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Picture placement shameful

I think it is shameful you printed a half-page picture on the front page of a young man overcome by grief after just finding out he has lost his child. If the Tribune had to have a headline-grabbing picture you could have used something else. Let this family grieve in private. ' Gina Fraser, Medford

Loved the hooky hunting story

In response to Hunting articles nauseating (Oct. 17), the only thing nauseating about it was that she actually wasted the time to write it. I loved the story and hope it happens again; kids could be doing worse while skipping school, and Mark, if you want to take some kindergartners on a field trip to field dress a deer, just call. ' Joel Setzer, Central Point

Mirror, mirror on the wall

I belong to a gym with mirrors on one wall and several treadmills in rows facing the front. I am not very social when I work out, and have my headphones on at all times to assure nobody will interrupt my workout.

One morning I was walking on the treadmill and I saw (out of the corner of my eye) a woman keeping the same pace as I was. As I sped up, she sped up. I found myself increasing my pace, and she just copied me.

Finally I felt she was mocking me or just being weird. I turned to her only to see myself in the mirror.

I had to laugh at myself and you know what? She did, too. ' Kathleen Bryan, Medford

Cougar was baited

The cougar that was shot in White City was baited into a rural back yard with a deer decoy. Whether this was intentional doesn't matter. The result was the same.

Luring cougars into populated areas creates situations which pose a threat to public safety. This is not the intent or purpose of a public safety law.

If it is legal to have a deer decoy in your backyard the law should not be applicable. ' Barbara Lieberson, Jacksonville

Shame on intrusion

Shame on you Mail Tribune and shame on you Jim Craven for intruding on the unspeakable and unimaginable grief Mr. Viray was experiencing with the tragic death of his daughter in Wednesday's fire. This should have been a very private moment for him. ' Mary Lewis, Medford

Some music offensive

A few days ago the Mail Tribune ran a column by a suburban mother who was initially shocked at the obscenities and racial slurs contained in the music her daughters loved to listen to. Eventually she adopted an Oh, well, it's not really that bad attitude toward the music which had previously shocked and offended her.

I was in disbelief, and still am. What offends me about rap music filled with obscenities and racial slurs is one simple fact. It is ugly and depressing, primarily because it regurgitates every foul and demeaning stereotype about black people in existence since the early 1920s: drug dealing, hatred of women, welfare dependency, pimping, domestic violence, laziness and ignorance.

God, how sad. Not even David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan could conceive a more degrading and offensive portrayal of the African American people.

I think that alone is more than enough reason to expurgate this racist filth from our radio stations. Had this music portrayed whites or Jews in such a demeaning and offensive manner, it would have been banned long ago. ' James Snyder, Medford

Graham crackers and milk

Remember when you were a kid and ran to the kitchen for your after-school snack? If your mother was like ours, she often had milk and graham crackers waiting on the table and sat with you while you told her all about your day.

Remember those nights when you had a bad dream or couldn't fall asleep? So, late at night, Mom got out the milk and graham crackers and you curled up next to her on the end of the davenport and talked. Comforting memories, huh? I'll bet you can still taste those soggy graham crackers and cold milk!

In honor of our mother, Doris Eastman Quinlin, Oct. 24, 1917-Nov. 19, 1998, we have asked our mayors and Sen. Lenn Hannon to proclaim Oct. 24 Milk and Graham Crackers Day. Instead of the usual coffee/cigarette break on this day, we encourage people to stop for milk and graham crackers at their workplace or at home and reflect on happy childhood memories.

Please join us Oct. 24. This graham crackers and milk break might even become a new habit, and we know mothers everywhere will smile and nod their approval, too. ' Judie Quinlin Bunch and Joyce Quinlin Gray, Talent

Supporting Winters

The Jackson County Sheriff's Employees Association, which includes the front line officers and clerks, endorse Mike Winters for Sheriff. Similarly, managers accept vulnerability to support Mr. Winters. Why? Simply because the other candidate has proven his unwillingness to lead, direct and make decisions. Experience and education unutilized has left the department like a ship without a rudder. The leadership has become ineffective without the respect and following of the employees.

