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Letters to the editor

Exceptions to the rule

Cop's Corner Thursday states: cyclists are required ... to operate ... to the right-hand side ...

An ORS 814.430 exception:

When ... necessary to avoid hazardous conditions including, but not limited to ... objects ... vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, animals, surface hazards or other conditions that make continued operation along the right curb or edge unsafe or to avoid unsafe operation in a lane on the roadway that is too narrow for a bicycle and vehicle to travel safely side by side. ' Edgar Hee, Medford

Editorial a slap in the face

Your editorial dismissal of Measure 23, Health Care for All Oregon, without a serious and balanced assessment of its provisions, is a slap in the face of all Oregonians faced, in your words, with ever-increasing costs and ever-decreasing coverage.

If there are flaws in this plan, they can be corrected. The important thing is that it's a start ' a long overdue start ' at addressing the present inequitable, expensive, and confusing mess. ' Isaac Walker, Ashland

Questions on RVTD

I am glad Paul Avery is amenable to his wife. Yet, I do have some questions.

When RVTD computers were hacked, did anyone ever call the police, or the FBI? Do they not have any protocol that makes their system somewhat safe and secure?

There are concerns that a hacker has accessed or deleted files on their system. What information was exposed? Where people live, Social Security numbers, medical files and other privacy information?

This makes me question the board's concerns about confidentiality for clients. RVTD does receive federal money. Don't they have a standard for computer security?

There is a laxity in the system and that is no one's fault but their own. If files are lost on a home system, why did they have files at home? Any partially familiar computer user would know to protect and save.

And as far as the board has been criticized in the media? Sometimes the truth hurts. Don't shoot the messengers. Maybe you should listen instead. ' Jodi Riker Yap, Talent

Downhill from here

When President Bush stopped by to announce his fuels reduction plan, you would have thought he had proposed draining Crater Lake into the A canal in Klamath Falls by the amount of ecopocalyptic screeching from the enviro crowd. He didn't announce anything different than what the lead Democratic Sen. Tom Daschle has already passed for his own state.

Daschle must have seen the writing on the wall when land managers in his state were spending almost half of their budget on litigation and generating piles of paperwork just to do any sort of land management while forests all over the country were being incinerated. I say what's good for the Black Hills of South Dakota is surely good for the blackened hills of Oregon.

These let-it-burn pyromentalists are the first ones to complain about erosion and fish genocide when anything is done in the forest they don't approve of. What's a selective logging job, ski area expansion or a tire track from an OHV compared to the runoff from a super-hot, unnatural forest fire? Instead of a renewal process, we are left with prime habitat for more fires and insects and less for threatened and endangered wildlife.

These people are more about promoting a sustainable poverty agenda than they are about saving the earth. If all goes their way, maybe Oregon can go from having the worst economy and highest unemployment rate in the nation to Third World status. It's all downhill from here. ' Dave Buckalew, Central Point

Holt has abused trust

Ric Holt has really committed gross abuses of the public trust.

He has:

Missed 42 of the one- to two-per-week commissioner meetings of the last 140 as of July 1, 2002. Any working person would have soon lost her/his job with that abysmal attendance record.

Traveled to Washington Dec. 12, 2001, purchasing a first class ticket with &

36;2,500 of our money. (Coach fares usually in the &


36;600 range.)

Spent countless hours promoting himself on talk radio during his full-time commissioner job.

Is contemptuous of health and disease prevention laws, publicly urging citizens to ignore laws.

A common-sense vote for Dr. Dave Gilmour will restore integrity and good government to Jackson County. ' Milt Goldman, Jacksonville

Impressed by Richardson

I am impressed by the initiative taken by Dennis Richardson to create local jobs. Not only has he been my employer for the past three years, but he returned this week from a trip to China to promote Oregon as an economic resource for Oregon's sister province, Fijian.

Dennis told me how Chinese government officials were eager to contract with Oregon companies for their environmental cleanup technology in preparation for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. He also explained how Southern Oregon could become an assembly center for many Chinese exports by expanding the use of our airport.

As a state representative, Dennis' entrepreneurial spirit will help bolster our local economy and remedy the budget woes in Salem. ' Sharon Campbell, Central Point

Support Winters

I have known Mike Winters for more than 12 years, starting when we were patrolling the roads of Jackson County during the graveyard shift. It was obvious Mike was accountable, could make quick decisions and get the job done.

I have never hesitated to place my personal safety in Mike's hands. Citizens can place the same trust with Mike Winters as Jackson County sheriff.

Mike Winters takes pride and ownership in his work and will expect the same from his employees. As Jackson County sheriff, Mike Winters will lead the sheriff's department toward better teamwork and cooperation.

This teamwork will include other emergency service agencies as well as businesses and citizens of Jackson County. As a citizen and employee of the JCSO, I ask for your support for Mike Winters as Jackson County sheriff. ' Marty Clark, Medford

Mayer the clear choice

In the race for Jackson County sheriff one candidate sticks out as the clear choice for the safe and healthy future of our community. That candidate is Ed Mayer. Ed donates his time to several community minded organizations such as Southern Oregon Drug Awareness, FACT, Kids Unlimited, and often speaks at our schools to promote safety for the children of Jackson County.

Professionally, Ed has 27 years of law enforcement experience, 20 of which are as a manager. He has also served as commander of JACNET for three years.

Ed truly represents what a public servant is meant to be. Not only does he work professionally to better the community, but he donates much of his personal time to this commitment. Ed's education, ethics and dedication to the health and safety of the citizens of Jackson County are clearly the tools necessary for the position of sheriff. ' Ryan Munn, Ashland

Keep Judge Mejia

Judge Mejia's representation on the Jackson County bench represents a growing aspect of the culture of this community. But that doesn't make him partial to anyone.

Judge Mejia's commitment is to justice ' to equality under the law. Judge Mejia will uphold the law just as he will treat all people with dignity and respect.

That's what we look for in a judge. That's why we need to keep Judge Lorenzo Mejia as a Jackson County judge.' Roberta Kent, Ashland

Support Gilmour

Please support Dave Gilmour for county commissioner. Dr. Gilmour has proven time and again that he cares about people, from serving in the Peace Corps to serving on the school board and city council of Central Point. ' Chris Gerschler, Medford

Vote for Winters

My experience tells me that we need new leadership within the Jackson County Sheriff's Office. I have served within the organization as a search and rescue member, I have observed employees of the sheriff's office as a grand juror within the judicial system and I have asked for help from the department for many years, trying to find my missing brother in the Prospect area.

I could write a book, but instead I will tell you what my experiences have told me. The employees within the organization are great, but we need change in the leadership.

Join me in voting for Mike Winters for Jackson County sheriff. ' Dennis Bobo, Central Point

Vote for Gilmour

We look for the rare traits of integrity, intelligence, and initiative in our elected officials. It is rare these days to find these attributes in people in public office.

The residents of Jackson County have the opportunity to elect a citizen who embodies those traits. I am referring to Dave Gilmour, M.D.

Dr. Gilmour has dedicated himself to selfless publicservice since his earliest years, prior to living in Jackson County and subsequently whlie living here. Unfortunately the county commissioners, especially his incumbent opponent, are lacking in the qualities mentioned above. The bombastic approach to issues, many times without the facts, prejudicial opinions and outright misrepresentation have been the hallmarks of the sitting public servants who are the incumbents.

Please think about this, and when you do, vote for better county government, vote for Dave Gilmour, M.D. ' Yale Sacks, Central Point