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Election letters

Yes on Medford school bonds

I believe all citizens have an inherent responsibility to ensure the best possible education for our children and for the next generation. We all have an opportunity to make sure a strong cadre of teachers, meaningful curriculum and useful facilities are all available, on a continuing basis, for our community's young adults, by voting for and marking a solid yes on Measure 17-90 on your mail-in ballots.

We can, in this way, help to ensure intelligence in the future leaders of our government and our industries. ' Susan E. Miller, Medford

Voting for Buckley

We can go to war, we can kill and be killed, but the ideas on both sides of the conflict will never die until they are debated. That's one reason why diplomacy needs to be exhausted before declaring war.

Peter Buckley, who is running for Congress in Oregon's 2nd District, has well-reasoned, optimistic, and doable ideas. His priorities will re-create that peaceful, prosperous America we desperately want to have again.

But Peter's opponent apparently doesn't want to discuss the issues. Since last July, Greg Walden has not shown up at candidate forums in LaGrande, Bend and Klamath Falls. In fact, he has not once debated Mr. Buckley this campaign season despite his in-person and on-air promises to do so.

It is downright undemocratic to refuse to have political debates in our open society ' unless you have only the status quo to offer. Where's Walden and what does he think? ' Julia Tucker, Ashland

Competitor supports Mejia

I am not just another attorney supporting Judge Mejia for Circuit Court judge. I was one of four attorneys who applied for the appointment after the retirement of Judge Davis. I was also the attorney who received the most votes, from local attorneys, in a preference poll conducted by the Oregon State Bar. Notwithstanding that endorsement, the governor, after a very thorough process, decided to appoint Lorenzo Mejia.

Although I considered running for the position, I have had the time to observe Judge Mejia's capabilities. In a short time, Judge Mejia has demonstrated that he has the intellectual ability, patience, impartiality and compassion to be an excellent judge. Consequently, I made the difficult decision not to run for the position.

It is an easy decision, however, to strongly recommend Judge Mejia. Ignore the political rhetoric and the attacks on character and join me in voting for Judge Mejia. ' Douglas J. Richmond, Medford

Thoughts on the election

Grab a hold of your number 2 pencil and give Commissioners Ric Holt and Jack (Mom, apple pie and the flag) Walker essential and permanent retirements.

While real estate is an honorable profession, Medford city voters should consider the wisdom of electing real estate professionals to council office. Much council work deals with land use and zoning issues, which creates a very real conflict of interest for these folks. If they recuse themselves (as they ought) they fail to do the job they were elected to do. If they don't recuse, then what? Seriously consider this concept, Medford voters.

If you need to build something, call a contractor; if you need a sheriff, call a cop. Enough said! ' Doug McFadgen, Medford

Voting for Allan Smith

As a police officer with over 25 years' experience, I am very familiar with the criminal justice system in Southern Oregon. I have observed both candidates for the Circuit Court judge position, both in and out of court, and I unequivocally support Allan Smith, for the following reasons.

1. Smith has spent seven years as an advocate for crime victims, by very ably prosecuting suspects, while his opponent defended them,

2: Allan Smith is the most well-rounded candidate; his background includes Naval aviator, successful businessman, veteran deputy district attorney, exemplary family man.

3. Smith volunteers his time to his community by training police officers in criminal law and by serving on the board of directors for SODA (Southern Oregon Drug Awareness).

Please join me in voting for the best candidate for Circuit Court judge, Alan Smith. ' Steve Edson, Medford

RCC a good investment

I was a single parent on welfare when I went back to school. RCC was there for me. I was able to gain the associate degree and the job skills I needed to support my daughter and get off of public assistance.

Support of RCC facilities expansion is a good investment for the Southern Oregon economy. It is well known that households headed by an individual who has completed an associate degree earn more per year than those with only a high school diploma.

