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Letters to the editor

Taking issue with Cal

Cal Thomas (Mail Tribune, Nov. 12) criticized the selection of California Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi as the Democratic minority leader in the U.S. House.

He treats legitimate positions with ridicule. What he calls big government has been enlarged by both Bushes. High taxing applies to the working people since the Republicans have let the rich off the tax hook. Erasing over-regulation has shown remarkable results: corporate corruption, new levels of pollution, and unprosecuted CEOs who robbed average investors of their life savings.

His entitlement-establishing has been an honest effort to protect the most vulnerable members of our society. His peace at any price may be biblically mandated but his Republican cronies prefer war at any price. His ACLU card carrying accusation fails to account for the strong defense of the First Amendment even when free speech is distasteful. His aborting at any time would be replaced by Ashcroft's team controlling the most private of family decisions.

Perhaps Mr. Thomas prefers corporations using offshore P.O. boxes to avoid paying taxes, softening of environmental laws so our children can figure out how to clean up the mess, letting pharmaceutical companies profit from inflated Medicare prescription prices, and throwing money at an unaccountable Defense Department. ' Paul B. Robinson, Medford

Deeply moved by letter

I was deeply moved after reading Charlene Ryneal's letter to the editor on Nov. 24. This letter was about two teenagers who are truly paying it forward in today's self-centered society.

Charlene wrote about two teens, Brad and Sean Thomas, who made sure Charlene's developmentally delayed daughter had a 16th birthday to remember. Brad and Sean showed up at Charlene's house in their squeaky clean truck with a dozen roses and then took her daughter to lunch.

I have a developmentally disabled nephew who is 30 years old and lives in a nursing home in Minneapolis because the system couldn't find anywhere else to place him. My nephew was mainstreamed into regular schools and endured taunting and teasing by fellow classmates all of his young life.

I would like to say thanks to Charlene for sharing her letter, and thanks to Brad and Sean for being concrete examples of faith, hope and love.

I also thought you would like to know that my nephew, Ron, pays it forward to other patients every day in the nursing home. He reaches out every day to those who are bedridden, lonely and forgotten. I thank God for him and God bless him! ' Andrea Wolf, Gold Hill

Whatabortion is

If someone asked you, Can I kill this? you would not answer until you knew what this was, would you?

But that is what Planned Parenthood's Tamara Irminger wants us to do. In her September guest opinion, she mentioned abortion 32 times, but never defined what abortion was.

Abortion is often called termination of pregnancy. How is it terminated? By the birth of a baby, or the death of a baby? Again, the question, What is it? comes before the question, Can I kill it?

The question, What is the unborn? is fundamental to any abortion discussion. But Planned Parenthood, America's top abortion provider, is expert at avoiding the main issues and facts. Abortion is the murder of innocent children.

Tamara says, Rest assured that Planned Parenthood will do all it can to assure continued access to abortion services in our community.

Isn't that special!? I can almost hear the leaders of Auschwitz reassuring Hitler that he could, Rest assured that the concentration camp staff would do all it could to assure the access of Jews to 'shower services.'

In Germany, all who took showers died. Today, babies die and women must live with dire consequences. ' Rick DeVos, Eagle Point

Visit our monument

One bright afternoon this autumn I took myself and a camera to the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument in the southern part of Jackson County. What a treat it was!

As I inhaled the invigorating fall air I could hear the occasional soft breezes meandering down the mountainsides and stirring the branches of the trees as they did. Every direction I turned was a blaze of color. Pilot Rock played hide and seek in the passing clouds. Unexpected songbirds also filled the forest with music. And both my body and spirit found refreshment and tranquility here as the unhurried and wondrous afternoon unfolded before me.

As I now recall that visit, it makes my heart most appreciative for all of those who have sought ongoing protection and preservation for this outstandingly unique natural landscape in the hope that we and future generations can continue to enjoy it.

This monument is a national treasure of immense value. The citizens of Jackson County should be very proud to have it in their own back yard.

If you haven't visited the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument yet, here's your invitation. Information is available at the BLM Medford Office, the Greensprings Inn and the Ashland Chamber of Commerce. ' Fred Harrison, Central Point

Stop RVTD bleeding

I am amazed at the level of disfunction that the Rogue Valley Transportation District board has demonstrated to the public. I can only blame myself as a voter for voting them in.

It is obvious that the board, with the exception of Ed Chapman and Dan Moore, has no regards for proper process, manners or sensitivity to anything but their own personal agendas.

I urge everyone to get involved with the petition drive and stop the RVTD board from bleeding money as it currently is. ' John Michaels, city council member, Medford

A real insurance threat

Our president has prevailed upon the Congress to pass a terrorism insurance bill that has made the taxpayers guarantors for any terrorist-inflicted losses corporations may someday have.

Do you suppose no one has dared inform the Congress (and the president) that 31,200,000 American citizens do not have medical insurance? ' W. H. Seeman, Medford


A letter titled Something to think about, regarding the Medford School District, was written by Paul Tipton. An incorrect name was published when the letter ran Nov. 30.