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The OPEC agenda

I am proud to say that my grandson has just joined the Marines. I am a proud American and I pray that he is not being sent just to secure the agenda of a few businessmen who call themselves OPEC.

Wise men say to find the reasons for war, just follow the money trail. Today and in recent wars, it leads straight to OPEC. (Oil Producing and EXPORTING Countries.)

OPEC is a handful of businessmen who employ their countries to do their bidding for them, even go to war to strangle their competition with market sanctions. OPEC's agenda, of course is to control the world's oil market as they have since their organization when the gas prices shot up 400 percent.

The Arab World without exports is not anxious to hand over control of their vast oil supply to the Jewish controlled OPEC. They have struggled with sanctions for several years.

Now we hear North Korea is firing up a (nuclear) generator because we have sanctioned them out of their oil supply?

If we are so into world competition in the work place, how about some price wars with OPEC at the gas pumps? ' Teddy Daw, Eagle Point

Thanks for balance

I just wanted to thank you for writing about both opinions in your article about the anniversary of Roe V. Wade. The media often does not give the pro-life activists equal coverage.

One problem in our society is that pregnant girls and women do not fully understand the choice they are making when they have an abortion. They are told that the baby is just a blob of tissue.

At 12 weeks, the time when the majority of women have their abortions, the baby is fully developed. Brain waves can be detected at nine weeks and doctors can hear the fetal heartbeat at 18 days.

Women also do not understand that they can get dangerous infections after having an abortion. Hopefully in the future women will be more readily presented with options like adoption. ' Kelly Chapman, Medford

A prophetic comment

If memory serves, religion plays a significant role in the lives of many residents of Southern Oregon. In the spirit of community, maybe Coach Feasel's comment was more prophetic than his critics believe.

What ever forces that may have misguided the ball on the first free-throw were surely overcome by others on the winning shot. Is it possible that he was looking for an off court assist? ' Jim Harrah, volleyball coach, South Medford

Support Christian programs

How much longer do we need to read letters to the editor that are negative about the Presbyterian church in Jacksonville and the Applegate Fellowship in Ruch? Christians don't make disparaging remarks about the Britt Festival or the Shakespeare Festival and all the traffic they cause.

We need to learn to live and let live. Our nation is strong and safe because of the churches and Christians in our midst.

Take for example St. Mary's Academy, Grace Christian School and Cascade Christian High School. They use no public funds and yet they educate 1,200 students. The least we can do is show support. ' L J. DeVos, Medford

Day's true feelings

As one of the few blacks in this city, I tip my hat to Loretta Francis for letting us know that Jack Day, after 20 years on the school board, let his true feelings come out. I am sure he has used that metaphor many times, but this time the person he said it to was offended.

I was appalled at the two radio personalities (Rosemary and Garth Harrington) who said (Loretta was) wrong for contacting the Mail Tribune.

No doubt if he said it to them they would laugh right along with him. I now know their true feelings too, so you outed three racists. I no longer listen to that station. Thank you, thank you, thank you. ' Lond Bass Jr., Medford

Race-based is racist

MLK had a dream that the U.S. would become color blind.

This was a worthy call. It is my dream also. Racism is a big problem for this nation. The majority of blacks (particularly their leaders) meet the definition of racists.

A racist is one that tries to promote special privileges for a race based on the color of ones skin. Michigan University gives 12 points towards admission if you have a perfect SAT test. But, it gives 20 points for black skin.

This is pure, unadulterated racism and Bush is right in calling it so. ' Terry Whitted, Central Point

Twenty years is too late

Let's see, 20 years to start building an expressway needed now? Now that's farsightedness.

By that time the area population will have doubled and we will be ready for an even bigger expressway.

Maybe the planners are thinking east Medford residents will have traded in their SUVs for helicopters by then. ' Don Morneau, Medford

After Saddam, then what?

Let's say we wake up tomorrow morning and learn that Saddam Hussein is dead!

It doesn't matter how he go that way, the fact is he's dead. Now the question: What's next? Anybody care to comment? ' W. M. Story, Jr., Eagle Point