israel by God?

Second, where Israel bombs Palestinian areas as it did in Gaza, their intention is to kill perpetrators, not women and children. When Palestinian suicide bombers attack Israel, their intentions are to kill whoever they can and s many as possible.

America and the free world don't have a better friend in the Middle East than Israel. We need to do all we can to see that Israel not only survives, but remains strong.

Let us never forget the promise God made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, I will bless them that bless you and I will curse them that curse you. ' Gordon DeVos, Medford

E-mail hoaxes

The Aug. — letter, Watch them fix it, is a prime example of a person receiving one of the myriad of e-mail chain letter hoaxes (free money from Bill Gates, free food from Outback Steak House, etc.) and believing the content to be the truth.

In this particular case, the premise was that members of Congress do not pay into the Social Security system, and that they continue to receive their same rate of pay while retired. The truth is that since Jan. 1, 1984, all members of Congress participate in the Social Security system and are required to pay Social Security taxes. As for their retirement pay, no member's pension amount may exceed 80 percent of his/her salary upon retirement.

This particular e-rumor has been circulating on the Internet since 2000. I refer all readers to C-SPAN for the entire story: . And, please, if you receive an e-mail chain letter that has been forwarded numerous times, check its veracity before passing it on to others ' chances are it's just another hoax.

Break the chain and don't forward chain letters. Become part of the solution, not part of the problem. To echo Smokey Bear, only YOU can prevent chain letters. ' Jim Graham, Central Point

Dark prophecy

I predict that there will be another killing on behalf of the Medford Police Department. The victim will most likely be a person with a history of mental illness, and could be going through an episode.

These people need help, not bullets. There had been speculation on new policies, however I have only seen rudeness and lack of true action on behalf of the MPD.

I have offered my assistance as I am on the Jackson County Mental Health Advisory Board. To date nothing has come of it.

I was supposed to meet with the MPD on new policies for handling people with psychological disorders this last Monday. However, this did not happen and now I know why. We the consumer/survivor community need to brace ourselves for this one: for it happened to Cole Younger Smith and it could occur to anyone, including me. ' Joel Hergert, Medford

Dumping animals not humane

Please, people, do not dump unwanted animals in the woods, a neighborhood, a mobile home park or anywhere for that matter!

It is not a humane solution. It is extremely cruel. It is a horrible trauma to subject any animal to this treatment.

The animal is disoriented, extremely frightened, has no source of water of food and will most likely end up as food for the coyotes or other prey animals. Or it will get hit by a car or maybe it might survive only to have a litter of kittens or puppies that become wild and are also subject to a painful death.

Please, there are animal rescue organizations available to take these animals: Committed Alliance to Strays (CATS) and Jackson County Animal Control, to name two. They are doing a great job at placing many animals into loving homes.

Be responsible and get your pets spayed and neutered. There are low-cost programs and financial help available.

Call the animal agencies and ask. Don't put it off.

Cats can have three litters each year. I have heard the story of the stray that is hanging around, and you are feeding it but it's not your cat. If you don't have it spayed or neutered, it will produce more homeless animals. Get it fixed!

Call Spay/Neuter Your Pet at 858-3325 or Jackson County Animal Control to get help to get the animals fixed. One person's negligence creates so much suffering for these poor animals. ' Peg Stewart, Ashland

Get involved

In the Aug. 4 Mail Tribune, it was stated that the RVTD board's recent attempt to fire their general manager has sparked an intense wave of public criticism. RVTD employees have rallied in support of Ms. Coleman (the general manager) and more than a dozen local government officials have publicly criticized the board's actions.

Does this sound like a board who is in touch with their community? I don't think so!

As a senior citizen it is vital to me that we have a viable transportation system in our valley. So please get involved.

Sign the recall petitions to give the voting citizens in our area an opportunity to voice their concerns. For more information, contact Connie Skillman at 482-2148 or Julie Brown at 776-9210. ' Connie Jannusch, Ashland