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Letters to the editor

What gives?

Regardless of the outcome of Measure 28 I have come to recognize the ridiculous contrasts in our area and I wonder if anyone else does.

The state sends out eviction notices for assisted living handicapped persons while our head librarian is down measuring her new office to make sure it is bigger than her old one and admiring the second-story view. We threaten layoffs for our under-appreciated teachers while we spend millions on rebuilding the freeway overpass.

We threaten to downsize our police and fire departments yet our elected officials who can't seem to balance the budget go unscathed. What gives? ' Richard Walch, Medford

Discrimination for Bush

Letters had been written, phone calls made, quiet conversations held at The Club.

Thus, the Yale admissions panel decided to write accepted opposite the name of a C student from Texas who happened to have the name of Yale grads from two previous generations.

This, then, required that they write rejected opposite the name of a no-name applicant with good school record, a string of achievements and probably a 4.0 GPA. The rejected applicant may have been from a minority group, or may have overcome great physical or social odds to even get into the race to enter Yale.

I wonder who that greatly better qualified person was. I wonder if she was aware that someone with connections had taken that slot, and forced her to go look elsewhere.

Many parameters of discrimination face Americans: height, gender, ethnicity, looks, personality, athletic achievement, family background, home town, artistic talent, intelligence and more. Do you suppose that the person who George W. Bush elbowed out of the way to get into Yale is aware that race is the only one which Bush's party has decided to confront?

I wonder how true the right's whining about reverse discrimination rings in her ears? ' Bruce Barnes, Ashland

Church plans overstated

A recent letter writer misquoted or misunderstood Pastor Larry Jung of Jacksonville Presbyterian Church as saying that he planned a several thousand member church.

I had the pleasure of being the three-month summer interim pastor of the delightful group of people who are staff and members of that church. Furthermore, I have been in touch with the pastor and church for several years and never have I heard anything which approached the size the letter writer believed he heard Pastor Jung say.

Everything I know about the church, its staff and its members assures me that they are much more concerned with quality than with size. Their caring concern and opportunities for families, children, youth and adults of all ages convinces me that they will continue to add to the value of making Jacksonville a lovely place to live. ' Bob Murphy, Eagle Point

Time for a change

In this terrifying time of so many unavoidable changes, I applaud Medford School Watch chairwoman Loretta Francis for standing up for what she believes in and demanding answers from those who have maintained years of relaxed silence. As a community, we need to educate ourselves on where our leaders are spending our tax dollars. We also need to re-educate ourselves on who our leaders are.

Medford School Board member Jack Day remarked that he had feared A n''- would jump out of the woodpile over allegations against the school district. Any person with such careless, disrespectful, backwoods language most certainly should not be leading our children into the future.

Thank you, Loretta Francis, for bringing Mr. Day's character to light. In cases such as this, change is a necessity. How can we move forward toward a positive future for children under the leadership of someone holding us back with such embarrassing, negative values? ' Erin Deason Carpenter, Medford

Is Dubya paranoid?

Am I the only one who thinks this President Dubya is paranoid? Some of his illustrious friends up there in Washington, D.C. should take him aside and tell him what the rest of the world and their country thinks of the war he is conjuring up.

Does the name Nixon come to mind? I know, I know, it's not the same, but if you remember, it was a time when this country was very frustrated over a situation like now.

Why is he so adamant? Think about it, is it about oil? And what about dead or alive? ' Sarah E. Davis, Medford

School board prerequisite?

Shame on you, Mr. Jack Day! First, you suggest all teachers volunteer to work on non-paid days and now your latest snafu: a racial derogatory remark!

I am just curious, is this a prerequisite for a position on the Medford School Board? If memory serves me, Mr. Mike Moran, chairman of the board, did a very similar deed at his work site, only through e-mail, and got caught.

Possibly, Mr. Day, your usefulness to the children and patrons of the district needs to come to a close!

To you, Loretta and Bill Francis, I say thank you for stepping up and alerting the patrons of this community to the spending habits of the district. Through your dedication, our district, too, has established a parent group with the intent of holding the district to a higher level of accountability in regards to school spending.

Need we not be reminded of the cover of the Dec. 30 issue of Time? Three women who made a huge difference by being whistleblowers were named Persons Of The Year! ' Jody Streetman. Medford

No peace without justice

In the Jan. 26 edition of the Mail Tribune, there appeared a full-page ad by The Peace House. I am amazed at the half-truths and innuendoes contained in the ad.

In the entire page they give no evidence or facts to back up their accusations. Sounds like the same old song with a different verse. They seem to have gone to the same school as the environmental extremists.

There can be no peace when the person or persons in power are not brought to justice and held accountable for their villainous acts. You cry for peace, but what about the justice for the people the Iraqi regime has murdered and persecuted?

Before you take out another full-page ad or form a peace march, remember there can be no peace without justice. ' William D. Christie Jr., Medford

Because of an editing error, a letter in Wednesday's paper was incorrect. The letter titled Sustained yield works should have stated that in the Medford-Grants Pass area there are 2,300,000 acres of public timber lands.