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Stopping for a reason

It's really a good thing to have the checkpoints for pedestrian crossings, but I'd like to give a word of warning. Going east on 10th Street, at Ivy, we stopped for a man (pedestrian) and as he crossed in front of us, the car behind us just whipped out past us, and he came ever so close to hitting the pedestrian.

Please be careful. If the car in front stops, remember, there is a reason. ' Jean Albertson, Medford

Proud of my country

When I think about my country, I think, what an awesome nation. I think how we have united over the years and I'm glad for it.

I think about the veterans who have served our country. I think about the veterans who have died for our country. I think about the police officers and firefighters who have served our country courageously, even knowing they could die in the line of duty.

I think about the doctors who save the lives of people every day. I think about the teachers who want to give people a better education.

I think about the kids of our nation who want to make our country a better place. l think about the moms and dads of our country who want to make it a better place for their kids.

I think about how free we are in my country. I think about how everyone is unique and that no one person is the same as any other.

I for one am proud of my country, I am proud to be an American. ' Chelsea Young, Medford

Many conservative outlets

I tried hard not to laugh while reading a recent letter to the Mail Tribune. The writer stated that conservatives have no outlet for expressing their views other than AM radio talk shows.

Baloney and double-baloney. Any human being who owns a TV set already knows this statement to be false.

In a single five-hour period of TV viewing I recently saw, on eight different channels, right-wing commentators George Will, Pat Buchanan, Cal Thomas, Alan Keyes, Bill O'Reilly, Matt Drudge, Pat Robertson and four others promoting the same one-sided viewpoints.

Newspapers? Every one of them serves up conservative opinion columns each week, their authors ironically condemning the media as evil and immoral, while collecting huge paychecks from ' you guessed it ' the media. That's hypocrisy.

How about bookstores? That certainly qualifies as media.

In a single bookstore I counted 11 different books portraying Hillary Clinton as an anti-American criminal fiend. Anybody ever see similar books demonizing first ladies? The Case Against Mamie Eisenhower? Or The Evil of Bess Truman? Or maybe Betty Ford's Plot to Destroy America?

Gosh, for some strange reason I can't find any of these books. ' James Snyder, Medford

Give a pet gift

When the Christmas season begins the thoughts and pleadings of many children amplify one clear wish: a much-longed-for pet cat or dog. In our children's dreams, Whiskers or Fido sleep safely beside the bed, tuckered out after a long day of play, play, play.

Adopting a furry friend can be the most cherished holiday memory in a child' s life. It can be the foundation of a lifelong friendship with animals that grows as our children grow, a gift which outlasts the giver's life and nourishes long after we are gone.

In the tradition of conscious choice, consider the source of your gift if you decide to adopt a pet into your home this season. Such thoughtfulness deepens the meaning and value of what you do, and can imbue the joy we give our children with learning.

There are three excellent shelters in Jackson County with homeless pets who need a home for the holiday. Santa highly recommends the Jackson County Animal Shelter, on Highway 99 between Talent and Phoenix; Committed Alliance to Strays (CATS) in west Medford; and the Southern Oregon Humane Society, in north Medford. ' Robert Casserly, Ashland

No solution to barking

Barking dogs. Does anyone out there have any real solution to the problem?

This Sunday morning at 8 a.m. my wife and I are talking about devious plans, probably illegal, but we are becoming obsessed with the two barking dogs next door, barking virtually all day long, while the owners, both working, are away and are oblivious to the noise to dogs make. This has been going on for months.

We have spoken to the owners more than once, we have also telephoned them, we have telephoned the police. The police have contacted them. What can we do?

If anybody has any suggestions we would like to hear them, before we do something we should not do. ' David and Leslie Manes, Medford