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Letters to the editor

Kiss your doctor goodbye

Describing your editorial on Measure 23 as a slap in the face, Isaac Walker says it's a start. But this is an over-the-top plan to provide cradle-to-grave health care for anyone who has the intent to remain within Oregon for a period of time.

It contains absolutely no incentives for participants to responsibly manage their health-care costs ' no co-pays, no deductibles, no premiums. With no restraints on demand, the only way to control cost is by limiting payments to providers.

Many health-care professionals are already struggling with woefully inadequate reimbursement levels for Medicaid and Medicare patients. Ask your doctor if he/she could survive solely on government payments levels.

If this measure passes, you might as well kiss your doctor goodbye. How can that flaw be corrected? By voting no on Measure 23 in the first place. ' Sally Densmore, Medford

Voting for Winters

I would like to share a quick thought. If you work with someone 40 hours a week for 27 years do you get to know them? I would have to say that you should know them real well.

That should tell us something when the employees of the Jackson County Sheriff's Office will not even endorse their own boss. The employees have voted to endorse someone from the outside. They are not alone.

Many local police officers and firefighters have chosen to endorse Mike Winters as their choice for the next sheriff of Jackson County. These are the people who know what we need in a good leader.

I am going to have to go with those who really know; I will be voting for Mike Winters. ' Gina Allen, Medford

Vote for Hallett

I am writing to express my support for John Hallett for Jackson County Commissioner Position — because it is time for a change in Jackson County! John will bring 16 years of experience in county government and public service to the office. He is a small businessman and has a degree from SOU.

John supports more higher-paying jobs, the stabilization of public education funding, economic development and managed growth to protect the quality of life we enjoy in Jackson County.

Most importantly, John wants to make county government representative, transparent and accountable to the people of Jackson County. This is unfortunately lacking in the present administration.

Please join me in voting John Hallett for County Commissioner Position 1. ' Susan Delles, Rogue River

Keep Jackson on council

At a time when many members of the Ashland community are experiencing concern with the future of our city, it is imperative that we keep Kate Jackson on the Ashland City Council.

Kate has over 22 years of professional experience in environmental protection and land-use planning. She has been a consistent advocate for:

Affordable housing.

Adequate funding for public schools.

Safety for all modes of transportation.

Wildfire prevention.

Clean drinking water.

Open space, parks and trails.

We urge you to vote for Kate Jackson; let's keep her working for Ashland. ' Donna Rhee and Ken Rhee, Ashland

Listen to advice

Having trouble deciding who should be our next sheriff? Ask those that know, the cops and firefighters who know what we need and know what they need to do their jobs. It is clear that Mike Winters has the support of local public safety members, just look at his endorsements.

He has the support of well-respected public servants, including retired Jackson County Sheriff C.W. Smith and retired Ashland Police Chief Vic Lively. These people know public service and public safety. If you don't know who to choose, take their advice and vote for Mike Winters to be our next sheriff. ' Robert M. Monson, Central Point

Hunting articles nauseating

Granted, I am not a hunter and I never will be, but reading Mark Freeman's articles is nauseating. Aren't we an enlightened society that take pleasure in watching an animal stagger back, knowing he was dead?

It is also grand to know that we applaud children that skip school to indulge their hobbies. Perhaps Mark could take a group of kindergartners out of class for a day and teach them the joys of field dressing a carcass. ' Julianna Tomlinson, Medford

Don't need government grants

I read Cal Thomas's article on faith-based grants and was stunned that our government gave &

36;500,000 to Pat Robertson.

Our Constitution states that there will be a separation between church and state and our tax money should not be given to faith-based organizations. Did the government take that money out of our Social Security Fund or from school budgets?

We need new leaders in Washington who know how to spend our tax money wisely.

I am a very active member I our church and we have many ways of raising money that is donated to nonfaith organizations that help the needy. We don't need government grants. ' Harriette Cummens, Phoenix

Let Bush boys go

Sometimes the remarks your president makes are shocking. A number of times when speaking of Saddam, he would say, He was the one that tried to kill my Daddy.

Is this his reason to go into Iraq? If so, let's get the Bush Boys (Dubya, Jeb, Neil and Marvin) in uniform and let them smoke him out. Don't get our boys killed for Daddy. ' Mildred M. Furlatte, Rogue River

Moose alive and well

This is an attempt to squelch rumors that have hurt a lot of hard-working people who are dedicated to helping the community wherever help is needed.

The Medford Moose Lodge is alive and well! We are open seven days per week and always open to suggestions as to how to serve the community. We work toward helping Special Olympics, Dunn House, Heart Fund and Muscular Dystrophy, to name a few. We have a special program every year to assist St. Vincent de Paul with school supplies for needy children, a tribute to veterans and the USO and have recently helped two of our schools with their music department and a local Boy Scout troop.

The rumors have been widespread that we are closed or are going to be soon. It is my sincere hope that the rumors will stop and we can get on with our business of helping where we are needed. ' Dick Goosman, administrator, Medford Moose Lodge

Where is all the compassion?

All through George W. Bush's campaign he used this term over and over again. That being compassionate conservatism.

He used it to explain how he wanted his administration to run things. How he would approach each new challenge in his presidency and reach his decisions.

The definition of compassionate is to feel pity or sorrow for the sufferings or trouble of another or others, accompanied by an urge to help. So where is his compassion now?

How can he ignore the decline of our economy? How can he turn his back on those who are hungry, homeless and without a job because of corporate greed?

Where is his help for our seniors and our future generations by not addressing prescription drug coverage or Social Security? Where is his compassion for our children in cutting the budget for education to wage war?

Conservatism means the tendency to oppose change in situations and methods. Where is his conservatism in the changing of world policy to allow first strike? Is he not being radical in his need to go unilaterally into Iraq if necessary?

Where is the compassion for the thousands of civilians who will suffer just for this man's wielding of political power and corporate greed?

Yes, Saddam may be a danger and we may be at risk. But it seems we are at a greater risk it we allow our compassionate conservative president to go it alone. ' Christina Knecht, Medford

Grenada puzzle solved

Roland Furlatte of Rogue River mentions the invasion of Grenada as a bit of a puzzle.

The reason was that, two days previously, 237 U.S. Marines had been killed by a suicide bomber in Lebanon as a result of the inattention or carelessness of the White House, which had not acted on pleas from the military that they be moved from their vulnerable position.

Much later, Mr. Reagan apologized, but in the meantime wagged the puppy by murdering some Grenadians and Cuban workers, thus defending us from possible future attacks by the Grenadian or Cuban air forces.

Please feel free to find parallels with our current situation. 'Tim Connolly, Jacksonville

A lesson for critics

My wife works for Jackson County and recently received a phone call from an individual who could not handle her business during normal working hours. Thus she agreed to meet with this person at 7:30 a.m. (without pay).

You will never guess who failed to show up.

Perhaps there is a lesson here for those of us who on occasion tend to malign those individuals who work in the public sector. ' Kenneth W. Sandberg, Medford