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Santas bring smiles

I like those Santa Claus figures downtown! They make me smile every time I see them. ' Carol Palmer, Medford

Concentrate on criminals

I am very disappointed in Medford's pedestrian sting operations that they have had over the past few weeks. It's funny that Medford says they are doing it because of some accidents over the past few years. However, they did it right before Christmas and the pedestrian accidents haven't happened that much over the past few years. Did they need donut money? How come they haven't caught the criminals robbing the local Subway or banks? Or, we recently had a bike stolen from our house. Who is working on our case? Where is the justice?

Maybe instead of concentrating on our law-abiding citizens, maybe we should concentrate on criminals. Yes, I did stop, and yes, I still got a ticket! ' Jeff Fogelquist, Medford

You're in Oregon now

How humorous but sadly true is L. Dunn's letter about our valley. For years it has saddened me seeing our fields and orchards falling to subdivisions, pavement everywhere and garbage littering the countryside. The graffiti, trashed parks and rivers are nauseating. People driving like idiots: befuddling.

Everyone says they love the lifestyle here, yet seem totally set on changing what little is left of that lifestyle. As local yokels, there's nothing we can do to stop the influx or we would. We are not brainwashed into believing it's progress.

It's not the people swarming here as individuals that are so objectionable. Most of them are nice people. It's their cumulative impact on our valley.

If we dare voice how distressing it is to see our valley destroyed, we are told how wrong we are. It really stinks what is happening to our valley in the guise of progress.

The Kingdom of Cal has not conquered the valley people and taught us the correct way to live. Why are you working so hard to change an area you profess to love? Stop it!

Pick up your garbage, quit driving like maniacs and, hey, talk to your neighbors: You are in Oregon now. ' Debbie Moshier, Medford

A heartwarming story

What a heartwarming story for the Christmas season! Given that reporter Don Hunt of the Mail Tribune wrote a top-notch feature article for the Dec. 19 sports section, and given that photographer Andrew Kemp captured the essence of basketball and the nurturing relationship between player and coach, it could only happen with a boy, James Tappero, who has parents like Chris and Carla Tappero and a school that holds teachers like Wayne Tate.

I hope the article and photos are considered for the Pulitzer prize in journalism and photography. ' Mildred Mack, Gold Hill