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Agreement on hunting

In reference to the e-vent messages Cougar was baited (Oct. 19) and Hunting articles nauseating (Oct. 17) referring to Mark Freeman's two articles of Oct. 10:

I, too, found the articles nauseating. I also deem the subjects to be disgusting! Like Spencer Lennard said about the cougar: It is sad that some more beautiful animals are gone. ' Fred Fleetwood, Trail

Tread the straight and narrow

Have you ever been to Medford's jail, either as a visitor or ... — It is a frightening experience. I was there on a misdemeanor. I am 78 years old and it made me wish I was a thousand miles away.

I was patted down, fingerprinted and photographed, at which time I was told I could smile if I wished. I will fight against this injustice to me.

May I add if you can tread the straight and narrow, do so, for God's sake. There is nothing so terrifying as those long dark corridors and locked doors. ' Mary R. Holt, Medford

Clean up after horses

I took my two horses to the Expo. I unloaded, went into the arena and practiced the barrels in ground that Charmayne James would have loved. When I got back to the trailer, I picked up the mess my horses had made, put it in one of the bins that Wade has put out for us. In the other arena, five riders were riding and the mess they left behind was terrible.

It isn't the responsibility of the Expo to clean up after the open riders. It is the responsibility of every rider to leave it as they found it. The open riding can be closed if the riders don't take care of the waste. I have an arena, and everyone that rides at my house cleans up their mess or they don't come back to ride.

If the arenas get closed to open riders, it is the fault of every rider that uses the facility. Remind everyone else because after all, it could be their fault that you don't have a place to ride when it's cold, wet and very muddy. Wade is not your stablehand. ' Meryle Johnston, Central Point

Complaining wimps

I find your 'Toons in the news generally disgusting. In the spirit of a true liberal, pro-Democratic Party paper, the constant slamming of President George W. Bush, the National Rifle Association and politics in general, you get the prize for poor taste and judgment.

I do not agree with everything this President does or says, but I do not go around badmouthing him 100 percent of the time as your paper does. The National Rifle Association represents an effort to maintain one of the basic freedoms of the U.S.A. that exists in no other country in the world.

I am of the opinion that cartoonists are a negative bunch of complaining wimps, and that papers such as the Mail Tribune have tunnel vision. On the plus side, you have an interesting, newsworthy paper, but the opinion page is hard to digest at times. ' Robert L. Ferguson, Medford

Protect us from dogs

My mother and I live on the west side of Medford. On and off for the last three years, we have had problems with a pair of dogs ' a chocolate Lab and a German shepherd.

Every time we call Jackson County Animal Control, they want to know if we could catch them. They only have two officers.

These dogs are vicious. And if Jackson County Animal Control wants me to do their job for them, I want them to pay me. If not, my mother and I want them to do their duty and protect us from these dogs. ' Diana D. McCloud, Medford