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Letters to the editor


Walter Nunley, a write-in candidate for Circuit Court judge in the May primary, was misidentifed in a Tuesday editorial.

This Democrat not deceived

A recent e-vent implied Saddam Hussein is another Adolf Hitler, likened George W. Bush to Winston Churchill and declared Democrats are faint of heart, resembling Neville Chamberlain.

Winston's vocalizations were impressive. Perhaps to sound like a good ol' boy, Dubya pronounces nuclear as nuke-you-lur instead of new-clee-ar.

Bush's thinly disguised grab for Iraq's oil doesn't deceive this Democrat. The chief resemblance between Saddam and Adolf consists of their mustaches. ' W. L. Stevens Jr., Medford

Oregon mostly liberal

I am so sick of the letters complaining about the leftist and liberal tilt to this newspaper. People need to realize that a newspaper is a business and any businessperson will tell you that your product has to appeal to your primary consumer.

Let's not forget that Oregon voted primarily for Gore and Nader, repeatedly turned down homophobic ballot measures and made marijuana a legal medication.

Face it, we're mostly liberal. ' Nichole Whipple, Medford

Be part of community

The Bergquists just don't get it. As an environmental proponent, I am concerned with issues of salmon and forest health, not an unwelcome (and illegal) commercial billboard.

As a citizen of Ashland and the Rogue Valley, I am offended by business people who come to our area and blatantly break a state law by erecting an illegal billboard on a hillside. In addition, they refused to participate as a community member and listen to the public outcry.

Finally, after a lengthy legal battle, they are asked to remove the billboard and install a reasonable business sip. Had that sign been initially erected, there probably wouldn't have been such a fuss.

So, now the reputation has been set by the new Callahan's, once a favorite, traditional family-owned business. It has thumbed their noses at the community. And to think, the Bergquists are surprised that they are a target of stupid vandalism, not eco-terrorism or terrorism of any kind!

They say they have made terrible sacrifices, like infuriating a community and finally having to comply with the law? I suggest another sacrifice. How about making a sincere effort to be part of the community? ' Jo Ann Shafer, Ashland

Walker job a payoff

I just read the article on Cherryl Walker being tapped to head the Wellness Center in Josephine County. If this isn't a political payoff, I don't know what is.

After she was trounced in the Republican primary, her buddies, Commissioners Brock and Iverson, decided to circumvent the law and assure that she had a nice cushy job. Why not just write her a big fat check from the county as a gift? It accomplishes the same purpose.

I think the voters of Josephine County should consider a recall election for Brock and Iverson. It's time we stopped the graft and corruption.

The fact that Cherryl ran one of Brock's election campaigns is certainly a pure coincidence. Let the voters decide. ' Phil Tannenholz, Gold Hill

Voters disenfranchised

Regarding Erase ugly words: I concur, we should all vote for state Ballot Measure 14 and finally remove such offensive language from our state's guiding document.

Shady Cove City Hall does it again. A November tax issue for a city-wide police levy information sheet is distributed to all except mobile home park residents. Being in the city and taxed, these residents will vote but are not privy to information on the issue.

Will a measure similar to statewide measure 14 above be required for Shady Cove fairness to mobile home park residents right here in Jackson County?

Current events and actions such as the now-disenfranchised citizens of Shady Cove's mobile home park residents on the water issue go unchallenged? This for the apparent sake of the urbanization of a rural area of the county.

At the polls, remember the incumbent county commissioners were agreeable to this citizen disenfranchisement. ' Vic Corchero, Shady Cove

Say no to tax measures

The Legislature wants us to approve an income tax, Rogue Community College wants us to pass a bond measure, the 549c school board wants us to pass a bond measure, property taxes are due next month, check your last year's tax bill and then add the three above.

It is time these folks learned to live on what they are getting, that is what the rest of us have to do. It is time to say no to the empire builders. ' Rex L. Orcutt, Medford

Support RCC bond

The increased need for both technical training and university transfer courses are both great reasons to vote for Measure 17-90 in support of Rogue Community College. The bond levy on the November ballot will help expand the programs RCC can offer and free up money to support existing programs which otherwise may be cut due to the current financial crisis in Salem.

Educational level has a direct impact on our economy by increasing personal income and providing local companies with the employees trained to meet their needs. Above all, RCC changes lives.

Please join me in supporting Measure 17-90 so that more Jackson County residents can have access to a great educational experience. ' Dorcas Herr, RCC instructor and former community college student, Ashland

Vote for John Hallett

Commissioner Walker's comments about the state law against smoking on the job caused a stir a few months ago. He seemed to say that an employee who objected to working on a job where secondhand smoke was present should just quit and go find a different job. He claims he was misquoted at the time, but has said much the same thing in a recent TV interview.

Everyone in the state understands the proven hazards of chronic exposure to secondhand smoke ' except our county commissioner.

John Hallett has been an active leader in fighting air pollution and knows the health hazards of secondhand smoke. John also understands that public health and safety is the prime responsibility of anyone serving as county commissioner.

Please give him your vote. We can all breathe a little easier after John Hallett is elected. ' Heide Seeman, Medford

Winters is best choice

I have known Mike Winters for many years. I have worked with him while he served citizens as an Oregon State Police senior trooper and I have watched him managing his successful construction company.

I have enough experience with Mike to guarantee that he would truly be the best choice for Jackson County sheriff. Mike has many qualities, but the one most applicable to us would be his guarantee. Mike has set his goals if elected, he has put it in writing and you can bet he will accomplish it.

He will be a great service provider, a team builder and communicator with community members. Mike Winters is the best candidate for our lead law enforcement officer in Jackson County. ' William Brickner, Talent

Vote for Lemon

Give the debacles that have occurred this past summer in Salem, isn't it perhaps time that we demand a change in the Oregon Legislature? With that end in view, I recommend that people consider a vote for Virginia Lemon for the state Senate.

Virginia has a background of over 25 years in government. She has vowed to work for desperately needed change in the Oregon tax structure. She advocates affordable health care for all, promotes local efforts to conserve forests and other areas of the environment, and she will protect land use and planning goals.

A vote for Virginia will indicate your desire for much-needed change in our state government. I heartily recommend her for state senator. ' Ruth Carson, Medford

Vote for Gilmour

My wife and I have known David Gilmour for over 20 years. As a candidate for county commissioner Dave has the one skill that sets him apart from the politicians we have come to know, that is common sense. His approach to the task at hand is to first gather as much information as possible.

His people first approach is a real change from the past. If you want a say in the process, vote David Gilmour for county commissioner. ' Don and Mavis Dempton, Medford

Retain Mejia

Judge Lorenzo Mejia is a fine man and a fine judge. He is experienced, capable and conscientious. Probably most important, he is always impartial and fair.

That is why I am urging everyone to join me in voting to see that Judge Mejia stays in the nonpartisan position of Circuit Court judge. Let's keep Judge Mejia! ' Patricia S. Guild, Medford