The time is right to invest in RCC's future so they have enough space and are ready with the right course offerings for Jackson County's future. Vote yes on Measure 17-90. ' Pamela Green, Rogue River

RCC serves us well

Rogue Community College has served Jackson County well since 1996. As a tribute to their successful programs, and as a result of our growing population, RCC's enrollment is expected to double in the next 10 years.

Measure 17-90 will allow RCC to meet their future needs for space by creating a new facility for vocational training in the White City area. In addition, the bond assures taxpayer dollars are wisely spent by restructuring debt and purchasing buildings in downtown Medford.

Passing the bond measure means &

36;600,000 can be freed from paying rent to be better used for student services and programs. ' Amy Amrhein, Ashland

Vote for Allan Smith

When I think of what I want in a judge, I think of integrity, compassion and a strong sense of justice. Allan Smith is a person whose entire life is one of uncompromising integrity. He has proven himself as a leader who served his country as an officer in our armed forces.

Allan has a strong sense of compassion. Allan's only brother died of a heroin overdose, so he knows first-hand the destruction that drugs bring to individuals and to families.

Allan is a person who always seeks justice for all. As a deputy district attorney, Allan has always made sure that criminal cases were thoroughly and properly investigated.

This is the kind of integrity, compassion and sense of justice we need in our judges. Make sure Allan is our next judge by voting Allan Smith. ' Michael Minder, Medford

Vote for Amarotico

We are writing to encourage everyone to vote for Diane Amarotico. We have known her for many years and participated with her in many groups concerning land use and the environment.

She has worked diligently to create a community garden in Ashland and with the Ashland Watershed Stewardship Alliance. She is a true visionary, fair minded, extremely dependable and knowledgeable.

She has completed extensive training as a master gardener and a permaculture designer. She is an advocate for the careful use of resources (such as water, earth, air, and fire), and the fair distribution of the commission's resources.

Diane is the best representative for Where Green is Mainstream. Let's make that more than just a motto; let's make it a reality. Vote for Diane. ' Alex and Edith Forrester, Ashland

A Winters tale

Paul Fattig wrote a commentary regarding an OSP trooper lending a hand to a lost man. This elderly gentleman, who lived in Sacramento, had driven to the grocery store. This trip, which usually took an hour, became much more. The man, 83, stopped on the freeway to ask a working OSP officer directions to 68th Street in Sacramento.

His family came to pick him up; Trooper Winters gave them his pager number, just in case. Turned out it was timely; the car never made it over the Siskiyous. Mike Winters went up and put the car on a vehicle carrier and drove it to Sacramento.

Point being, good Samaritans don't come along too often.

This is the character of the man running for Jackson County Sheriff. He definitely has my vote. JCSO needs to be available, visible and dependable, all of which are possible under the leadership of Mike Winters. ' Judy Van Blarcom, Talent

Appalled by tactics

This letter is in response to your Oct. 5 article titled Sheriff race complaint disproved. I am appalled by the dig-up-the-dirt tactics that the current captain of the sheriff's department is using in efforts to be elected sheriff. It shows a complete lack of integrity and a great amount of fear on his part that Mike Winters will prove to be the better man for the job.

This fear is realistic considering Mike Winters is endorsed by the captain's own employees as well as members of the Oregon State Police Officer's Association. This alone should alert voters that change is well overdue at the sheriff's department.

Mike Winters doesn't need to dig up dirt. The fact that those he will lead as sheriff support his candidacy speaks for itself. ' Sherri Searles, Central Point

Time for a change

Recently I attended a candidates' forum in Ashland. All candidates were invited. Unfortunately, neither Commissioner Walker nor Commissioner Holt bothered to attend or send a representative. Perhaps they wrongly assumed everyone there was a Democrat and thus they need not reach out to them.

Commissioners represent everyone in the county, regardless of party affiliation. From the evidence I see, Walker and Holt don't seem to understand this. John Hallet and Dr. Dave Gilmour both attended the forum and showed they truly care about the average county resident.

