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Letters to the editor


Question for those who expressed deep hurt because they did not have access to our President Bush. Did ex-President Clinton invite you to spend a night in the Lincoln bedroom?

Questions for those pseudo-environmentalists who utilized endless lawsuits that interfered with common-sense fuel reduction. Will you take any responsibility at all for fueling the catastrophic fires? Five percent, 10 percent, 15 percent, 100 percent? Have you noticed that your credibility went up in smoke? ' Bill Hartley, Medford

Get real, folks

After relegating me to my niche (i.e., corporate Republican), because I got to see/hear our president, Mr. Isaac Walker now assigns G.W. to his place. He's the only president to ever fly into a city, speak (by invitation only) to a predominantly partisan crowd, proclaim policy, collect money and help re-elect party candidates.

Congratulations to President Bush, he's now in the record book! Good grief, where will all this president-bashing go? Folks, get real! ' Murray LaHue, Phoenix

Burger ads repulsive

Regarding the letter in the Mail Tribune (Aug. 20), written by Mike Coffey of White City: After reading this letter, I just had to write.

I haven't seen this insert/coupon sheet in the Mail Tribune, but I'm sure it's as disgusting as the other Carl's Jr. commercials shown on TV, especially the one showing this slob eating the grilled onion bacon cheeseburger. To me, and I'm sure to many other TV viewers, find this commercial repulsive, disgusting, and offensive.

I wrote a letter to the local Carl's Jr. office, letting them know how disgusting and repulsive these commercials are. To date, I have had no response from them. ' Cecilia Shaw, Phoenix

Look to the past

When our president visited recently, I hope someone mentioned to him that in the past (when sawmills and loggers still had jobs) we didn't have as much problem with forest fires as we do today. Maybe someone told him that sawmills and logging operations shut down to go out and help fight forest fires.

I heard that Lou Gold was at the management meeting. I wonder if anyone, I mean anyone, has ever heard of any environmentalist going out to help fight forest fires in the past. I doubt it. I think that maybe we could change our past mistakes of letting a group of fanatics close the forests down to the people in this country.

I would like the president to know that there are a lot of unsung heroes out there who fought these fires to save a way of life. Look into the past to find a solution to saving the future.

It is not good to lock up our natural resource that could be supplying the future growth of our country. Fires are devastating but it is time to realize that this environmental movement is doing much more harm than good. ' Harry Hershey, Medford

Party not anti-government

Reporter Jonel Aleccia describes the Constitution Party as anti-government in her report on the Parental Consent Initiative. As Oregon chairman of the Constitution Party, I must take exception.

The initiative in question is actually quite pro-government. The measure strengthens the government of the family unit, which most people still recognize as a jurisdiction of its own ' and one that, I might add, predates the jurisdiction of any American county.

The family as a jurisdiction of government was established by God himself at the very beginning of creation. County government, on the other hand, is established and empowered by us. Therefore it is a lesser jurisdiction in the overall scheme of things.

We want county government to step in and serve us when our family government fails, as in the tragic case of parental neglect and abuse. That, however, is the exception not the rule. We do not want and should not permit county government to act as if it is superior to parents in the raising of children.

The Parental Consent Initiative has all of history on its side. Every system of civil government that has sought to demote parents from their rightful place of authority and responsibility in the raising of children has collapsed. By seeking to protect our society from a dangerous social trend that can only lead to collapse, we are anything but anti-government. ' Bob Ekstrom, Oregon chairman, Constitution Party of Oregon

Abandoned by government

Thank God for democracy, a government of, for and by the people. We learned growing up that a majority of The People vote their U.S. representatives, senators and presidents into office.

We hope optimistically that they'll do what they can to move our country close to a more perfect union, out of many, one. But the spirit of the people was dispirited after the 2000 general election. It feels abandoned by its government and recessed from the economy.

It feels the pain of those who lost their stock investments or retirements. It contemptuously watched the token handcuffing and escorting of a few unconscionable CEOs off to jail. It knows why confidence is waning and consumption and investment have been affected!

What can you do for your country? Ask why Ken Lay of Enron hasn't been handcuffed and escorted off to jail. Why isn't he facing trial and the maximum sentence? ' Richard Altig, Talent