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Letters to the editor

Intimidation is terrorism

Real terrorists are not only those who murder innocent people for political reasons. Any violence that attempts to intimidate, such as shooting up a sign or burning the office of a lumber company, is an act of terror.

Terror does not have to be violent. The unwarranted scaring of old people so they will vote a certain way to prevent losing Social Security benefits is a form of nonviolent terrorism for political gain. ' Bill Hartley, Medford

Oppose Homeland Security

Terrorism is now, as it has been for decades, a form of substitute warfare sponsored by several nations including China and North Korea.

Successive U.S. administrations have adopted the erroneous position that terrorism is the work of some loose, shadowy networks of religiously or ideologically motivated individuals having few ties to state sponsorship. No amount of bureaucratic modifications, including the proposed Cabinet level Department of Homeland Security, will compensate for this if we ignore it, it can't happen policy.

FBI whistleblower Coleen Rowley brought to our attention that it was not the rank and file agents that failed our nation, it was lack of leadership. This was overlooked as the present administration quickly focused our attention on solutions instead of trying to uncover and define the problems. Which to me appears to be an attempt to manipulate the public into supporting security measures that cannot stand sober analysis.

Why must we have a Cabinet-level Department of Homeland Security when our borders still leak like a sieve and our trading partner China continues to provide missile technology to other terrorist nations? Presidential administrations come and go. Why would we want to centralize police powers now for a President Hillary to administer later?

These are legitimate questions that have not been satisfactorily answered. I urge anyone having Internet access to see . Every American that cherishes constitutional liberty should contact their U.S. senators to oppose this attempt to form an American Gestapo/KGB called the Department of Homeland Security. ' Henry Stevens, Medford

We must control immigration

The Mariel Boat Lift of 1980 allowed thousands of Cubans to invade Florida. Many were convicted criminals. Oregon legislators and local citizens have been reading my opinions ever since.

Sens. Hatfield and Packwood agreed with my concerns but voted for SB 358 and HR 45, unlimited immigration.

Prior to Sept. 11, President Bush was in the process of legalizing over four million aliens.

Today we have no idea how many of these will be involved in future terrorism. Federal agents continue to indict alien suspects.

Politicians and special interests are concerned about profiling. What do they expect?

Our military protects borders of foreign countries but is not allowed to protect ours.

Due to a lack of support by politicians, the INS was a failure. Harvard Professor George Borjas, recognized by the Wall Street Journal as an expert on immigration welfare, states that alien use of welfare benefits exceeds that of natives. Also, the cost of bilingual education to taxpayers is about &

36;30 billion annually.

While citizens face tax increases and job losses, politicians fail to act on legislation to protect Social Security reserve funds, specifically HR 2.

Local citizens also know my opinion on the constant promotion of homosexuality by special interests, including the Tribune. Democratic-sponsored bills such as HR 217 show no conscience as to the everlasting affect this act has had on Christian churches.

Meanwhile, the 9th Circuit Court, San Francisco, the ACLU and United Way continue to attack America's traditional values. May God bless America. More opinions to follow. ' Orin Bartholomew, Central Point