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Hunting column appreciated

I appreciated Paul Fattig's personal story of his last killing/ hunting experience in Sunday's paper.

The term sport infers a level playing field where all the players are cognizant of and agree to take part in the game. No wonder he 'didn't feel much like bragging' after winning a match his opponent didn't know about or agree to.

Thank you, Paul, for sharing the important lesson you learned from that buck. ' Sally Mackler, Jacksonville

Editorial lacked perspective

The Washington Post editorial on Iraq reprinted on Sept. 16 lacked historical perspective.

Saddam Hussein was a staunch ally of the U.S. until shortly before the Gulf War. Bush senior sold him the chemical and biological weapons that he used against Iraq's Kurds and the Iranians in the 1980s. But Saddam was our friend then!

The editorial stated, to their dishonor, China, Russia and France have been reluctant to endorse the sanctions. Ramsey Clark stated, There is no greater violation of human rights anywhere in the world in the last decade than these sanctions.

More than 1.5 million Iraqis, 6 percent of their population, half of them children under 5, have died. UNICEF estimates that a child dies every 12 minutes, some 250 civilians every day, mostly by starvation, more monthly casualties than the Twin Towers. More have died than the U.S. has lost in all of our wars!

Hussein did not order the weapons inspectors out of Iraq. The U.S. ordered them out shortly before starting the bombing in the no-fly zones.

Previously, the IAEA and UNSCOM inspectors certified that there was no evidence of prohibited activity. And former inspector Scott Ritter has admitted that some U.S. members had acted as spies for the CIA.

We were lied to about the Gulf of Tonkin, the Iran-Contra affair and Afghanistan. We are being lied to again. In the Gulf War, 200,000 Iraqi civilians were killed.

No more blood baths! Please, stand up and be counted! Contact our Congress people. It's about oil, folks, pure and simple! ' Robert Jones, Ashland

Real villain is Osama

Yo, Bush, it's Osama bin Laden. He's the guy that attacked us while you were attending reading class in Florida with the other children.

I know he slipped through your grasp and a new war would help your party in November, but let's focus on the real villain. It's Osama. ' Gary Roberts, Ashland

Medford unfriendly to bikes

Medford gets a D minus grade. The Bicycle Transportation Alliance's Bicycle-Friendly Communities Report Card recently rated Oregon communities. Medford is lumped with Tualatin and Roseburg as unfriendly to bikes. Even Grants Pass gets a higher (C-) grade than Medford.

Most Medford bicyclists (and pedestrians) don't need to read the BTA report. We know that today's Medford is auto oriented, lacks commitment to establish bicycling as a transportation alternative, lacks bicycle route connectivity and that bicyclists have no formal voice in Medford's transportation plans.

You can read the BTA report at .

Elected representatives and civil servants talk about livability as a justification for new freeway interchanges and more collectors and arterials. Yet, as more people bicycle in place of hopping into cars, our neighborhoods become more livable. Cycling reduces congestion and air pollution while providing healthful exercise.

Medford would be a more livable town if politicians and civil servants would pedal their talk. ' Edgar J. Hee, Medford

More supportive of Mayer

As a union member, I read with dismay the article that the firefighters union is supporting Mr. Winters for Jackson County sheriff. They openly stated that they didn't even speak to Ed Mayer before making their decision.

This looks like politics instead of reasoned decision making. Any decision made without talking with both sides only reinforces the perception of us (union members) against them (management) and makes the union folks look foolish, and their candidate weak.

Your article made me even more supportive of Ed Mayer for Jackson County sheriff. ' Gail Rasmussen, Eagle Point

Richardson ad deceptive

As Republicans we are truly upset and angry that Dennis Richardson would try and take the credit in his paid ad in the Rogue River Press for the good work that Shayne Maxwell and the citizens of Rogue River and Gold Hill accomplished to get local calling to Gold Hill, Central Point and Medford.

Richardson's deceptive tactics clearly show that he does not belong in Salem. We need a state representative with integrity who honestly understands the needs of the community and knows how to get things done; that is Shayne Maxwell.

Know them not by their words but by the fruits of their labor. Shayne, add us to your growing list of Republican supporters, you are a breath of fresh air ' thank you for all your hard work. ' John and Betty Winnepenninkx, Rogue River

Endorsing Winters

As the former principal of Ashland High School, I understand the invaluable role that law enforcement plays in our community. Therefore, I enthusiastically support and endorse Mike Winters for sheriff.

I have known Mike for more than 10 years, both as a police officer and as a businessman. I am impressed by Mike's ability to relate with diverse groups of people and to see the big picture.

Jackson County needs to embrace the vision Mike Winters has for his role as sheriff. It will not only improve systems within the department, his vision will transform the way local law enforcement operates.

As a community, we need Mike's business perspective and his 17 years of experience patrolling our streets. I believe his leadership will result in a better-managed budget and a stronger, team-oriented staff.

Mike knows what must be done and ensures change will happen. ' Julie Reynolds, Ashland

Supporting Lemon, Charter

It is so great to be able to be enthusiastic about someone running for office. To believe in their integrity. Two people I feel that way about are Virginia Lemon, who is running for the state Senate in District 3, and Joe Charter, running for judge.

Virginia had a successful career in the U.S. Department of State and has been active in Jackson County politics. She is committed to working squarely and honestly for the people of this state.

Joe Charter has the experience of serving as pro tem judge since 1996. He believes in the mediation process and brings in-depth legal knowledge to the bench.

Both Virginia and Joe would bring a strong commitment to justice and a willingness to stand up for the little guy. We need their voices in our system. ' Joan Dean, Ashland

Voting for Winters

I am retired from the Jackson County Sheriff's Department. What I say publicly and how I vote privately do not affect my retirement pension.

While employed with the sheriff's department, I worked with both Mike Winters and Ed Mayer. Both were and are excellent law enforcement officers. However, the issue now is leadership and management.

The sheriff's department employees are looking for leadership. Even with 27 years of experience, the sheriff's department personnel are not convinced that Ed Mayer possesses the requisite management and supervision skills. Neither do I. This is why I am voting for Mike Winters. ' T.E. Baker, Medford

Employees want Winters

The citizens of Jackson County call upon their sheriff's deputies to resolve differences, maintain the peace and protect them from harm. They expect their sheriff's deputies to make the right decisions, every time, all the time, whether that's which direction to take in an investigation, or when to use deadly force.

The support staff of records deputies make up the other half of the team and hold to these same standards. This is a tremendous responsibility that is borne by those deputies with pride and distinction.

These are the employees that see the operation of your sheriff's department on a daily basis. They are the ones that know what it takes to get the job done.

They are the ones that make it work. They are the ones that need dedicated and decisive leadership. They are the ones asking you to support Mike Winters for Jackson County Sheriff. ' Bob Stark, president, Jackson County Sheriff's Employees Association

Ed Mayer for sheriff

We voters have a huge responsibility. Seldom do we actually know the complexity of the position candidates are seeking or the requirements needed to do the job.

However, the sheriff s office is obviously a position needing management skills, law enforcement experience and someone with a commitment to our community. It is a job that requires the sheriff to meet with other leaders to problem solve and determine how the department can best meet the needs of the county.

Ed Mayer already knows the community leaders. He is a man of integrity with experience in management as well as over 25 years of law enforcement experience.

In this day and age, being honest and having good character means a lot. Ed treats all people,

whether they are employees, community leaders, ethnic minorities, jail inmates, women or distraught parents with respect.

He will get our vote. We hope he gets yours. ' Sue Lehman, Shady Cove