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Grinch stole our angels

On Dec. 7, in broad daylight, our angels were stolen. Two matching cement angels, about 80 to 100 pounds each, 40 inches from head to toe, green washed for an aged appearance, they sit (as if in chairs), their feet crossed, hands in their laps and slouch with sad expressions on their faces. We always imagined them to be sad, waiting for us to come home.

We adhered them with a cement glue to our front porch where they've been firmly attached for three years. For Christmas this year, my husband put battery-operated halos on their heads for a bit of Christmas spirit. Well, I guess someone thought they were so adorable they just had to have them.

My daughter started wailing uncontrollable sobs when she realized they'd been stolen. I told her, That's okay honey, go ahead and cry ... cry for all of us. What else is there to say?

I was hoping that those who read this might, as they're driving around looking at all the Christmas lights and decorations this year, please keep an eye out for our angels who just want to come home for Christmas. Their family misses them . ' Wendy Spurgeon-Couraud, Medford

Thanks to Medford police

Bad News: Most law-abiding drivers agree that speeding and aggressive driving are increasing on Medford streets. Good news: I have personally witnessed substantive slowing and safer traffic flows on Riverside, Central and other busy streets since the advent of Gotcha mobile camera/radar units.

Specially-equipped vans which change locations randomly scan traffic for speeders who are filmed (offenders will see their speed displayed instantly) and then issued tickets by mail. Driving through town daily, I find average speeds actually slowing to legal posted speeds as more drivers become aware of this program.

Hats off to the Medford police for initiating a successful speed-control program that frees more patrol officers for emergency/crime responses. Safer, saner streets for us and our children, plus increased police presence without extra expense ' the public wins big here.

Let's make city government aware of our approval of this cost-effective innovation. More units, please! ' Tom Hebert, Medford

Vote for Measure 28

Imagine you are a high school student debating choice of colleges. You read the article in the December 17 Mail Tribune about Southern Oregon University's cutbacks if Measure 28 does not pass. Would you be inclined to apply to a college in distress?

If SOU loses students, its financial situation will be even more dire. Moral of the story: Vote for Measure 28 in January! ' Jody Sorensen, Medford

Don't let them win

It is time that Tricia Bowcock, Bill Leep and other members of the ill-named Friends of Jacksonville look at themselves in the mirror and admit that they are blatantly anti-church.

They publicly deny their bias, but it shows clearly in their actions. It is apparent that their strategy is to delay to the point that First Presbyterian Church will run out of funds for attorney fees and give up.

As a Catholic who is tired of our fellow Christians being bashed by these people, I urge the majority of Jacksonville residents who support the church to make their views known. It would be a disaster to let these people win. ' Chad Robinson, Medford

A satisfying trip

In Washington you can bask in the glow of enormous political power and privilege. A very satisfying trip; then the trip ends, like in: Boot Newt, Drop Lott. ' Don Basey, Eagle Point

Take the litmus test

Take the litmus test. Raise your right hand and read:

I am willing to die for my country by fighting against Iraq. I am willing to pick up a gun and kill Iraqi children, women, old men, other civilians and most of all soldiers. I am willing to send my sons and daughters to fight and die for principles of this war. ' Ralph Bowman, Grants Pass