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Letters to the editor

Pay attention to math

My father, a now-retired 30-year veteran of the Oregon State Police, and my mother, retiring after 25 years with the Oregon Children's Services Division, both endured this goofy, repeated fear-mongering of those responsible for the Oregon state budget. I can remember every time the budget issue came up (as a child), the anxiety that ensued for my entire family. Would mommy and daddy have a job if the budget doesn't pass? Year after year we had to face this uncertainty, and year after year my parents always managed to stay employed by the state of Oregon.

It is my albeit insignificant opinion that this continual budgetary fear-mongering is the same old tired fear-based extortion, perpetuated by the same old rehashed mindset of Oregon legislators, who seem to hold the moronic assumptions as those boobs that came before them, that having no sales tax is somehow a badge of honor. Listen very carefully ' sales tax would more fairly distribute the tax burden to everyone (including the out-of-state tourist) and not just to those who work or own property in Oregon. If you still don't get it, I would strongly encourage you to go back to what are now 45-kid-per-classroom schools (providing they can actually find room for another child), and this time actually pay attention to Math 101. ' Brad Marsh, Medford

Rights were infringed

The excuse given for having a designated free speech area for protesters and for the presence of policemen in full riot gear when George Bush appeared in Medford was the need for greater security because of The President. Understandable.

Now we are told (Friday, Sept. 27) that the reason for the heavy police presence'when families from Williams showed up at the BLM office to protest their watershed being auctioned off ' was because of vandalism and disruption of the timber sales in previous years by similar protests. Specious.

Was it really necessary to have police in full riot gear to deal with families, teenagers and babes in arms from the rural community of Williams? I don't think so.

Designated free speech area, indeed!

This repressive policy of herding us into a small space far removed from the people we want to address, designed to humiliate and render us totally ineffective and powerless, is not free speech. It is a dangerous, disempowering infringement of our civil rights.

We must challenge this insult to our dignity and our liberty, and demand full expression of our First Amendment rights. ' Dot Fisher-Smith, Ashland

Opinion lacked facts

The article by Joseph Vaile accuses BLM of math tricks in computing average tree diameters in thinning sales.

BLM scientists, managing forests for health and protection, know how to compute averages! Tree diameters of older forests in Southern Oregon do not range from 10 to 30 inches, as stated, but range from a size of less than 10 inches to a large size of over 120 inches. The writer's opinion, lacking facts, promotes accusations and inaccuracies! ' Paul Kangas, Medford, Siskiyou Chapter, Society of American Foresters

Ski alternative impressive

I attended the Mount Ashland Community Alternative input sessions and was impressed by the chance this group offers to solve long-standing skier service problems while also protecting the city of Ashland water supply and the mountain environment.

I participate as a school teacher in the wonderful student skier program at Mount Ashland. The Community Alternative lengthens runs, improves accessibility to intermediate terrain and creates more space in the lodge.

This citizen users group offers a way to take kids up to enjoy the mountains and at the same time demonstrate to them thoughtfulness and care in the way we develop such a special place. To me this is real education! ' Andy Bayliss, Medford

Vote for Lemon

Watch for Virginia Lemon. As a woman and a knowledgeable candidate for state Senate, we will see a profound and assertive approach to bringing government together. I have seen her in committee meetings and she does what she says. Everyone gets behind her. She also explains her positions clearly.

I think that she will do a great job in Salem for all of us, no matter what political affiliation, as our District — Oregon senator. We must vote, if we are to be so lucky as to have her work for us.

I know that Virginia Lemon will improve our state's political climate and that she will work hard for improved schools, health, environment, finances and many of the issues that determine how we all will thrive in our Rogue Valley.

Make your vote count this election day! Vote for Virginia Lemon! ' Judy Forrest, Phoenix

Vote for Mayer

This letter is in support of Ed Mayer, in the campaign for election as sheriff of Jackson County. He has been a good friend of our family for many years, and the citizens of Jackson County will be very fortunate to have him as their leader in law enforcement. He is kind and considerate, but firm when circumstances require it.

His experience speaks for itself. He has served with distinction under several previous sheriffs, earning his promotion to captain. Most importantly, all this experience has been in Jackson County. He is one of us!

Moreover, he has completed his formal education in Oregon colleges and universities. He understands the needs of the citizens of our state and the principles and procedures that govern their safety.

I sincerely hope that those who vote in the coming election will use their ballots wisely. We need Ed Mayer for sheriff! ' George Campbell, Medford

We need Lemon

Whether you intend to vote for an Oregon District — Senate candidate to help the whole state or have our valley's interests at heart, you will find Virginia Lemon truly interested and concerned. She has the necessary local and international background in human, economic and ecological applications.

We need Virginia Lemon in our state Senate now, more than we can know. These are very important times for our state and our local needs, as we are told daily.

She knows the depth and means of ways to bring results from imagination and determination through politics with a human, very real approach. If you want your vote to count, make it work for all of us by voting for Virginia Lemon. ' Louis F. Lichtenstein, Phoenix

Vote for Purdy

We would like to encourage all voters to cast a ballot in favor of Bill Purdy for Jackson County Circuit Court, Position 8.

Bill Purdy has lived in the Rogue Valley for over 30 years and during this time has shown a deep commitment to our community, to the law and to all those who have needed his help. He has over 35 years as a practicing attorney and in 2001 the state bar honored him for having given the most pro bono hours of any attorney in the state.

