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Less office, more help

All the business manager of the grand new library worries about is the size and view of her new office, 40 square feet, 10 by 4 feet, would give one row of books. Judy Baalman surely has more important things to do.

Maybe she should spend more time on the floor helping people understand the computer system. ' Leo Richards, Medford

Home of the freeway

Welcome to L.A., Oregon, the home of the freeway. Here we go again; a freeway is the answer to our traffic problems. Let's clear up congestion, allow people to move faster and safer by building a freeway. Since when?

It didn't work in L.A., Phoenix, Dallas/ Fort Worth or anywhere for that matter. What makes us think it will work here? Our highway engineers tell us it is the only way to solve the problem of congestion. Can they show us where that works? Building roads does one thing, it increases use.

Why have average speeds gone down in metropolitan areas as more and more freeways are built, if they are the answer? Why has air pollution gone up as we improve traffic flow? Freeways are not community improvements. Not once, in any city in the world, has building freeways been the answer.

One hundred and thirty million dollars is not a freeway. It will not free up our traffic problems. Can we learn from our past mistakes or are we just going to continue down the freeway of continued ignorance. ' William Heimann, Ashland

Concerns about war

I am writing to express my concerns about going to war with Iraq. I am convinced that if we engage in pre-emptive military action, the results would be:

Increased hatred of the United States by several middle eastern nations with devastating results-to us.

Over a period of time, increased terrorism against us.

The death of thousands of innocent people.

The spending on military enterprises of many billions of dollars that are needed for strengthening America's health and welfare.

I urge you to support alternative international efforts against terrorism. ' Ross Knotts, Medford

No to appeasement

Peace House? Even their name is a falsehood. The path of appeasement never leads to peace.

Rather, appeasement leads to the Nazi gas chamber, to the killing fields of Cambodia, and to the acid baths of Saddam Hussein.

During Vietnam, the anti-war movement tore this country apart; and, in the process, gave great aid and comfort to Ho Chi Minh.

Ho Chi Minh was not a freedom fighter. Ho Chi Minh was a terrorist and a brutal murderer, cut from the same cloth as Saddam Hussein.

Saddem Hussein is a vital link in the international web of terror. He posses a clear and present danger to the United States.

I beg of Peace House, and of your allies on the extreme left, please do not tear this country apart again. You were wrong then, and you are wrong now.

President George Bush is not the enemy, The gallant men and women of our armed forces are not the enemy. Saddam Hussein is the enemy. He has murdered thousands of Iraqi children. He will murder thousands of American children, if given the chance. He must be stopped.

Appeasement, not in our name. ' Doug Dusenberry, Central Point