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Letters to the editor


Because of an editing error, the letter entitled Stop the madness in Saturday's paper incorrectly stated that 400 people had been incarcerated under Measure 11. The figure should have been 4,000.

Calm down, folks

Kids smashed my mailbox. They are adolescent terrorists. Deer ate my tomatoes. These are cloven-hoofed terrorists. The guy who cut me off on the freeway is a road-rage terrorist.

And, of course, the owners of Callahan's label vandals who shot up their sign as eco-terrorists. Calm down, folks.

Real terrorists murder innocent people for political reasons. The label does not apply to common vandals, rude people, or mere idiots. ' Scott Morrell, Medford

Will's character assassination

By labeling as collaborators those who dare to disagree with George W. Bush's obsession with militarism, George Will is engaging in the most scandalous type of character assassination. So much for his respect for free speech and open debate. ' Gerald Cavanaugh, Ashland

Realist with a sense of humor

Thank you to Bill Varble for his humorous and enlightening weekly commentary. He always seems to hit the nail right on the head.

Cynic? Maybe. Realist with a sense of humor would be more apropos. ' S. Mystina Jacob, Wimer

Amazed at Bush popularity

I'm surprised at the popularity of President Bush.

His administration has initiated an ultimatum to Iraq with/without the blessing of our allies. The economy is in the doldrums, and we've lost our surplus. This regime wants to revoke the twice-approved assisted suicide law and take any action it deems necessary. Where are the social programs, Social Security reform, prescription drugs, etc., that were discussed before the elections? I don't get it ... but I do! ' Bob Miller, Ashland

Pedestrians inattentive

A lot of emphasis regarding motorists stopping for pedestrians has been in the news this summer.

Vehicles are required to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks. I agree that this is a good thing; however, pedestrians need to be considerate of motor vehicles also.

Daily, I witness pedestrian rudeness and inattention that creates safety issues for them and others. Pedestrians will stand at the crosswalk, vehicles will stop and they just stand there or they walk away.

They do not acknowledge the driver. The driver is left guessing how to proceed safely.

Pedestrians will also run out in front of a moving vehicle. They should make eye contact with the driver before crossing.

They also will stand in front of a parked vehicle where the oncoming driver cannot see them, and walk out expecting the vehicle to stop. Or they assume, because the first driver has stopped, the vehicles in the other lanes will stop also.

They proceed on out without checking the other lanes. (I have witnessed this many times myself.) If a pedestrian has to stretch to see if there are vehicles coming, common sense should tell them that the driver is not able to see them.

Pedestrians as well as drivers should use caution and it seems they generally do not. I have no problems stopping for pedestrians, but an equal respect of the driver should also exist.

Pedestrians should use a little caution when they are crossing. They should not assume the vehicle is able to stop. ' Wylene Rogers, Ashland

Defend states' rights

I agree with your editorial that the attorney general should knock off his attack on doctor-assisted suicide. As a Republican I strongly defend states' rights. The people of Oregon have decided this issue twice.

The U.S. Constitution neither prohibits nor endorses any medical procedure of any kind. Attorney General Ashcroft should reread the 10th Amendment. Where the Constitution is silent, the sovereign states have final say. Suicide, marijuana and abortion are not federal issues. ' Robert K. Stock, Medford

Salmon can't afford tickets

It's too bad the thousands of wild salmon that are dying in the Klamath can't afford tickets to one of Sen. Smith's &

36;1,000-a-plate fund raisers. Perhaps then the senator would fly in for a photo-op of a bucket brigade to get cold water into the river. ' George Sexton, Ashland

What's to support?

The Selfs state (Sept. 29) that there are few letters supporting Bush. What's to support?

The economy is a mess, civil rights are evaporating, we do nothing as Palestinians are exterminated, and our president uses overwhelming military superiority and war as diplomacy. This country is full of good people, but his arrogance has the world seething.

With that track record, it's only fair that informed Americans no longer support this president and his war cabinet. ' Steve Pierce, Ashland

Save the OSP

In 1980, the Oregon Legislature took the patrol division of the Oregon State Police out of Oregon Department of Transportation funding so that more asphalt could be laid down. The Legislature sponsored a ballot measure to get the voters to approve the move to general fund funding of the patrol division.

I believe Sen. Lenn Hannon is the only member of the 1980 Oregon Legislature from either the House or Senate who is still in office. Sen. Hannon had a conversation with me some years ago, that the state police were told by the Legislature in 1980 not to worry, it would be fully funded.

Twenty-two years later, it has never been fully funded. In fact, OSP has 300 fewer road troopers now than it had in 1980, and that is before the current cutback!

Sen. Hannon testified before a Budget Committee hearing that I appeared before several years ago, that taking OSP patrol out of ODOT funding was a mistake and it is up to the Legislature to correct that mistake.

Boy, was he right. What a mess now. I suggest that the 2003 Legislature put the matter back on the ballot and get the OSP patrol division back under ODOT funding before the entire patrol division is sacrificed. Public safety just does not seem to be very important to some in the Legislature. ' Lloyd N. Clodfelter, Medford

Move affirms dismissal

The Actors' Theatre in Talent appears to have some competition. Giving the blind eye to grace and professionalism, Mr. Alzado has leapt to embrace some pouting malcontents and will take his act to another venue. Hmm.

I think Mr. Alzado has reaffirmed the wisdom of his dismissal by the theater board. ' Hubert Smith, Jacksonville