He is fair and judicious in his approach to the law and has pledged to resolve cases in an expeditious manner. Bill has a clear understanding of the needs of our county and the resolve to work diligently on our behalf.

Bill Purdy has proven that he is the best candidate for Jackson County Circuit Court. ' Dr. and Mrs. Henry Olson, Medford

Vote for Mannix

If the only thing that Kulongoski has on Kevin Mannix is his stand against abortion, well, excuse the phrase, that ain't much. Seems to me that Teddy has become single issued.

Teddy needs to take a good look at the economic condition of this state and know that his mentor, Gov. Kitzhaber, put us in this condition. This state needs reform! We need leadership!

To be a good leader, one should be out front leading! While Kevin Mannix is up front and center talking issues, Kulongoski is hiding in the shadows canceling all public debate. I ask you, is that leadership? I don't think so!

Let's have some change in this state besides what's jingling in your pocket because of Taxhaber's high taxes. Believe me, there will be no change in pockets or principles if Kulongoski gets into office. Vote for Kevin Mannix for change in leadership. ' Nancy McAllister, Medford

Vote for Mayer

We recently had the opportunity to meet Ed Mayer, election candidate for sheriff of Jackson County. We found him to be approachable, articulate, and highly qualified for the job.

He has built upon a college degree in criminology with 27 years of experience with the Jackson County Sheriff's Department in all positions and knows his profession and his community's needs first-hand.

We felt goals were realistic and his capabilities well able to handle the growing demands of law enforcement, and we urge you to mark your ballots for Ed Mayer as our new sheriff. ' John and Gaea Adams, Ashland

Vote for Mannix

When will we get change in this state? Answer, When we change leadership!

For the last 16 years we have had increased taxes to support this bloated government that just keeps getting more bloated. We are just about to pop. We can't take much more of this kind of irresponsible spending.

The last two governors have been Democrats. Does that give you a clue about change?

The mindset of this present governor and his predecessor is more and more government spending. The Democrat running for office at this time has this same mindset. He follows in the footsteps of Gov. Kitzhaber and Gov. Roberts.

Folks, we need change in leadership and responsibility and we need it at this election coming up. Please think about the economic condition this state is in and vote for change. Vote Republican Kevin Mannix for governor. ' Laura McCoy, Medford

What kind of example

Grenada. Haiti. Iraq? Why not China or North Korea?

What example do we present to Israel, to the U.N., and to our children? Might makes right?

Sovereignty. If we can persuade the U.N. to authorize an invasion, is it crazy to suggest that the U.S. might one day invade us to deal with something like a steel tariff? I wonder. ' William Dames, Medford


Coincidence: In the 1991 Gulf War, we had a President Bush, Colin Powell and Dick Cheney.

Now this time we have a President Bush, Colin Powell and Dick Cheney.

Coincidence: We halted taking Baghdad and Saddam Hussein because of lack of support from the United Nations. Now our leaders are ready to take it without the United Nations' support.

Coincidences: Both our president and vice president have not served in our military front lines and both do not have a male member in their immediate family to serve in the armed services.

Coincidence: Both our leaders are oil men. Since 1991 we sold oil drilling and supplies to Iraq to a tune of millions of dollars, and the CEO, now retired from said company, is our vice president.

Both our president and vice president have approved to store our chemical, biological and nuclear waste in the wasteland of Nevada, just 75 miles north of over a million people in Nevada's city of Las Vegas. I can hear the howl if they were buried in the wasteland 75 miles south of Casper, Wyo., or in the wasteland that far from the Bush ranch. ' Dan Kraft, World War II combat Marine, Ashland

Thanks for kindness

This is a note of thanks to all the employees of the Timber Products Sales Co., 25 E. McAndrews Road, who helped my mother and me when our car stopped running Oct. 4.

First a passing motorist stopped, walked up the hill to us and helped me push the car down to the timber company. I hope he see this letter of thanks.

Soon a kind policeman parked behind us with flashing lights on as we were in a no-park zone.

The employees supplied us with gas, and when the car still refused to start, checked under the hood, the fuses, etc. After which they pushed it several blocks to an empty lot to wait for a tow truck.

Another employee, Lynn Campbell, called the tow company, offered us phone privileges, use of the snack room, and a factory tour while we waited. We were overwhelmed by such a caring group of people, the kindness that one never forgets.

God bless you all. ' Linda Bridgman and Helen Hartman, Gold Hill

League shouldn't interfere

Hooray for the Reeds!

The individuals who call themselves Jackson County Citizens League should not be allowed to interfere with and harass people who are lawfully developing their land. These troublemakers cause people to incur huge legal fees to do what the law already allows.

The JCCL should not be allowed to argue against land development where no member of JCCL is affected. The individuals who call themselves JCCL should be held accountable individually for the harm they routinely cause to others.

Apparently Mr. Lamb and his friends think they have some kind of a monopoly on good stewardship of land. ' Alison Elliott, Ashland

Cruel and heartless

This letter is written to the very cruel, heartless individual, driving a burgundy colored car, who ran over a small brown miniature dachshund on Progress Avenue in Medford about — p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 1.

How dare you! That poor little dog belonged to someone who probably misses him very much. I do realize he had no business being on the road, but with the driving skill and the compassion level you demonstrated that day, neither do you.

It is against the law to hit an animal and then leave it. In case you may have wondered about it, he died on the way to the vet.

I hope the memory of that poor little dog stays with you for a good long time. I know it will stay with me. ' Julie Fritz, Phoenix