It is time for a change. It is time for county commissioners who listen to the people. It is time for Hallet and Gilmour for county commissioners. ' Mark MacDougall, Medford

Amarotico for parks

I can think of no one more concerned, capable and committed to serve as Ashland's park commissioner than Diane Amarotico.

Since her arrival in Ashland six years ago she has been involved in diverse community and environment activities.

Diane has been an organic gardener for over 35 years. She helped found Ashland's community garden and has been part of the Ashland Watershed Stewardship Alliance since its inception. She has been a constant member of many community study groups and seminars studying, among other things, alternative energy and water catchment and conservation.

It is her honesty, her conscientiousness, her dedication to learning and her ability to listen objectively and to remain open to fresh ideas and alternatives that convinces me that Ashland would be proud to have Diane Amarotico as their park commissioner. ' Nancy Bringhurst, Ashland

Return Ric Holt

I would like to ask the voters of Jackson County to return Ric Holt to another four term as Jackson County Commissioner Position 3. That other feller that is running for his position hadn't even been to the Elk Creek Dam site from what I understood when I asked him about it. We need a person as commissioner that has the knowledge of the area and knows what is going on and can spend their time working for us and has the people's needs in mind.

I agree with Mr. Ric Holt that the fire-killed trees should be salvaged. The people need the income and the schools need the money and our natural resources should not be wasted. I agree that Elk Creek should be finished.

I feel that three commissioners are enough. The three we have make up a good team. We don't need gridlock. ' Homer D. Meeds, Jacksonville

Recommending Buckley

I recommend Buckley for U.S. Congress because his election is the only way that we citizens here in Oregon have a chance to stop the war in Iraq before it starts.

A newly re-formed Congress, in 2003, can simply vote to cut off all funding for Bush's immoral war and thus shut it down. Greg Walden has shown that he is merely a rubber stamp for his party bosses when he voted for Bush's war.

If you liked Vietnam, you'll love Iraq. Stop the war before it starts. Vote for Buckley. ' Bruce Barnes, Ashland

Richardson alarming

It is an alarming thing to watch a politician backpedal and change messages depending on who the audience happens to be. Dennis Richardson is beating a fast path from the very far right to the middle of the road as fast and furiously as he can.


he was totally against abortion; now, he is for abortion as long as it is not for frivolous reasons. (How insulting!)

First, he said absolutely no new taxes, now

he is willing to look at funding issues.

First, he said he was for vouchers, a system that drains tax dollars form public schools, now

he says he's not necessary for them.

Don't be fooled! A man who is saying different things at different times is certainly not being honest! I expected more from a man who has been a bishop in the Mormon Church! ' June Buck, Medford

Voting Hallett, Gilmour

Our present county commissioners running for re-election have had more than enough time to show some ability and responsibility. They have, instead, given themselves a huge pay increase while health and other public needs badly need better funding.

We are lucky this year to have excellent candidates to replace them. We're voting for Dr. Dave Gilmour and John Hallett, both experienced in local government, in working with people, and knowledgeable in managing finances efficiently and well.

Please join us. ' Alan and

Myra Erwin, Ashland

Voting for Gilmour

In the race for county commissioner, one of Ric Holt's claims is that he works full-time and answers every call. Not true, Mr. Holt. I called your office twice last year seeking information on propane conversion for cars and got no response.

And I resent being told, listen, folks, this isn't rocket science... if I come to a conclusion that differs from yours. Condescension isn't a quality I'm looking for in a commissioner and that's why I'm voting for Dave Gilmour. ' Pat Hardy, Jacksonville

Vote for Charter

Vote for Joe Charter for Jackson County Circuit Court judge. In this close race, Joe Charter is the best investment for Jackson County.

Joe has the experience and the desire to serve with an unbounded, nonpartisan commitment to uphold the constitutional rights of individuals in the ever-expanding complications of our modern life. ' Marilyn Briggs, Ashland