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Democrats played dead

Ms. Furlatte got it right when she said the Democrats rolled over and played dead. Folks seem to have forgotten about the insider trading of Bush and Cheney who were never even investigated. Don't hold your breath waiting for Kenny Boy to be indicted. Remember he was one of Bush's big contributors.

Now I read that George is planning a three-day conference on climate changes due to greenhouse gases. All the experts tell us that we need to start reducing said gases now but this conference is to decide what this administration will do in 10 years. It won't just affect the U.S.A. but has severe ecosystem implications for the rest of the world. I'm beginning to feel like the future of our world is in the hands of a self-styled C student. ' Marjorie B. Hunsicker, Medford

Thanks for care, concern

We wish to thank the following people for the care and concern shown to us on Jan. 28 due to a car crashing on top of our car at the Safeway parking lot: Kevin Sternec, Warren Cooper, Rachael Ellis.

And all the Medford Police officers who responded. Thank you so very much. '

Fred and Joan Keene, Medford

Poet not credible

After reading Bill Varble's article about Sam Hamill's protest against a war with Iraq, I thought perhaps some credible people were trying to express their opinions about a potential war with Iraq. However, as I thought more about what I read, one of Mr. Hamill's statements stood out.

Apparently in response to how much American poetry Laura Bush has read, Mr. Hamill responded, I suspect she got hers from greeting cards. For me, this comment destroyed any credibility Mr. Hamill had, and prompted me to ask questions about Mr. Hamill. If Mr. Hamill is genuinely interested in promoting peace, why did he find it necessary to insult Mrs. Bush? Does he know Mrs. Bush? I guess we do need to read between the lines, to learn Mr. Hamill is simply utilizing poetry to promote his personal contempt for George Bush under the guise of a peace movement. And just for continuity, here is a poem from an American poet:

Lovers of war, are they the soldiers who die, the leaders who demand the destruction of their own, or those who call soldiers swine while they themselves gleefully eat from the trough of war? ' Richard Randleman, Medford

Thanks for assistance

I would like to thank all the people who came to my rescue Saturday morning. My car caught fire on Biddle Road in front of the Chevron station. There was someone with a fire extinguisher, people who pushed my car off the road, gas station personnel, David Byers from Sysco who offered to take me home. The Medford Fire Department made sure the fire was out and loaned me their cell phone to make a call home and to the AAA.

The Maynard Hadley towing guy had a great sense of humor that kept me from going into complete shock! It is good to see in this day and age that there are many good and caring people out there. ' Kim Porter, Phoenix

History is the past

John Enders' guest opinion in Sunday's Tribune was a nicely written, heartfelt piece. However, history is the past! &

36;250,000 dollars times three is &

36;750,000 dollars. I like looking at old buildings as much as anyone, but I bet that for almost a million dollars I could photograph those old buildings and teach children an even wider range of history in a classroom.

For Oregonians, at this time in history, John's absolutely right: We can't have it both ways. The taxpayers of the state have soundly stated that the custodians of this state must make some very difficult budgetary decisions. They have been told to closely examine and prioritize the state's spending.

After making that list (top down), with humane interests, i.e., health care and services for children and the elderly; education (which, I might add doesn't include further inflating the bureaucratic/administrative structure); and security for all of us, than perhaps we might be able to afford saving a few old buildings. ' David Christian, Eagle Point

No sales tax

My response to the proposed sales tax by Hannon and Bates is an unequivocal no.

Tourists visit our state once a year. I live and shop here on a daily basis. Who do you think will pay the majority of the sales tax?

The taxpayers of Oregon have made our wishes known. We only require that our tax money be administered properly.

The increase in population also pays taxes. If our combined tax burden is not already enough to cover expansion and growth, the ones administering the money should be replaced or their jobs cut altogether. Their wages, thrown into the pot, would help the deficit tremendously. ' E. Kruse, Central Point

One or the other, not both

Well, here we go again. The sales tax birds are coming back again. We no sooner vote down one tax and up pops the old sales tax routine.

Two supposedly intelligent state legislators, Hannon and Bates, want to tack on a sales tax in exchange for a small reduction in withholding tax. They want to keep taxing your money when you earn it and tax it again when you spend it.

The one-third reduction in property taxes sounds good but the tax should be eliminated completely or minimized more than one-third. The sales tax is the fairest to everyone. The withholding tax has never been fair to anyone. To burden us with both is just plain criminal.

I wonder what it will take to make our law makers in Salem realize that the voters of Oregon will only accept one or the other but not both ' Richard E. Toney Central Point

Business is a bad word

I cannot see that the economy of the state of Oregon will ever recover under the current political and bureaucratic mess Oregon is in. Business is a bad word in Oregon. Politicians and bureaucrats have taxed and regulated business to the point the business community is unwilling or unable to expand.

Politicians and bureaucrats have put their stamp of disapproval on every person that even tries to operate a manufacturing business in Oregon. This is true from local city halls to the state capital.

Permits, fees and regulations discourage and stifle new manufacturing that would provide good paying jobs. Government thinks it is paramount.

Politicians think tourism is a money source that will solve the problems of Oregon; can you believe that?

Yes, the environment is important, but jobs to support the basic financial health of this state are as important. Politicians and bureaucrats have followed the environmental zealots to the point of destroying the state economy.

Yes, we need police protection and schools and help for those that are sick or disabled.

The liberal press is guilty as can be for many of our problems.

Until there are many changes, Oregon will not have enough state money. ' Charles Olsen, Central Point

Wake up and smell the oil

TV coverage of America's new war will soon be in our living rooms. This is as close as Americans ever come to the terrible realities U.S. smart bombs inflict upon innocent Iraqi people. Evening entertainment.

Young soldiers will perish via our tax dollars as Georgie junior tries to outdo his daddy by chasing the evil Saddam bogeyman. And then the new wave of terrorism will begin that makes 9-11 look like a holiday.

In the meantime, the U.S. defense (offense) industry flourishes as they have effectively sold to both sides of the conflict. Oil interests will have new Iraqi turf to exploit as Bush mandates they pay for our battle costs. And Americans will be at risk whenever they travel abroad.

This is insanity. How easy it is to buy the rhetoric of the current administration. They know propaganda as well as the enemy.

I can only apologize to the people of Iraq. We are so sorry for the hell we bring upon you. It's the evil leaders of both our countries who perpetuate violence.

Let us protest, write, scream out in horror. To sit and watch will be our own demise. ' Robbin Lacy, Talent