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Letters to the editor

Be honest about waste

Your editorial last Sunday concerning Nancy Ames Cole's research into Commissioner Ric Holt's questionable expenses was a real loser. The Mail Tribune implied that the money involved was small compared to the size of the county budget, so it's no big deal.

Perhaps we should add a line item to future county commissioners' budgets and call it Waste and Cronyism. If you're going to pig at the taxpayer trough, at least be honest about it. ' Bill Protzek, Central Point

Questions about Holt

The recent articles on Ric Holt's expenditures of county monies raised more questions than answers.

For example, Holt stated that the Godiva chocolates were purchased as a gift. If that is the case, he likely received gifts as well. Where did those gifts go? Aren't they rightly county property?

As for the Palm Pilot purchases, how did the first one get stolen and the second broken? Was it due to unfortunate circumstances, or was Holt careless with items he didn't pay for with his own money? Also, what will happen to the current Palm Pilot when Holt leaves his position? Will he keep it, or will Gilmour get it?

Why does Holt have such a selective memory? There seems to be so many things he can't remember. What happened to the &

36;299 conference fee that was refunded to him? That could have bought yet another Palm Pilot.

Questions and more questions! Of course, the most important question, who will occupy the commissioner seat now held by Holt, was answered on Election Day. The county will be better for it, too. ' Jay Stockton, Central Point

Grad supports schools

The teachers and administration at South Medford High School and the Medford School District have come under recent negative critique by some community members. This letter is my response to that critique.

As a 2002 graduate and a college freshman, I want to thank everyone at South for making my high school experience one of the best possible. The support staff, teachers, and administration were never anything but fair and positive throughout my four years. South offered me immense opportunities and an exceptional education.

This is not to say that everything about South is perfect (or at any other school), there is always room for improvement. Let me just say that South has succeeded in becoming a leader among high schools around the state. South's academic, athletic and club opportunities are outstanding!

It is my wish that we look at education in a more positive light in the future around Southern Oregon. Too often do we see negative stories and ads that highlight teens (our future) as threats. Take this letter as a challenge for our community to embrace our future and empower them to make change and seek greatness. South Medford High School did this for me. ' Tyler Reich, Jacksonville

Clear trails yourself

Mr. Judson Brown of Ashland seems to think that the Forest Service owes him some work. He paid his money and wants his pet trail repaired or at least cleared of downed logs.

I suggest to him that he get off his dead rear and get a small bow saw and go clear it himself. I belong to an organization that uses Forest Service trails and we clear about 100 miles of trail a year. No charge to anyone and all are free to use the nice routes. Log them out in the spring and they are good for the season.

The same people who put the Forest Service out of business as far as timber harvests are some of the people who now bitch because there is no money for their pet projects.

Pay for your use and go the step further and do some work for the Forest Service. They will appreciate it and so will your fellow hikers. ' Tyrrell Hart, Medford