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Thankful for each other

With the holiday season on our minds, we often find ourselves reflecting on what we are truly thankful for. Recently my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, had a mastectomy and is undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

One would think that our family would have nothing to be thankful for as a result of coming to grips with the matriarch of our family battling cancer.

However, I have found myself very thankful. I am thankful for the strength and hope a family can generate in a time of need. I am thankful that my mother is a fighter with a strong constitution. I am thankful for every cancer survivor in the world whose fight offers hope, whose insight offers strength, and whose understanding of what the important things in life truly are, serves as a lighthouse through the daily fog of existence.

My holiday wish this year is that everyone would embrace what so many people take for granted. Each other. Hold on to each other, express your feelings. Regardless of religion, social status or financial standing, one constant remains. You only have one family. Embrace them, love them, and be thankful for them this holiday season. ' C. L. Reinheardt, Medford

Seek PERS truth The PERS articles have never stated that several employers in the state have held back paying their mandated contributions over the last couple years. This failure has cost the system millions of dollars. Public employees pay 6 percent of their wages into PERS. By contractual agreements, employers match this amount.

Some would have you believe that the taxpayers are being gouged to pay benefits of PERS retirees. In reality the money has been put into public employee accounts out of their pocket throughout their career. Even the employer contribution in many cases was bargained for in lieu of a pay increase.

I encourage all taxpayers to seek the truth about how the system works before condemning public employees. These people have sacrificed a lot over their career to serve you. They certainly are not getting rich at your expense. The cases of PERS retirees making more after retiring are very few.

This is a pure example of the adage, figures lie and liars figure. I encourage all taxpayers to speak with their public employees. They will explain the program to you so you can make educated decisions. ' Ken Griswold, Central Point

Saddened by violence We were saddened once again while watching television this week and seeing the bombs killing and wounding the Jewish people. These people can't even take a vacation to Kenya without their enemies trying to destroy them and in the process destroying a beautiful hotel and maiming many.

Arab leaders have vowed openly, We will drive the Jews into the sea! Won't this hatred ever end?

The Bible says a strongman will come on the scene and work out a peace process between the Jew and the Arab. But, this peace will only last 3&

189; years and then the Great Tribulation will begin.

I wonder, are we that close to all the things that the book of Revelation talks about? ' L. J. DeVos, Medford