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Oregonians don't get it

Thank you, Mr. William Ashworth (Oct. 25), for seeing what I, too, see: Oregonians are cheap.

People want to send their children to decent schools, drive on decent roads, and live in a clean and beautiful state ' do they not understand that these things cost money?

If we don't pay taxes that adequately fund state programs, there won't be any state programs. Get it? ' Rachel Frost, Ashland

Makes you wonder

They must have very rare air in Minnesota to produce politicians like Paul Wellstone and Jesse Ventura. Makes you wonder! ' Don Basey, Eagle Point

Keep Walker for sports park

Walker is a keeper for all the things he has accomplished in the last eight years. Jack has brought lots of dollars into this county through his getting the sports park built with private investments and turning a loser into a winner for both the county and developer.

This was a complex that has been needed for racing community for years and it took a person with the kind of vision he had to get it done. I know he has more great ideas for the complex and is working towards a fantastic racing facility master plan to be completed in the near future. Let's keep him and help him complete this facility. Vote for Jack Walker.

Race fan, you bet. ' Carl E. Christian, Eagle Point

Supporting Winters

I am writing to show my support for Mike Winters for sheriff.

Mike is incredibly qualified for the position through years of experience as a trooper with the Oregon State Police. He also has excellent management and leadership abilities, as he is a successful business owner. The thing that impresses me most with Mike is his positive make-it-happen attitude and his solid work ethic.

He set his goals and works tirelessly to achieve them. He is a natural leader. Mike has a solid endorsement from his peers and the community as a whole. Mike Winters for sheriff! ' Kelly McKee, Medford

For subdivision barriers

I totally disagree with Medford City Council member John Michael's opinion regarding subdivision barriers.

Most vertical barriers provide noise reduction to the homeowners, safety for their children, a reduction of driveway access, and most importantly, hide homeowners' trashy back yards. Check out what I mean the next time you head north to Grants Pass along Interstate 5. ' Jack E. Shaffer, Eagle Point

Mannix offers leadership

Over the past few weeks, I have had the opportunity to hear Kevin Mannix speak in two settings, a meeting of physicians and a fund-raiser.

I was very impressed with his grasp of wide-ranging issues, including his awareness of the serious problems facing doctors and the delivery of medical care to their patients in Oregon. He has some excellent original ideas for improvements, along with his longstanding support of a cap on noneconomic damages.

Oregon needs new leadership and I believe Kevin Mannix can best supply that leadership as governor. Voters can help move the state in a positive direction by voting for Mr. Mannix. ' Dr. Robert C. Luther, Medford

Voting for Hallett

John Hallett is firmly committed to being available to listen to constituents' concerns and opinions.

He believes land-use decisions are critical to the future of our quality of life in Jackson County. He recognizes that human rights and human services are important to maintaining a good quality of life and healthy economy in Jackson County, and he has been willing to say so.

These are only a few of the reason why I will be voting for John Hallett for county commissioner. I strongly encourage the rest of the county's voters to do so as well. ' Mike Gorton, Ashland