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Make my day

I was angered by Mr. Alan Bates' quote in Sunday's newspaper that the public has been poisoned by far-right talk show hosts. Well, Mr. Bates, it's people like Limbaugh, Savage and Hannitty that provide the antidote for the truth.

I'm sure I speak for all conservatives when I say, go ahead and dispute the true facts provided us by conservative talk show hosts ... go ahead, make my day. ' Bill Popoff, Medford

Biscuit fire facts

Quote from SOTIA's David Hill, Dec. 8: It is appalling to think that only about 25,000 of the 500,000 acres (of the Biscuit fire) will potentially receive active management to bring about the establishment of a new forest. How do you justify managing only 5 percent of the burned area and walking away from the other 95 percent?

Lets look at the facts.

Only 163,000 of the 462,000 acres within the fire boundary of the Biscuit fire on the Siskiyou National Forest burned at a severity level of moderate or high. Of those 163,000 acres, over 70,000 acres were located in wilderness, wild and scenic rivers or botanical areas that would not ordinarily receive post-fire treatment.

This gets us down to 93,000 acres or approximately 20 percent of the total that might be appropriate for some type of post-fire treatment. It is also important to remember that a large portion of the Biscuit fire occurred in areas of serpentine soils that are not suitable for growing commercial timber and probably would not provide much opportunity for salvage of fire-killed trees.

Let's use accurate information and work with the Forest Service to do what's best for the land. ' Tom Dew, Medford

Government mistakes

It's amazing how our government works. The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing.

Case in point: the new Phoenix Road is carved out of an existing orchard, yet about four miles north the same road couldn't go through an existing orchard. They spent about &

36;1.7 million for approximately three blocks long, completely ruining the building capabilities on that particle of land. Not even four years ago it was also an existing orchard.

They have no reasonable way of doing projects. If it isn't done correctly the first time, we have the excess money to do it again. Case again: Crater Lake Avenue and Vilas Road.

Do we ever get design engineers to do it correctly the first time? If my business contracts a job and we mis-bid, no one comes in and says they will pay for the mistake.

It's time our government stands up and lets the people go that are doing these costly mistakes. ' R.B. Brown, Eagle Point

Can't have both

Once again the sales tax issue has come before the citizens of Oregon. It is evident that the younger generations aren't aware of the ground rules that were laid down by the voters on a sales tax in 1948. That was the first time it appeared on the ballot.

The rule simply says ' you can have one or the other but not both. What that means is the taxpayers would not pay a withholding tax and a sales tax at the same time. As a result I believe the sales tax has been defeated five times over the years because our Legislature insists on keeping the withholding tax.

It is obvious the sales tax would be fairer to everybody because everyone would pay it. I doubt if anyone would miss those few cents on each sale. If an item was priced a few cents higher you wouldn't think a thing of it.

What does all this add up to? It's one or the other but not both. ' Richard Toney, Central Point

Forfeiting the high ground

Yesterday I read with horror and shame a poll that says a majority of Americans favor retaliating with nuclear weapons if Saddam Hussein uses chemical or biological weapons against our forces. The mindless inhumanity of it, disregarding as it does the millions of innocent lives that would perish, marks the forfeiture of any moral high ground we may have occupied. It is hard to feel much patriotic pride when one sees this particular face of America.

Meanwhile, our dim and shallow leader, no doubt encouraged by the people who spent over &

36;100 million getting him elected (?), appears recklessly bent on landing us in an avoidable war that could cost millions of lives and hundreds of billions of dollars, and could lead to economic calamity that will severely affect everyone of us. That Bush is not the psychopathic thug that Saddam Hussein is would not make him any less responsible for the desolation.

Does he know what he's doing? Or is he a power-drunk little man without any real conscience or care for the future? Why should we trust him? Because he's one of us? God save us all. ' Nicholas Follansbee, Ashland

Germany owes us plenty

I disagree with Ron Smith (Dec. 22). War with Germany was our business. There were many reasons including the fact that Germany declared war on the U.S.

I also disagree that Germany owes us nothing. After the war we gave them the gift of democracy. Were it not for the Berlin air lift, Berlin would have become part of the Soviet Union. Were it not for America, the Soviet Union would not have collapsed, and Germany would not have been reunited into one nation.

Germany owes us plenty! ' Maynard Telpner, Ashland