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In the Sunday Tribune, Representative Bates, Democrat of Ashland, laments, The public has frankly been poisoned by far-right talk show hosts.

Yep, that's us, the gullible public. Conservative pundits captivate us. We listen with eyes round and jaws slack, drinking in every word.

If only someone would free us and lead us down the proper path. We need help, we need care, we need the Democrats. ' Hubert Smith, Jacksonville

Supporting RVTD recall

I support the effort to recall current Rogue Valley Transportation District board members and have let the recall committee use a building we own as their headquarters.

The company who previously leased the building just received a letter from the Southern Oregon Central Labor Council representing Amalgamated Transit Union threatening them for allowing the committee to take signatures at the building in a recall effort against two of their board members.

Carol Bennett and Mary Wooding are board members of RVTD and board members of the union which may directly benefit from actions taken by the RVTD board. They have never disclosed this blatant conflict of interest. I believe the board plans to continue their efforts to bring Rogue Valley Lift in-house which benefits the union and hurts RVTD. Currently Rogue Valley Lift contracts out to independent taxi companies in our area.

The RVTD board wanted to bring this service in-house even though two studies, costing taxpayers over &

36;70,000, show this would cost RVTD an additional &

36;400,000 per year.

Previous General Manager, Sherrin Coleman, opposed the board on this action. Please get involved and sign the petitions behind Costco and put the recall of the RVTD board on the ballot. ' Gwen Johnson, Medford

Offender should pay

Regarding the article about DUII treatment cutbacks Dec. 15: Come on ... does Ms. Coppock really expect others to pay for her refusal to abide by the law, and obviously not learn from her mistakes? I understand that alcoholism is an awful, sad, debilitating disease. But many elderly make much less than her &

36;555 monthly and do without food and heat just to buy medications to live. They don't have the luxury of alcohol and then expect taxpayers to pay for their treatment when they refuse to abide by the law again and again.

We've all committed sins for which we are ashamed and cannot take back, so I'm not casting the first stone. However, I can't support people claiming they can't afford court-ordered treatment for a crime committed over and over.

We make choices every day. We can lie, tell the truth, drink and drive or not. When crossing that line into what we know in our hearts is wrong, we must accept the consequences. We live with our mistakes every day and we pay for them. Ms. Coppock should be expected to pay for hers as well. ' Angela Lowe-Griffith, Medford