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Supporting Mayer

I am supporting Ed Mayer for Jackson County sheriff because he is the best qualified candidate. Both men who seek the position are nice guys, but this election is about choosing a professional law enforcement executive to manage a large, complex organization.

Ed, as a young deputy, was my backup several times. He was a fine street cop who handled rough situations with tact and diplomacy.

Ed has risen through the ranks of sergeant, lieutenant and captain. He has worked in corrections and investigations.

Ed has been an innovative leader, involved in Rotary and many other civic activities. He is a qualified, state certified police executive who can make changes when he is elected sheriff. Vote for Ed Mayer for sheriff. ' Ken Lindbloom, Medford

Gilmour for commissioner

Jackson County services struggle for attention. The county commissioners are supposed to tend to parks, libraries, roads, public health, law enforcement and the traditional functions of county government. Each could use more attention.

Perhaps recent lawsuits could have been prevented by county commissioners if they paid more attention to county government. The courts are pathetically understaffed. A few years ago where there were four full-time people, there are now two part-timers.

The county commissioners voted themselves big fat raises to spend their time mucking about in federal issues. Ric Holt organizes rallies on Elk Creek Dam, Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, timber salvage.

I don't want my county tax dollars spent to grab headlines and create controversy around federal lands while ignoring massive county problems. Holt's attendance record is abysmal.

Give Dave Gilmour a chance. He cares about local issues and can focus on the task at hand. ' Cici Brown, Ashland

Support John Hallett

While I believe that Jack Walker is a good and kind man, I support JohnHallett without reservation. He combines the clear focus on issues that Jackson County needs as it grows and changes with a willingness to listen to input from all residents, regardless of their political affiliation. This is proven by the growing number of life-long Republicans, including former party leaders, who are endorsing him.

Your editorial stating Hallett had a tendency to get into personal battles with colleagues was unwarranted and misleading. While a city councilman, John argued passionately on behalf of his constituents, but never did he resort to personal attacks, even when provoked.

It is unfortunate that you failed to recognize this; ask any former colleagues, and they will tell you that John was devoted to doing everything possible on behalf of Medford. Now, all of Jackson County has the chance to benefit. ' Hal Wing, Medford

Vote for Richardson

When a busy man like Dennis Richardson takes time from his own schedule to lead a delegation to China at no cost to taxpayers to initiate work and jobs for Oregonians, he has my vote.

Recently, some misled people from Rogue River and Gold Hill wrote letters to the editor saying that Dennis was taking credit for long distance telephone charge elimination. The newspaper ads quoted simply stated that he is our representative, not that he was the one solely responsible. Neither is Shayne Maxwell.

She is not a one person committee. There are others on the committee who also represent us. Dennis is one of them.

One of Dennis' attackers stated that, We do not need one more deceptive lawyer in the Legislature. The only things deceptive here are the deceptive tactics used by some people to try and discredit a good, honest man. Vote Dennis Richardson. ' Graeme Flexman. Central Point.

Support Maxwell

The endorsement of Dennis Richardson by Jason Atkinson says it all.

If you want continued divisive, noneffective party politics to lead the way to more embarrassment and inaction for our great state, then send Atkinson's hand-picked minion to Salem.

Caution, this minion seeks credit where credit is not due. Of course, he has earned enough as an ambulance-chasing attorney to do quite well, what should one expect? Wonder how a conservative with nine kids can have the bucks to vacation in China? Advertising one's litigation skills on the back of phone books must be quite productive.

If you want a new voice from a person with a proven track record of effectiveness and grass-roots problem solving, send Shayne Maxwell.

Please join me in supporting Maxwell for a new voice and an opportunity for a Legislature that will actually legislate. ' Dave Strahan, Grants Pass