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Letters to the editor

New definition of evil

The Bush /Cheney war against Iraq doesn't make any sense. All of the Chicken Hawks, Rumsfeld, Rice, Cheney, and Bush, are beating the drums of war but have created no substantial reason for invading Iraq at this time. Not a single fact has been offered that Iraq is a direct and immediate threat to this country.

Not one. All we have gotten is rhetoric and rehearsed speeches that Saddam is evil. Evil is wasting the lives of countless men and women in our military services for no justifiable reason. Evil is spending billions of dollars in waging an unnecessary war when our own citizens lack basic health care, prescription medication, affordable housing, and a decent education. Evil is creating a black and white world in which problems are solved by killing and differences are seen as something to be feared.

The most dangerous man to the American Public is not Saddam Hussein, it is George W. Bush and his ilk. ' John M. Whitten, Medford

Sustained yield works

Our state owns 800,000 acres of land. This tract is managed by the Oregon Department of Forestry, following the rules of the Forest Practices Act. It is being logged on a sustained yield basis. The annual cut equals the annual growth.

In 2002 the return from the operation came to a total of &

36;80,000,000. &

36;51,000,000 went to the counties effected, and the balance of &

36;29,000,000 went into the state treasury to cover operating costs and land improvement projects. In addition, it provided for many high-paying jobs.

In the Medford-Grants Pass area there are 2,300 acres of public timber lands managed by the BLM and the U.S. Forest Service. In 2002, revenue from these lands and jobs provided was too small to be significant. A sustained yield harvesting operation should be put back in place now. Salvage logging on the approximate limit of 700,000 acres burned in the past three years would be a logical place to start. ' Dugan H. Pearl, Medford

End CIM and CAM

I haven't been this excited about reading the paper with my morning cup of hot chocolate in a long time. Don Jepsen's information about the possible repeal of Oregon's outcomes-based education is excellent news.

While raising five children in three school districts, I have observed all of the arguments against the CIM and CAM process come to pass. The most obvious is that our children are being taught how to pass the CIM. Kids are forced to work in groups, which frustrates the brighter kids and shows the struggling kids how to slide by. Teachers have too much paperwork where one thing they are asked is to judge a child's maturity. Each child matures at different levels in their lives; therefore, the paperwork is pointless.

The fact that this whole program was originally to be implemented by the Class of 1999, but is still struggling, is proof of its inadequacy.

Take the time to contact your legislator ' and every legislator in the state ' to get rid of the CIM and CAM outcomes-based education. Let the teachers get back to teaching the right things instead of teaching to the test and filling out time-consuming paperwork. ' Dawn Johnson, Medford

Worst president of all

What a poor excuse for a man. He is so obsessed with going to Baghdad though Iraq is no threat to the U.S. with the U.N. inspectors there. If attacked, they are going to protect their country as we would ours. Why kill off a lot of young people just because he hates Saddam?

Bush did nothing to protect this country by not serving in the armed forces. Had he done so, he might not be cocky.

All this money spent for military build-up in the Persian Gulf should be going for health care and all the other things he promised (like no child should be left behind).

He was selected for office and I hope the people do not re-elect him in 2004.

Hoover was president when I was born, and the worst one of all is in office now. ' Dean Wilcox, Central Point