On the other hand, Mike Winters solicits communications from the bottom to the top and demands progressive and proactive leadership to best serve the needs of the community. I support Mike Winters for Sheriff, the candidate with direction, ideas and the ability to lead. He is a person who will stand up and lead the department through future challenges with dedication and commitment to the public. ' John Atkins, Medford

Vote for Statler

I don't live in John Statler's ward but if so I would be proud to vote for John, who is a thoughtful, kind, articulate and knowledgeable man who will serve his community and the city of Medford well. I have worked with John on nonprofit boards and I admire his devotion to bettering the lives of low-income and needy people in Medford and surrounding areas. ' Mary Lee Christensen, Talent

Don't change horses

Holt and Walker are proven, full-time, dedicated commissioners who know the valley.

Dr. Gilmour campaigned against growth, then found out growth cannot be stopped. Salary? He declared as Central Point councilman to take no stipend and yet later donated his stipend towards a sidewalk that was a pittance compared to the city's cost to finish. How does he give away something he never had?

Taxes? He proposed a diesel truck tax ' twice.

He proposes night meetings to fit his own schedule. (Why else change something that's worked for years?)

We all realize water is life. Why does he want to tear out the dam when years down the road there'll be a shortage of water?

Let's not change horses mid-stream without knowing we'll make it across. ' Carol Fisher, Central Point

Listen to constituents

I just phoned the U.S. Capitol and talked to Gordon Smith's secretary to give my verbal no vote against a preemptive strike against Iraq. I asked Smith's secretary how the vote was going. She said 1,500 called against the war and 20 for the war.

I asked how the senator was voting. He is voting for the war. So much for a representative government! P.S. I'm voting in November for Bill Bradbury. ' Marie Smith, Phoenix.

Supporting Hallett

It is our good fortune that we now have a beautiful national monument here in the Rogue Valley: the Cascade-Siskiyou. When hearings were being held to collect public input on the plan to create the national monument, a large majority of the public was in favor of protecting the area.

But our county commissioners, claiming that they represented us, went to Washington, D.C. and claimed that the new monument had little public support. They made up lies and fake analysis trying to undo the monument.

I have no confidence in our present county commissioners. Who knows what else they lied about?

In this election, I hope my friend, John Hallett, becomes a county commissioner. I have known John for a long time and trust him completely. John, more than anything else, believes in honesty and fairness. John Hallett will represent all of us truthfully. ' Denise Von Mosher, Ashland

Surprised and disappointed

I was surprised and disappointed in the manner in which Ed Mayer went about filing an erroneous complaint against Mike Winters in the Jackson County Sheriff's race.

Simply put: Mr. Mayer did not have his facts straight and was too impatient for the system to work and attempted to create a negative media event by going to the press. Obviously, it turned into a very embarrassing event for Ed Mayer's campaign and made Mike Winters look like a gentleman, which he is.

Please, Ed, your years of law enforcement experience should have at least taught you to have your facts straight before you accuse anyone of wrongdoing. Stick to the issues and keep it clean. An apology would have been more appropriate as opposed to excuses.

I have always trusted the voters of this county to make the right decision and I know they will in this upcoming election. ' C.W. Smith, Eagle Point

Mannix is the one

No matter whether young or old, single or married, Independent, Democrat or Republican, Kevin Mannix is the one for Oregonians.

He was young and now older and wiser. He was a Democrat and now a Republican. We have been following Kevin's record for 11 years after he helped us when we went to Salem to testify on a bill.

Kevin is pro-American and wants to help us retain our rights as U.S. citizens (free speech, right to protect our property and freedom of religion). Kevin is for freedom and knows with freedom comes responsibility.

He's tough on crime ' do the crime, do the time. He supports freedom to use our God-given talents and resources to meet the needs of Oregonians: to create jobs for those who need them and not punish the small business owners, to be responsible with our resources by putting people first!

