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Letters to the editor

Thanks for Saxton

Thank you, Mail Tribune, for including Ron Saxton's column in your paper. His is such a positive and informative addition to your repertoire of columnists. Now if we could just get Will Reishman to resume his column. ' Neal Hurley, Medford

What did Lott really say?

And if the rest of the country had followed our lead, we wouldn't have had all these problems over all these years, either. Senate Republican leader Trent Lott, Dec. 5. Well, at least we know the occasion and date are true.

All the fuss seems to be about the words, we wouldn't have had all these problems over all these years in the last sentence of the quote. I, however, just can't seem to see the dirty/derogatory content of Lott's statement.

What? You might be saying right now. Well dang it, I don't see any mention of any race, minority, political party/agenda, religion, etc. in Lott's statement. Lott may have been referring to taxes, taking God out of our Pledge of Allegiance, past or current terrorists, etc.

Yep, believe it folks. On the positive side, Lott probably had very good intentions and praise for Thurmond in the most positive of terms and no one should take that away by injecting their own biases into an honored tribute.

I just believe that if there is not clear and stated dirty/derogatory content, who are we to make it so? All the accusations toward Lott sound like circumstantial evidence without facts to me. ' Chris Rahn, Central Point

No extremism

I'm disappointed that the Mail Tribune saw fit to print Molly Ivins' commentary Dec. 11. She's gone off the deep end in her extreme hate against conservatives.

Calling Nobel Peace Prize winner Henry Kissinger a war criminal is bad enough, but then she declares Christians guilty of genocide against Native Americans, the Holocaust, ethnic cleansing and as she puts it: the list goes on and on and on.

To make matters worse, your opinion page editor saw fit to honor this logorrhea with prominent position and a huge headline. There's a place for both liberal and conservative viewpoints on a newspaper's editorial page but to give prominent display to such sick ravings and verbal emesis shows poor judgment.

Liberal extremism is no better than conservative extremism; neither is conducive to civil discussion and harmonious solutions of societal problems. Let's hear and read both sides but not aid and abet extremism. ' Douglas Kirkpatrick, Medford

God bless Forest Service

You won't believe this. It's Dec. 9, and from my mountaintop home in Eagle Point, I am watching a fast-moving forest fire gobble up the timber directly east of my position. I'm watching it through my spotting scope. It's about 15-20 miles away.

We've had very little rain, but it has been bone-cold in the Rogue Valley, with temperatures down to 30 degrees at night. The fog makes everything damp and awful in the low-lying areas, but up high, it's dry as a bone.

This is a first for me. I wonder if this is one of those controlled burns that ain't quite so controlled anymore. God bless the United States Forest Service. ' Carl F. Worden, Eagle Point

Don't beat up on Santas

The Mail Tribune's unkind editorial about the downtown Santas is unfortunate and mean-spirited. Someone spent a lot of time making these unique and original decorations and I, for one, thought they were creative additions to our city landscape.

Instead of a horrible mistake, I choose to think of these as happy accidents. The newer Santas suspended this year are less visible and being improved back toward mediocrity.

Hiding the Santas for a contest is the perfect solution for those who hate this original artwork. Bring back the red-suited cat burglar Santas!

If the Heart of Medford Association wants a good contest, why not hide Rudolph's Red Nose in the city somewhere, like Portland hides a medallion during its Rose Festival festivities, put clues in the newspaper and offer a reward for the one who finds it. That would be a lot more fun than beating up on Santa's weary costume designer. ' Dan Heath, Medford

Remove Miller from board

Denise Miller should be removed immediately from her position on the RCC board.

Through her conscious decision to sexually abuse her stepson, she has ruined a life and created another pedophile. I do not want a person like that making decisions which affect the lives of other teens at RCC.

And Tom Howser's remark is a callous one. I'm not sure they (the jury) thought anything serious happened.

The jury found on behalf of the stepson. Is he saying that it's OK if women have sex with boys?

Children should be safe in their home and community regardless of their sex. I hope everyone on the board at RCC pulls their heads out of the sand of denial and removes Denise Miler from the board. ' Ann Marie Hutson, Ashland