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Support RVTD recall

In my 33 years in Oregon I have never voted for a recall. The recall of the RVTD board members will be my first (if we can get it on the ballot).

Here's why: Most recalls I have seen have been for all the wrong reasons. Petitioners are merely upset with how someone voted or simply have a difference of opinion.

Recall should be a last resort for malfeasance, dishonesty or inability to function. The RVTD members being targeted for recall are all of the above.

The petition drive is going slowly and we may not make it. I fear for the future of public transportation if we don't.

Please come down to the booth behind Costco and sign the petitions. It's the only message this group will listen to. ' Jon Deason, Medford

Israel doesn't need Bush

How many Jews will Bush help murder before he wakes up and butts out of the internal affairs of Israel?

Mr. Bush is trying to circumvent God's plan for Israel. Israel is the apple of God's eye and Mr. Bush is going to find this out when God gets sick enough of man's agenda trying to overrule God.

Perhaps Israel isn't aware of it but God brought the Jews back to their homeland and won all their wars for them against impossible odds.

If Mr. Bush keeps Mr. Sharon from fighting the terrorists, then Mr. Bush can expect terrible things to happen to the United States. The twin towers will be as nothing if Mr. Bush doesn't mind his own business. Israel doesn't need Mr. Bush or his handouts; Israel has Jehovah God on their side.

If Mr. Bush is a glutton for punishment and ignores the advice of the evangelicals, then Mr. Bush and this country shall see terror that won't hold a candle to Israel. ' Pastor G. Les Greer, Faith Pentecost Church, Brookings

Thanks, Santa

Where else can you find a Santa who will let a shy 80-year-old couple sit on his lap, who will sing Teddy Bear's Picnic to a crying toddler, and who acts as if he has plenty of time to talk to everyone who drops by?

Thank you, Rogue Valley Mall Santa, for being so kind and showing the true spirit of Christmas! You are a young 80-something! ' Julie Scull, Medford

Church not compatible

Having been a member of the Jacksonville Planning Commission, I have a fair understanding of the underlying policies and statutes relevant to the First Presbyterian Church's conditional use permit application.

The size of the church structure and scale of activities proposed for that neighborhood are not compatible with the Jacksonville Comprehensive Plan, Vision Statement, and land-use statutes. Locating the facility where proposed also flies in the face of advice given to the city by multiple historic-preservation consultants over the years. The Jacksonville City Council majority appears to have deemed these constraints trivial when they voted to approve the application.

The underlying construct operating here is as American as apple pie: We are special ' the rules are meant to apply to the collective you, not to the privileged we! ' Skip Stokes, Jacksonville

Airborne pork

There is a far more humane solution to the question of Saddam Hussein: Pork! And for once, it would be better to leave this one to the politicians and not the generals. After all, the former have built their careers on throwing pork around. Experience counts.

I suggest the creation of a special military detachment which would parachute a Division of Pigs into Iraq. Call it the 101st Airborne Hog Division (the Screaming Piglets?).

The entire population of Iraq would become so demoralized at the sight of thousands of these unclean animals wandering around their towns and cities and sand dunes that they would come to terms almost immediately. Instant victory without the loss of innocent life.

Let's bring home the bacon. Leave no one behind. ' Ralph Coffey , Eagle Point

Nit-picking investigation

l read with distaste the article Commission critic challenges personal expenses in the Nov. 29 Mail Tribune. The article described how private citizen Nancy Ames Cole, having a real crisis of conscience over the county commissioners' stance against the creation of the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, attempted to discredit previous Commissioner Ric Holt by nit-picking his past expense reports.

Is this what some people perceive as valid politics? If you don't like a man's stand on an issue, get a hold of his expense reports and try to torture him with every line item on them?

This is exactly what Nancy Ames Cole admits to doing. To do so is unethical and lowly; to admit to it is just plain dumb.

Our hard-working county commissioners deserve better. ' Jeff Miller, Ashland