Kevin is for the people. ' Robert Waddell, Jacksonville

Voting for Winters

I have been weighing the race for Jackson County Sheriff quite heavily. Who is the right person for the job? Both have good backgrounds and are obviously qualified.

However, last night the deciding factor hit me. If you have worked with people for 27 years and they do not want you to be there, it must be a problem.

I have not worked with Mr. Mayer, but it appears that many people who have worked with him do not support him. His own sheriff's department employees support Mr. Winters.

Officers of the other local departments also support Mr. Winters. I even saw a television commercial where the past sheriff and some sergeants of the sheriff's department are supporting Mike Winters.

It is nothing personal for me but that is strong. I will go with a vote for Mike Winters. ' Carin Grindel, Medford

Vote no on bonds

We, the taxpayers, are slaves to the state of Oregon. We are kept in bondage with threats of schools closing, little police protection and vicious criminals released. Is it really about the children, or is it about greed?

Steve Wisely and his wife are good examples. Both are drawing full salaries plus PERS. Of course, they are retiring and getting out while the getting is good. Anyone would have been for the children all these years, with over &

36;300,000 retirement promised, if they could keep the people in bondage and the tax dollar coming.

RCC is another good example of waste of the taxpayers' dollars. More room for what? Of course Alan DeBoer is all for the RCC bond with millions already on that sweetheart lease to RCC and millions more on the sale.

Unlike the black slaves in the South, we have a choice. Vote no on both bonds. ' Willie Robbins, Central Point

Vote for Richardson

Dennis Richardson is the candidate to best represent the people of Southern Oregon. His beliefs and ideals are in line with most of us in Josephine and Jackson counties.

We are treated like the red-headed stepchild by Portland, and we continually pay for Portland's projects. We need someone to represent us in Salem who has run a business here, raised a family here and has already served in the community, from soccer coach to city council, from Scout leader to treasurer for the state Republican Party.

He has the experience and the desire to represent us. With a family as large as his, there is no question where he stands on the sanctity of life and the importance of education for our children.

Please join me in voting for my dad, Dennis Richardson. ' Scott Richardson, Grants Pass

Time for a new sheriff

In a July 7 article entitled Levy draws protest from rural residents, the Jackson County sheriff told us that half of the calls for service to the department are handled by phone or by e-mail. So how do the police tell by phone number or computer if I am in danger?

Since that date I have heard of no alternative plans or new goals from the sheriff's department administration to better serve our communities. If we received this kind of service from private industry what would we do? Yes, we would look for a new service provider.

It is time for a new service provider, for change, for new energy and ideas. It is time for Mike Winters to be our sheriff. ' Marsha Allen, Jacksonville

Purdy has right qualities

As a native of this valley, I have known Bill Purdy for the entire 32 years he has practiced law here. He has the qualities that I think would make a good judge. He is scholarly and at the same time has common sense and a useful sense of humor.

He is courteous and tolerant and listens to people politely and pays attention to what they say. He works hard, turns out his work timely, and is decisive.

Over the last 53 years I have worked with many judges and believe that Bill Purdy would be as good a circuit judge as the best of them I have known. I encourage a vote for Bill Purdy, who has many years of good service to offer this community. ' Roy Bashaw, Ashland

When will it end?

If the school bond is approved on Nov. 5 for Medford School District 549c, if you own a &

36;150,000 home you will pay approximately &

36;3,744 over the 26 years it will take to pay off the bonds. If you own a &

36;300,000 home, you will pay &

36;7,488 and so on. And I guess you know this comes right out of your paycheck. And when will it all end?

The property owner really gets hit hard on issues like this. Why? Because Medford has no sales tax. May God bless those senior citizens who live on Social Security who will have to sell out and move out of Medford. And I am sure others will follow. Somebody decided Medford needs a new school and blames it on crowded classrooms.

Listen up, school committee. You are a little ahead of yourself. A few more years down the road will tell. The property owners will never go for it. ' Sam Aldrich, Medford