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A box of Kleenex, please

Seeing drug addicts on the front page and reading how the state will cut their funding for methadone, you should supply a box of Kleenex with each newspaper.

After I wipe away the tears I wonder why the state never paid for my withdrawal from nicotine. Oh well, guess they will have to deal with the consequences of their actions like the rest of us. What a concept! ' Debby Leavens, Medford

Appalled and disgusted

I was appalled and disgusted by your political cartoon showing Colin Powell with an empty screen. By all accounts, from diverse points of view, Powell did a creditable job of forcibly pointing out the lies and deceits of Saddam regarding weapons of mass destruction.

In the world of Churchill and Chamberlain the Tribune is apparently squarely in the peace-at-any-price category. You and your staff should be ashamed! ' Carl J. Sandberg, Medford

Good food is expensive

In regard to Rick Lowry's article of Jan. 21, his article was a step in the right direction. One part he doesn't cover is there are hundreds of people that do not have the wherewithal to purchase nourishing food for large families. So there are going to be people that are overweight but still undernourished through no fault of their own.

A lot has to do with the rise in cost of food products. Even the above-average housewife has problems feeding her family the optimum food for their health. ' Pat Pascoe, Medford

We have had enough

I read with interest the Jan. 31 front page article: Sales tax bill would help finance education. What part of the word no do Sen. Lenn Hannon and Rep. Alan Bates not understand?

Making cuts to income and property tax would devastate Oregon. Vital services that we pay for would be further cut, and more people would lose jobs. All this so we can pay a sales tax that would help schools, colleges, and community colleges continue their business trips to Florida, bonding retreats at remote lodges and three-day meetings on the coast?

That they can continue receiving PERS (8 percent guarantee with taxpayer matched funds) and big benefits. We, the taxpayers, are paying our hard-earned money for our children to get an education and need vital services, not so employees with the state, county and school districts can use our money for these out-of-area business trips.

If you are not aware of what these business trips constitute, and the astronomical cost to the taxpayer for these trips, then I would suggest you spend your time finding out. Quit trying to think up new ways to get into the taxpayers' pockets. We have had enough. ' Willie Robbins, Central Point

Please observe speed limit

To all drivers who travel daily on Table Rock Road between Berrydale and the mini market, please observe the posted speed limit of 35 mph. Safety first.

The excessive noise of those drivers who speed disrupts the quiet enjoyment of our daily lives, especially at night. We also do not appreciate hearing the music from your stereos as you drive by.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Sleepless on Table Rock Road ' M. Letendre, Medford

Many voters angered

What the voters of Oregon have just told their state government is that they do not believe what they have been told when they have been threatened with doom if they do not continue funding endless increases in state expenditures. Many are angered by the arrogance and viciousness of those who would attempt such blackmail and by those who accuse the people of being heartless and selfish for not continuing this madness.

The simple fact is that there really have been far too many foolish mistakes and unnecessary expenditures made by the state of Oregon in the name of those who must foot the bill. It is always easier to reach into someone else's pocket than to make hard but necessary decisions.

Those responsible for this sorry state must now make a choice. After all these threats, they could balance the budget by finding and cutting waste and abuse.

Alternatively, they could go on with their charade by making good on their threats to hurt the most vulnerable among us in the hope of teaching the people a lesson. If they do this, the ploy might work, but if it does not, God help them. ' Lowell Nicolaus, Butte Falls

What kind of society?

It is tragic that we live in a society that will lay off teaching staff and cut school days due to lack of funding, but at the same time allow the Medford school superintendent (Mr. Wisely) to double dip by collecting his retirement and earn a salary at the same time. ' Brian Perry, Medford